Roman Reigns on WWE Wrestlemania 32 Match Against HHH, Comparisons with John Cena


In an interview with Zap2It, Roman Reigns spoke about the fans who don’t like him and the reaction he’s likely to get at Wrestlemania 32. Here are highlights:

On if fighting Triple H forces him to up his game: “Me and Brock last year, we killed them with physicality. Obviously it’s different with H, but he’s the game. He’s not fooling around. You see how this man looks, he’s still busting his ass every single day and night. For me it’s a very serious situation. I’m not trying to go out there and not tear the house down. This is once in a lifetime for me, even being my second time. I’m not thinking about a third time. I’m not concerned about next year. The only thing I’m thinking about is April 3 and taking the title off of Triple H and putting it on my shoulder.”

On if he feels more accepted in 2016: “Yeah! I always seem to be a little bit polarizing or some reason, but as long as I stay true to myself and my supporters, we’re there. if you don’t like what we’re doing, then continue to boo but continue to be ready to boo. You’re going to be mad a long time. I’m not going away. Because you don’t like me, I should give it all up? I’m going to do my thing and enjoy myself. If you got my back, let’s ride. If not, do what you do.”

On his reactions being compared to John Cena’s: “You know, John has done a great job of being John. I’m not John Cena. I’m my own man. I’m not a Rock, not a Stone Cold. I’m not the next anybody, I’m just Roman Reigns. I’m the first and only one.”

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