Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Wrestlemania 32 – Full Match by Match Preview, Predictions, Analysis

WWE Wrestlemania 32 is here! Here is the Pulse Wrestling team’s full preview and predictions for the huge 11 match, 6 hour show.


WWE World Heavyweight Title
Triple H (c) vs. Roman Reigns

CB: And with Shane aligned with Vince, Roman Reigns wins the WWE Championship … with help from a returning JOHN CENA, who ALSO aligns with Vince and Shane. Cena, Reigns, and Shane close Mania as the heels, and HHH and Steph suddenly wind up as the baby faces who are relegated to control of SmackDown! only.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Spain: No surprises here. I mean, I imagine there will be “surprise” after “surprise”, including a League of Nations run-in and a rare sighting of Scott Armstrong, but the result will be the same: Roman Reigns will be our new champ, and we’ll just have to deal with the fact that we hate it and that it’s a dumb idea. Of all the times that Triple H could hold young talent down and keep the gold on himself, this would be the most hilarious time.
Winner (and new WWE World Heavyweight Champion): Roman Reigns

Pat Metalhead: Expect run-ins, shenanigans, and everything they can think of to try and make us forget we don’t really care about this one. DON’T expect Reigns heel turn, not gonna happen.
Winner: Reigns

Paltrowitz – I can’t see anyone being happy with this main event unless there’s a heel turn or surprise of some sort.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Brittney- I think this match is going to be booed out of the building. Seriously, no one likes Roman and fans are turning on Triple H for allowing this mess to keep going on. At the end I think it’ll be one of, if not the, last match for Triple H at WrestleMania. Corporate wants Reigns to win and while I don’t hate him I wish they let him be more of himself, less scripted. Maybe then fans would get behind him.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Sam P – While it seems obvious Reigns wins regardless of what the reaction will be, there’s something brewing. I can’t put my finger on what it is, and that’s cool. A heel turn, a double turn, The Rock’s involvement, a surprise return… I don’t know. Last year there was a huge shock ending to the show, and with the way Reigns is being received, they need that sort of shock again.
Winner: Roman Reigns

James Wright – There are all manner of speculations as to how the WWE will do this thing, but in the end I think they are sick of trying to out over Reigns on the fans terms and instead will go full Cena with him, albeit quickly and quietly. As such I see this going on before Shane vs. Undertaker with Reigns going over clean and getting yet another cheap celebration where everyone boos and the WWE just doesn’t acknowledge it. After all with Cena it took the WWE years to actually acknowledge the ‘mixed reaction’ he was getting, so why break the habit of a lifetime. I hope I am wrong and that this goes on last, after Shane has already won and HHH is a desperate man, meaning that if he holds onto the title it means something and he can be the struggling face, with Reigns turning heel and ‘screwing’ HHH out of the belt and his remaining hold on the company. Still this time pessimism rules over optimism and I’m saying Reigns goes over clean after a predictable match.
Winner: Roman Reigns (New Champion)

Michael McMonigle – None of these predictions are as fun as how I would actually book this show (see for yourself in my latest Fantasy Book column at http://insidepulse.com/2016/04/01/the-fantasy-book-on-wwe-wrestlemania-32/). I really think the WWE backed themselves into a really bad corner with this one. No one wants to see Triple H with the belt. No one wants to see Roman Reigns with the belt. I expect the crowd to turn on this one very quickly. I’m talking Goldberg-Lesnar boos. My guess is that the good possibility of NO ONE liking this match means it will not close the show. As for who will win, honestly they can go either way here and everyone will still hate it.
Winner: Roman Reigns (because no one says Fuck You to their fans better than the WWE)

Darek – I think Roman Reigns vs Triple H for the WWE title is the wrong match. I think Reigns vs Ambrose or Lesnar would have been better. The booking hasn’t really been beneficial for either side on the Road to Wrestlemania. We are stuck with this match, and I hope they can make the best of it. But I just see the fans booing them out of the building. Triple H may get some face cheers, but at the end of the day it has the potential to go the route of Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX. The biggest problem with this match is even with Reigns being a so called tough guy, his best work is being on the receiving end of punishment and making a comeback, sort of the way last year’s Wrestlemania played out. Triple H has a history of crappy main events…vs Jericho, vs Orton, vs the Rock, Mick Foley, and the Big Show. With the added stipulation of no DQ, this main event has the potential to combine all 3 of those main events…poor build, wrong placement on the card, and overbooked cluster-mess. I figure Reigns is winning, but I don’t know how they are going to get there. Run-in by the Dudleyz, and then the Usos, and maybe even the Rock. Reigns wins and celebrates with Usos, Ambrose, and the Rock, then Reigns turns and lays them all out with the title.
Winner- And new WWE Champion Roman Reigns

Widro – I think Roman pins HHH clean
Winner: Reigns


Hell in a Cell
The Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon

CB: Here’s where things get tricky. I think Shane McMahon actually wins … with VINCE’S help. The first part of the quintuple turn.
Winner: Shane McMahon

