Ric Flair on Hulk Hogan Lawsuit, the “Mount Rushmore” of Professional Wrestling


Boomer and Craig Carton with CBS Sports recently interviewed WWE Diva Charlotte and her Hall of Famer father Ric Flair. Below are some highlights.

Flair on getting the “Woooo” from Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire”: “1974, because I was riding down the road one night, listening to Jerry Lee Lewis and he sang “Great Balls Of Fire”, ‘goodness gracious, great balls of fire, wooooo’, and I said, ‘that’s it’. The next day, I started it.”
Flair on Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit win over Gawker: “[Hogan] and I are very close, but I don’t know enough about [the lawsuit] and I really don’t want to comment on that. But I hope he gets the money. He deserves it. He went through a lot and he’s a good guy. And he has done a lot for the sport of wrestling. But I don’t want to get into the intricacies of it. If he has that kind of money, I’ll ask him to buy me a boat or something!”

Ric Flair’s thoughts on who should be on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling: “I’m just going to be straight up and down with you. In terms of notoriety, it would be Hulk, Austin, Rock, and Undertaker. Not really me because I’m very honest about it. In terms of ability, I’m in there, but in terms of being famous, because I came to the WWE too late, and when I was in my prime, on TBS, the show wasn’t as accessible. I mean, a lot of people didn’t have cable. … For ability, I have myself, Shawn Michaels, Austin, and, only because of longevity, I’m not saying the other guys didn’t have the technical skills, and Undertaker. But there [are] so many guys. It’s unfair to make that assessment.”