The Undertaker Hurt Heading Into Hell In A Cell Match With Shane McMahon At Wrestlemania 32?


During Wrestlemania 32 Fan Axxess, the Undertaker was taking pictures and signing autographs for fans.

One picture captured a funny side of the Deadman, but also revealed a noticeable injury.

Undertaker black eye Wrestlemania 32

Looks like the Undertaker has a black eye heading into his Wrestlemania 32 Hell In A Cell match with Shane McMahon. How did he get it? Was it during rehearsals with Shane O’Mac? The bump the Undertaker took from Shane last week on Raw? Or some other way?

Shane McMahon vs Undertaker go home Raw show Wrestlemania 32

Although, on his twitter, the Undertaker alleges the black eye was courtesy of Shane McMahon.

Finally, according to his twitter, Shane McMahon seems to in the best shape of life heading into the Hell In A Cell match.

One of the most anticipated matches of Wrestlemania 32 should be a doozy between the Undertaker and Shane O’Mac; the Deadman’s black left eye notwithstanding. It doesn’t seem to be serious of an injury.

Happy Wrestlemania 32!


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