Spain: I am actually having trouble working this one out. I mean…they dangled Shane taking control of the company in front of us, and that is a thing which could happen and might well make for good television. However, that would mean that the Undertaker would be retiring. Then again, he’s getting on a bit a lot now and, traditionally, you’re supposed to do the job on your way out: Undertaker would respect and adhere to that tradition. And Vince could always bring him back anyway. You know what? Call me crazy, but…
Winner (and new owner of a company full of injured athletes): Shane McMahon

Pat Metalhead: Expect every gimmick, Juice job and silly stunt they can think off to make us believe we’re watching a great match. DON’T expect a good match though, not gonna happen.
Winner: Shane McMahon

Paltrowitz – Same response as the main event. Unless Shane does a ridiculous new high spot.
Winner: The Undertaker

Brittney- This match, while it should be exciting since it’s in Hell in a Cell, could have uncomfortable repercussions. Just like when the Streak ended fans didn’t know how to feel and I can guarantee fans won’t know how to feel after this match. If Shane wins we get ride of The Authority on Raw but if Shane wins Undertaker is done. If The Undertaker wins he proves this match is his playground and that he can still battle on but we will need to hear Vince McMahon talk about his “former son” and hear Stephanie run her mouth. In the end, I know I won’t know how to feel.
Winner: Shane McMahon

Sam P – The only question in this Hell In A Cell match is this. What crazy ass spot will Shane O’Mac pull off? It has to be off the cage. It has be. As for the result, the control of the company and Undertaker being forced into retirement stipulations are moot. There’s no way the Phenom’s final match will be anything less than a blowout with incredible fanfare – there’s too much money to be made. If he loses in Dallas, Shane can just hire him back. If he wins, then the tussle for control of WWE with Papa McMahon and the Authority can roll on.
Winner: Shane McMahon

James Wright – There is so much opportunity here for a great match, it is basically the polar opposite of the Reigns-HHH match, and therefore should go on last. Personally I’ve always been a story over work rate guy, obviously when a match can do both it is all the better for it, but here, with both men not exactly in their prime, I’m not expecting a five star classic. Instead I want lots of drama, risk taking, and run-ins galore. In the end I can’t see Shane not winning since why have the bloody match in the first place if not? What’s more the ‘Undertaker’s last match’ stipulation seems clearly added to give a sense that Shane is not winning, why try to inject this doubt unless they were afraid it was too obvious that he would win, also that stipulation means nothing as it can always be reneged by next year’s Mania, that is if Taker is even able to do another match after this potential car crash. I think there is a good chance that whoever interferes and costs Undertaker the match will be setting up for a match next year so Cena or Rock are the top two choices, although I’d prefer Finn Balor with his Balor Club as one that would set up the group for the year to come and give him a major debut,, and two if it does lead to a match at Mania next year The Deadman vs. The Demon is money. Personally I would have as many people as possible run in, sell this thing as if it is the most important match in the history of the company and everyone wants a say in the future; from someone like Stardust, who wants change, to Kevin Owens who would probably fight for the Authority. The WWE has a chance here to redefine the terms of what a heel and what a face is on their shows, if they are doing a brand split then have brand loyalty come into things from the offset: are you a Shane person or an Authority person? (Technically if Cena does run in then I would have him supporting Undertaker and Authority since he is the old guard and this would be a great place to turn him heel if you are insisting on having Reigns go over as a face as I am predicting). When the dust settles, Shane will somehow stand victorious and we will get a massive reshuffle the next night on Raw, it could be great!
Winner: Shane McMahon

Michael McMonigle – Shane is basically going to come as close to killing himself as possible for our entertainment. Honestly, I am a little uneasy about that. Besides that, this match still doesn’t resonate with me, despite the myriad of stipulations. Plus, I openly admit I am still an Undertaker mark, even after all these years, and I just don’t want to see him lose. Given what I expect to happen in the heavyweight title match, I think this will end the show, and most likely with Vince getting involved and taking a tombstone piledriver or something.
Winner: The Undertaker (Shane does not get control of Raw, but somehow gains control of Smackdown and the brands split again.)

Darek – Shane vs the Undertaker is a match I thought i never wanted to see…I still don’t. For history, I want the Undertaker to win and keep his only loss to Brock Lesnar…I wrote an article on why that was a bad move. From a storyline point of view, I want Shane to win so he takes over Raw. Realistically, does it even matter. Shane being in charge is “on screen” only, since he has no real position in the company. They will try to pull out all of the stops to make this watchable. I don’t see either guy climbing to the top, but Shane must take some kind of a huge bump to top what he did on Raw. At 46 and 51, I don’t think either guy should bump too much because they may not get up. At the end of the day, Shane wins via John Cena interference.
Winner – Shane McMahon

Widro – I think there will be a ton of run-ins. Shane will win, and something will set up Undertaker for an opponent to insist on his re-instatement, such as Cena
Winner: Shane


No Holds Barred Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. Dean Ambrose

CB: I’m sticking with my original gut feeling: Ambrose WINS here, and Brock then challenges Dean to a rematch at Extreme Rules to get his heat back.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Spain: This, along with the Hell in a Cell match, is one of the real main events. As in, it’s something we actually want to see. They’ve been teasing the Wyatts a little, which worries me. If you were going to do Lesnar and Bray, I’d have been fine with that. Dean vs. Brock is even better, so I don’t want it to get too convoluted: I just want these guys to beat the shit out of each other for my twisted amusement. And even if the Wyatts make trouble, I predict that Lesnar will not be overcome.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Pat Metalhead: This is why WWE’s booking of Lesnar sucks; They now have to put him in pseudo garbage matches to make us believe anyone has a chance against him. Ambrose will entertain, Brock will smash, WWE’s most popular guy not named Lesnar will lose. Again.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Paltrowitz – Should be a fun match, but Ambrose loses most of his top-card matches.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Brittney-Lesnar is a force to be reckoned with and Ambrose just doesn’t care. This match could be a show stealer. Lesnar may be the stronger of the two but Ambrose, as per his history before the WWE, is willing to go pretty far for matches and big spots. Ambrose is due for a big win and fans are behind him but I wonder if WWE is willing to sacrifice the name Lesnar has for the fans benefit. Most likely not but at the end of the day, with fans shouting down all the bad decisions, it may be time for corporate to listen.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Sam P – Call Daniel Day Lewis, because there will be blood. A brutal battle with two dudes happy to get hit with stuff, and with Ambrose involved, it’ll be creative. It doesn’t really matter who wins, as both men will come out looking bad ass, but I hope Lesnar takes the victory after a heroic effort from Ambrose, to then shake the hand of the Lunatic Fringe and show him respect for a fight well fought.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

James Wright – In a lot of ways this card is stacked with what should be varied and compelling matches, and yet the excitement level for the event itself seems to be low. I think that is due to WWE constantly letting fans down over the past few years and making terrible booking decisions. With this match however, while there are no real stakes, I don’t think its really possible to disappoint since it is just two great performers who are already interesting to watch and now have a forum to put on some of their best work. While the end of the match doesn’t mean too much I think Ambrose should go over since Brock gains nothing from winning here and could easily be put in a situation where his loss has to happen and he is protected. My personal choice would be Heyman throwing in the towel for his client (as he is about to get chainsawed or something). This would keep Brock strong and show just how crazy Ambrose can be, as well as sowing the seeds for some type of breakdown in the Heyman-Lesnar relationship, which is kind of necessary at this point since the act is getting slightly stale and Lesnar has no real other mountains to climb at this point. Whatever happens this should be a great match, although I have no idea where it will take place on the card.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Michael McMonigle – The No Holds Barred stipulation allows Dean Ambrose to get in a little offense with a bunch of crazy gimmick shots, but they aren’t paying Lesnar to lay down too often. I know they are trying to build Ambrose into a credible threat in a Roddy Piper meets ECW type of way, but I think they have Brock go over and have him challenge for the title at Summerslam.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Darek – Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose should be an entertaining match. A wild brawl with weapons and Lesnar tossing Ambrose around like a ragdoll, and Lesnar taking direct shots from all sorts of weapons. Does it mean anything…no. I think Lesnar losing clean should be a big deal after his run over the last 2 years. Dean Ambrose should be the next challenger for the WWE Title, so going over Lesnar would be huge and set him up as a the next feud for Reigns. So if Ambrose wins here, i expect to see him during the main event or at least afterwards. Ambrose takes this via kitchen sink.
Winner – Dean Ambrose

Widro – With the stipulation and the absense of the Wyatt Family elsewhere on the card, I think Brock does a job here.
Winner: Ambrose


WWE Divas Title
Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

CB: Who better to usher in the new Women’s Championship era on Raw than Sasha Banks?
Winner: Sasha Banks

Spain: This, along with the Hell in a Cell match, is one of the real main events. As in, it’s something we actually want to see. They’ve been teasing the Wyatts a little, which worries me. If you were going to do Lesnar and Bray, I’d have been fine with that. Dean vs. Brock is even better, so I don’t want it to get too convoluted: I just want these guys to beat the shit out of each other for my twisted amusement. And even if the Wyatts make trouble, I predict that Lesnar will not be overcome.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Pat Metalhead: Has the potential to be the match of the night, IF given enough time and IF good old Ric doesn’t hog the spotlight. That’s two VERY big if’s unfortunately.
Winner: Sasha banks

Paltrowitz – This feud needs a reboot, although everyone involved is talented.
Winner: Charlotte

Brittney- Honestly, these three could put on a great match if, and only if, they are given the right amount of time for it. It is for the Diva’s Title and while, in Vince’s world, that isn’t as important as the male titles, there is no denying that there is money to be made within women’s wrestling. These three women have shown time and time again that they are true performers and hopefully, Sunday will be no different. Charlotte has her dad by her side, Sasha Banks’ cousin Snoop Dogg is going into the Hall of Fame and Becky Lynch is a fan favorite and a bit of a wild card here. Everyone has a fair shot at winning but it will be interesting to see how we get to the three count. In my opinion though it’s time for Charlotte’s title reign to end.
Winner: Sasha Banks

Sam P – Not a single one of these women was on the main roster in June last year. So the fact that they’re all in a title match on the grandest stage of them all is testament to their abilities. Hopefully this is the start of them trading title matches for years to come, and if WWE give them the time, focus and storylines they deserve, then a new era of passion for the women’s division can be happily ushered in. Although I think Charlotte still has some legs in her first reign, could Sasha take the victory and immediately be challenged, either right after the match or on Raw, by a debuting Bayley?
Winner: Sasha Banks

James Wright – This could be a good contest, as long as it gets time, although I didn’t think in the months leading up to this event that I would be looking forward to another woman’s match more (that being Bayley vs. Asuka). I think the main roster is just incapable of booking rivalries well at this point and performers either succeed in selling their match through pure talent alone, or else what should be a massive deal becomes just another match on the card. The thing is that history rarely remembers all the details, and like Andre-Hogan at Wrestlemania 3, even if the match itself doesn’t completely live up to what we might have imagined a year ago it could still be seen as the moment when women started to truly be taken seriously as competitors in the WWE. While I’m pulling for Lynch to clinch the belt I think the WWE has finally realised that people like Sasha Banks and they are going with it, so I can’t see her not walking away with the title.
Winner: Sasha Banks (New Champion)

Michael McMonigle – This should be good if given the time to breathe and tell a story. Charlotte as the heel champ works on some level, but it just feels something is missing. A little more of a harder edge perhaps. Becky Lynch has been solid, but the crowd hasn’t bought into her as a plucky babyface yet. With more time and a longer chase for the belt, she could have her time in the future. And then there’s the Boss. Sasha Banks owns her character and she is the dominant champ the crowd wants to see. Plus, she should have Snoop Dogg around, and Vince loves his celebrities. Hopefully, they listen to the fans here.
Winner: Sasha Banks

Darek- The Divas and soon to be Women’s title…THANK GOD…match should be good considering the people in it. Sasha Banks is the choice the fans have wanted since the Divas revolution began. Becky Lynch has really made a name for herself after being looked at as an afterthought when this all began. Charlotte is a good heel champion, I am still not sure how well she does without daddy Flair with her, but she is decent. Hopefully this match steals the show and puts the bad taste of the Bellas Era out of everyone’s mouth. My gut says Sash Banks gets the win after botched Ric Flair interference.
Winner and New Divas Champion Sasha Banks

Widro – Should be a showcase match with all three stepping up their game.
Winner: Sasha Banks


AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

CB: Styles and Jericho put on a clinic here, in what will be one of the most PHENOMENAL matches of the night.
Winner: AJ Styles

Spain: I hate the WWE for making me roll my eyes at an Usos match at WrestleMania. I love those chubby-faced twins, so help me. I love their high-speed offence and their ability to put on a good match against almost any team. Yeah, almost any team. The Dudleys shouldn’t be here. They came for some pay cheques; WWE brought them in for the nostalgia. That’s all it is, and my nostalgia ran out weeks ago. About the exact same time they stopped putting people through tables, which was ninety percent of the nostalgia. Let this madness end.
Winners: The Usos.

Pat Metalhead: The Jericho heel turn should at least give this one a different dynamic from their previous outings, but that won’t hide the fact that there hasn’t really been a plan for Styles until now. Should be good though.
Winner: AJ Styles

Paltrowitz – Enough with Jericho already. The heel turn made no sense, even though he’s a great heel.
Winner: A.J. Styles

Brittney- Jericho is a regular returning veteran who comes in to help push big talent every year in the time frame of Royal Rumble through WrestleMania and this year is no different. After Mania, unless his contract has been altered, he will be gone from the scene until his next stint with the company. Despite his April Fools joke in which he said he quit (cause let’s face it he gets a huge payout for Mania so it’s a joke) we will se Jericho for Mania and we will see him put Styles over. Styles has the skill and fan base to be huge and that’s where he will be after Jericho and him lock up on Sunday.
Winner: AJ Styles

Sam P – Despite only being allowed to utter only 7 words on the microphone for fear of half of Georgia falling out, AJ’s build has been solid. It was unfathomable to me that he wasn’t signed up after first leaving TNA, but he’s here now, and it’s so damn awesome that he’ll be at Wrestlemania in what could just be a Match Of The Year contender. It has to be, because we’ve seen Jericho v Styles plenty in the last month.
Winner: AJ Styles

James Wright – WWE problem #2582: over-exposure. This match should be a massive deal, it is Y2J vs. AJ Styles for frick sake, but because we have already seen it several times and bought the t-shirt, there is nothing to really wonder about and no real stakes involved. It would be different if they were doing a Submissions match or something, or even putting Jericho’s career on the line (it’s not like they have to stick to it). Instead all we can count on is that Wrestlemania will be enough to bring the best out of both men, which might happen, but for me it’s not enough to get any more excited for it than for their first match on Raw. Ah well, it’s still a great excuse to give Styles a win at Wrestlemania and use Jericho’s latest return to put over someone who can run with it.
Winner: AJ Styles

Michael McMonigle – I will admit, the matches between these two so far have been less than what I’d hoped for. However, Jericho has been very good at his part-time role in putting over new talent. And this is WrestleMania, so hopefully these two try to steal the show. The match is sort of buried on a card filled with junk, but if they try to outdo what we saw from the NXT folks, then perhaps it will work out well. I expect the best match of their series here with Jericho doing his best to make Styles out to be a superstar in the eyes of the fans and WWE brass.
Winner: AJ Styles

Darek – AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho is a good match on paper. Should be an excellent contest…i am not sure what more they can do after having 3 matches in February. Styles won the initial feud, so Jericho turning heel came about 2 matches too late. Styles puts on another very good match with an aging Jericho, but at this point it is time for Styles to move on to something more significant.
Winner AJ Styles

Widro – Should be one of the best matches on the card.
Winner: Styles


The New Day vs. League of Nations

CB: I think The Rock joins The New Day for one night only and evens the odds against the Lads.
Winners: The New Day (with The Rock)

Spain: The New Day is one of the most entertaining acts in a long time, who’ve just sort-of become faces recently. The League of Nations is a collection of guys with no better options, and I think Barrett’s leaving soon. It can only end one way; don’t you dare be sour.
Winners: (and still WWE Tag Team Champions): New Day Rocks.

Pat Metalhead: Hasn’t LoN lost already in a 3-on-4 situation? New Day won’t be losing their belts so soon after turning faces. Do hope WWE, does not have them ditch what made them popular in the first place just because they aren’t heels anymore though. Would be a huge mistake.
Winner: New Day

Paltrowitz – I suspect they made it a non-title match to add in a surprise of some sort. The
Winner: League Of Nations

Brittney- Neither of these teams are relevant. Yes, the New Day are the champions but they aren’t exciting. I’ll give it to them, they’re funny and entertaining but not exciting. The League of Nations should be exciting but they aren’t either. This will probably be a let down given that there is talent here but there is no story or reason for us to care. League of Nations needs a win to appear even a little important so I think I’ll be picking them for Sunday.
Winner: League of Nations

Sam P – The League of Boredom have been a smidgen more interesting during this programme, but it’s baffling to me that the tag titles aren’t on the line. It could’ve so easily been some sort of Freebird Rules match. New Day inducting the infamous team having already invoked the Freebird concept plus the Lads (shudder) being eligible for the same rule? It writes itself. Removing the titles reeks of a fourth participant being recruited by New Day to a massive pop. But who?
Winner: The New Day

James Wright – Apparently this isn’t for the tag team titles anymore, why?! I’ve been quite vocal in my column about wanting New Day to drop the tag team titles since they are doing nothing with them and League of Nations might actually be a good group to hold the belts right now as the division develops. I have to admit that I have little interest in this match as the New Day’s act is getting kind of stale and LoN is full of guys I’ve never gotten behind, bar Barrett but he has had some of the worst luck I’ve ever seen. Like several of these matches they can be saved via surprises and returns, but outside of that I have no idea what could happen here, so I’m going with New Day, despite the dropping of the tag titles stipulation.
Winners: The New Day

Michael McMonigle – Why not have the Tag Team titles defended at WrestleMania? Because we can shove a couple more people no one cares about into a weird handicap match. The crack in the WWE writers’ room must be some good stuff. Prediction? The New Day is over with the crowds. The League of Nations is not over with the crowds.
Winner: The League of Nations (and this feud continues on for another couple months, because WWE.)

Darek – New Day vs the League of “Guys not from the USA” is another feud that is sort of weird. New Day is hot as can be. The rest of the division…not so much. Sheamus and crew aren’t really relevant as a group. Typical WWE, missing the mark. They formed this group AFTER Survivor Series and didn’t put any gold on them while Sheamus had the WWE title and Del Rio was US chamption, but now they are no longer in the title picture. The WWE missed the chance to make them relevant by having them all have gold, Del Rio US TItle, Sheamus WWE Title, Barrett and Rusev as Tag champions. At this point, putting the belts on them seems kind of pointless. New Day is hot, but with no challengers. A face turn is clearly happening, but do they start going after singles titles? Big E maybe challenging Reigns for the WWE Title? That being said, since it is a Non-title match…New Day keeps rolling here. Maybe this is the rumored Rock run-in.
Winner New Day

Widro – I predict that The Rock will join the New Day and lead them to victory.
Winner: New Day


Ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz vs. Stardust

CB: I wrote an entire column about this and I’m going to stick with my sentimental pick: Long Island Iced Z!

Spain: Well, not Zack Ryder, because even Vince isn’t probably isn’t that crazy. Nor Stardust or Sin Cara, for much the same reason. Dolph could well do it, as could the Miz, but it would seem somewhat anti-climactic. Which leaves either Owens retaining or Zayn taking it. Reigns is going to need a few dominant victories in the wake of WrestleMania just to really rub it in, so Owens is the heel peg for that number one contender hole. Plus, if Triple H decides to invoke his rematch clause, Owens can chase Zayn for the title in order to showcase some singles action. Makes sense, and it’d make the crowd happy.
Winner (and new Intercontinental Champion): Sami Zayn

Pat Metalhead: As someone on reddit put it, this is KO vs everyone he pissed off lately. Expect the usual ladder match cluster-fuck. KO vs Zayn in a grudge match would have been much better here in my opinion. Ah well…
Winner: Sami Zayn

Paltrowitz – There should be a lot of great spots in this match. I hope no one gets hurt.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Brittney- There are a lot of factors in this match and while it’s easy to dismiss some of the lesser players in favor of the big names you can’t truly count anyone out of a ladder match. Still, I think it will be a bigger name walking out with the title. Zayn could snatch the title and make his official move to the main roster since Friday night could be his last NXT match. Ziggler could pull it off as well but the company is hot and cold with him. Ryder, Sin Cara, The Miz and Stardust might just be there for the body count but each of them does have something to offer to the match. Owens can’t be counted out either but, just like Charlotte it may be time for his reign to end.
Winner: Sami Zayn

Sam P – The clusterfuck ladder match should’ve been for the US Title what with the tailor made and still lingering Zayn / Owens rivalry. This will be at the forefront of proceedings here and carry blissfully on into the summer. There’s a bunch of ladders and 7 guys, so there’s no reason this shouldn’t be enjoyable viewing, even if half of the participants were seemingly picked out in a deleted Raw Roulette scene.
Winner: Kevin Owens

James Wright – Having a multi-man ladder match at Mania each year isn’t a bad thing, but why the mostly meaningless meeting between Kalisto and Ryback wasn’t buried in this mess instead of Owens vs. Zayn is beyond me. I still remain hopeful that this will lead to a rivalry between the two and that the action in the match will make up for the lack of a solo match between the two at Wrestlemania because of how much that would mean to the fans that have been following these guys over the years. I fully expect Kevin Owens to walk in and walk out as champion, if he doesn’t I will riot.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Michael McMonigle – So here we have a cluster of a ladder match. Three of the competitors haven’t even been around a title hunt in forever and were booked specifically as jobbers on this past Raw. Which leads me to this conclusion – they are simply cannon fodder for the big ladder spots. Sorry, Sin Cara, Stardust, and Zack Ryder. Of the remaining contenders, The Miz has been putting on some good matches, but has proven to be a bit of a heat suck when he is featured. Sami Zayn just had a match of the year candidate showdown with Shinsuke Nakamura on NXT: Takeover Dallas, so WWE booking rules means he must be made to look weak here. I can’t remember the last time Dolph Ziggler won a match, and he seems to be a little less interested every time he steps in the ring these days. Which leaves the champion, Kevin Owens. Owens is over, still fresh, and he has been carrying this whole thing. I think Owens continues to try to raise the profile of the Intercontinental title with a big win at KOmania.
Winner: Kevin Owens (and hopefully Sin Cara doesn’t die doing some insane bump)

Darek- Ladder match for the IC…Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs a bunch of guys that probably shouldn’t challenge for the European title at this stage. A simple one on one match would be great. Instead, just to get some guys on the PPV, they go with this match. Wrong match to do this with…it would be better off in the US title match with Kalisto. Kalisto vs Ryback one on one is stupid when we could have had Owens vs Zayn. I think after a bunch of crazy spots, Owens retains and has a proper match with Zayn at the next PPV.
Winner and still IC champion Kevin Owens.

Widro – I would rather this have been a 1 on 1 match for the IC title.
Winner: Owens


10 Divas Tag Match
Team Total Divas (Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Paige & Eva Marie) vs. Team B.A.D. & Blonde (Naomi, Tamina, Summer Rae, Emma & Lana)

CB: It’s #ALLREDWRESTLEMANIA! Ugh. For their sake, I hope Eva Marie turns full heel and helps Lana’s team win. Accolade to Brie Bella, perhaps?
Winners: Team Lana

Spain: Well, at least Paige and Natalya get to be at WrestleMania. This match is all about robbing the other matches of time and furthering Brie Bella vs. Lana, and I don’t like either of those things. With Eva Marie apparently being a big deal now, let’s say that her team wins.
Winners: Paige, Brie, Alicia, Eva and Natalya

Pat Metalhead: Total Diva plug-in match. Do hope Emma, Naomi, Natalya and Paige will work the bulk of the match here, otherwise this will be a disaster. Faces win because of Brie Bella being on their team.
Winner: Team Brie

Paltrowitz – It was nice for them to fit everyone on the card. Except Eva Marie.
Winner: Team Bad and Blonde

Brittney- Are we really supposed to get behind this match? Am I glad that they have two divas matches on the card? Yes. Am I okay with it being this much of a chaotic mess? No. In the end this will probably be quick, scattered and a disappointment, especially for those female wrestlers involved that can actually wrestle. I feel this one won’t be a highlight match at all which is unfortunate.
Winner: Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Paige & Eva Marie.

James Wright – The only thing that interests me about this match is the surprise including of…Emma, who has been working real hard on NXT to reinvent herself and has done an excellent job. The other ‘E’ in this match has tried to do the same and completely failed. Not only that but the one thing she had going for her was that everyone hated her and she was a heel, now she is on the face side of things and will get booed mercilessly anyway. I really think the Eva Marie run-in on Raw represents how the WWE haven’t been able to keep up with the times in what fans will support and don’t know how to read their audience anymore, NXT on the other hand is awesome, did you see the Bayley vs. Eva match? Some of the best booking of a crap wrestler in a long time. Back to the match…who cares?! This is the counter example to the potential strides that the WWE have taken in regards to its divas division; arbitrarily thrown together and will probably last for less time than the entrances.
Winners: Team Total Divas

Sam P – I’m so angry about Eva Marie’s involvement on the face team in this match, that I’m weirdly looking forward to it just so I can hurl abuse at my TV screen. If she doesn’t betray her team and get comeuppance for it then the creative team can finally and absolutely be branded utterly deluded. She’s garbage. Hot garbage. And not in the good way. In the way that she’s hot, but she’s garbage. Rant aside, there’s enough quality in the ring here to make it bearable, and hopefully they’ll focus on said quality. Brie will probably get a swan song before heading home to make little goat babies for Total Divas. And Daniel Bryan.
Winner: The Faces

Michael McMonigle – The Divas match no one wanted. Honestly, who would have rather just seen Paige versus Emma or Paige and Natalya versus Emma and Naomi? Those women deserve better. Instead, this is a big commercial for Total Divas. As such, I see no real workrate in this match and a lot of Lana, Brie Bella, and Eva Marie shenanigans. This is definitely an early bathroom break match.
Winner: Team Total Divas

Darek – 10 Divas tag match…I hate Paige is stuck in this cluster-mess. But this is bathroom break material for sure. Lana in her first match…whatever. She has lost all momentum from the last few years. Eva Marie, looks great and can play a decent heel, so being on the face team….leaves me speechless. Brie Bella’s last match…good riddance!
Winner team Paige

Widro – This should be quick, and mostly bad.
Winner: Team Total Divas


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

CB: If Cesaro gets cleared, I’d love to see him win for the second time. Otherwise, I have a feeling they go with Strowman.
Winner: Cesaro

Spain: I feel like I know very few of the contestants involved. I know Kane, the Big Show and the Social Outcasts, but with Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, Stardust and the Miz in the Ladder Match, how many jobbers are left? My guess is that someone will debut and it’ll be them. So, unhelpfully, my prediction is:
Winner: Someone from NXT

Pat Metalhead: Braun Strowman. I’ll say it again: Braun Strowman. Yes, the worst wrestler on the roster will win here. ‘Nuff said.
Winner: Big Bad BabyBeard

Paltrowitz – Endless buildup of the Big Show and Kane, but I foresee a swerve.
Winner: Braun Strohman

Brittney- Anyone could show up for this match. Those on the sidelines due to injury, vacation or suspension could return for this (Cesaro, Titus O’Neil, Tyson Kidd, Orton, etc). We could also see a bigger man win this year but, aside from the Social Outcasts and a few others there aren’t many official names to pick from.
Winner: Surprise entrant (perhaps Cesaro or even Damien Sandow?)

James Wright – This match has the potential to be something really great what with the possible returns and open field in terms of who could win. We might get a Wyatt victory, or a second year in a row of Big Show dominance, which I’m sure will revive those “please retire” chants. Cesaro could return and win, or Damien Sandow could get some justice and actually get his due this year. It is throwaway fluff designed to give everyone something to do (which really shows you what the WWE thinks of the Wyatts right now) but it could be fun so whatever. Just to be nice I am going to go with Bray since really he is the only guy of note who we can guarantee will appear in the match.
Winner: Bray Wyatt

Sam P – It’ll be entertaining to see wrestlers who we’ve totally forgotten are still employed by WWE get their pay day. Like Fandango. Or Darren Young. As lovely as the memorial idea is, it’s not pushed in any real way as a valuable trophy to have won. With the Wyatt Family noticeably absent from Wrestlemania proceedings and in desperate need of some sort of validation, I expect them to dominate. I’d love to see them as the last remaining three and for Harper and Strowman to voluntarily leave the ring to allow Bray the victory. Just an idea.
Winner: Bray Wyatt

Michael McMonigle – This match seems like such an afterthought in only its third year of existence, which is a shame as it could be a good showcase for someone. This match could be an attempt to jumpstart a push or debut someone from NXT with a big splash, but I think WWE will treat this more as a lifetime achievement award. And if they treat it that way, and given Big Show’s win last year, I expect this year’s trophy will go to the Big Red Machine.
Winner: Kane

Darek – Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal…this means as much as the Divas match. This was a big deal the first year, but after the way Cesaro was misused after winning it, this is just another excuse to get guys a payday on Wrestlemania.
Winner…I don’t even know who is in it

Widro – This is hard to predict because we know so few of the participants.
Winner: Big Show


US Title
Kalisto (c) vs. Ryback

CB: It’s the classic little guy vs. big guy match. In this case, I think The Big Guy wins.
Winner: Ryback

Spain: Also quite a tough one. Ryback’s heel turn seemed to be genuinely well-executed, so that could be leading to something. On the other hand, Kalisto has been doing a decent job at making us root for him a bit. I’d say that the logical thing to do would be to consider whose victory would be the most beneficial, BUT THIS IS WWE, NERD. So, at a random guess, I’ll say that Kalisto pulls out an underdog victory.
Winner (and still United States Champion): Kalisto

Pat Metalhead: Kalisto has been portrayed as a weak champion while it seems The Big Guy is getting another push. Guess who wins?
Winner: Ryback

Paltrowitz – Powerbombs hurt more than acrobatic moves.
Winner: Ryback

Brittney- I get that this is a way to try and revitalize Ryback’s character and turn him heel but I don’t see much coming out of this match aside from highflying spots from Kalisto and feats of strength from Ryback. If they want to turn him heel effectively he’ll have to be brutal in this match. If they want to cash in on the popularity of the Lucha Dragons Kalisto could keep his title. Honestly, this one really could go either way.
Winner: Ryback

James Wright – Kalisto is my girlfriend’s favourite wrestler so I’m sure she will be into this match. Me? Well I’d rather see Zayn vs. Owens as the singles midcard title match on the card, although if that meant they would then also be on the pre-show then I might reconsider. I don’t really have faith in Ryback to put on a quality match but it should be short and sweet, with hopefully Kalisto going over so I don’t have to hear about it all night.
Winner Kalisto

Sam P – I hope every medic in Texas is on stand by, because Ryback could break Kalisto into a bjillion pieces. I’m terrified that the Goldberg impersonator will win this because WWE have some misplaced notion that he’s worth any effort. A loss would hurt him, and while I’ll pray to the luchador gods for it to happen, they don’t exist, so…
Winner: Ryback

Michael McMonigle – Big man versus little man. A tale as old as time. It is a formula that can work with the right participants, say David and Goliath. Or even Rey Mysterio and Goldberg. Instead, what we have is Mysterio Lite and Diet Goldberg. I think they might want to stretch this feud for a few PPVs, so I imagine Ryback eats Kalisto, setting up Kalisto challenging for rematches.
Winner: Ryback

Darek – Kalisto vs Ryback for the US Title….what can i say? After Cena made this title bigger than the WWE title at times last year….now it is just a prop on Rey Mysterio 3.0. Kalisto should be part of the ladder match or maybe even a one on one match with Rey Mysterio 2.0….Sin Cara. The Big Guy (does he think that name is clever?) has to win or this latest push is joke jhust like all of the others he received. Ryback (Not Da Man or the Next Big Thing) wins.
Winner and new US Champion Ryback

Widro – I think this is designed to be a feel good moment for the kids in the crowd.
Winner: Kalisto


The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs. the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)

CB: This will be a fun match on the pre-show. I’m sure the Usos will break out their usual high energy offense, and the payoff will see the Dudleyz go through tables.
Winners: The Usos

Spain: I hate the WWE for making me roll my eyes at an Usos match at WrestleMania. I love those chubby-faced twins, so help me. I love their high-speed offence and their ability to put on a good match against almost any team. Yeah, almost any team. The Dudleys shouldn’t be here. They came for some pay cheques; WWE brought them in for the nostalgia. That’s all it is, and my nostalgia ran out weeks ago. About the exact same time they stopped putting people through tables, which was ninety percent of the nostalgia. Let this madness end.
Winners: The Usos.

Pat Metalhead: Extra-ordinary drop in popularity for the Usos since their return, while the Dudleys nostalgia act doesn’t make much since if they’re heels. No idea why this is on the card. Then again, I have no idea why most of the things on this card are on the card, so…
Winner: The Usos

James Wright – Is this match even for something? Will the Rock be involved somehow? I don’t really care, sorry.
Winners: The Usos

Paltrowitz – Time to start building up your wrestlers that are under 40, WWE.
Winner: The Usos

Brittney- Both of these teams can do great things. We’ve seen it, we all know it. My question is more on what happens after this match. Whether the Usos get revenge or the Dudley’s continue their brutal, heel character ways this match is a stepping stone to an unclear path. There are not signs pointing to a definite winner so, for now, I’m going to pick the path that I expect which is revenge over mean spirit.
Winner: The Usos

Sam P – I was so pumped when the Dudleyz returned, but they’ve melted into obscurity. Still, this’ll be an energetic pre show bout and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Usos screamed at one another to “Get the tables” in obvious mockery at some point.
Winner: The Usos

Michael McMonigle – I can’t imagine anyone truly caring about this match. The Dudleyz have gone very stale and the Usos just haven’t gotten over. Plus, the Usos have been getting involved with Roman Reigns, leading to several boos by association. My prediction is an apathetic crowd regardless of who wins.
Winner: The Usos (with the true winner being whatever table gets put out of its misery to end this feud)

Darek – the Usos are good for some high spots, but otherwise are pretty boring. The Dudleyz are straight up played out. They need a new look and an edge badly. The act was stale 10 years ago, and that is why they left the WWE then.. Nobody will take either of them serious as a singles act in the WWE. They may warm the crowd up, break a few tables. Both teams may show up later during the WWE Title match. Which would actually be a shot in the arm for both teams. The Dudleyz win…because somebody has to.
Winner The Dudleyz

Widro – I’m happy to see this match on the card, just a solid tag team feud.
Winner: The Dudleyz

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