Vince Russo on WWE Wrestlemania 32 – “Vince McMahon has the opportunity to start from scratch”


In Vince Russo’s latest Nuclear Heat podcast, he speaks about what WWE needs to get him over with fans in WWE. Here are highlights:

On Wrestlemania 32 being a chance to start over for WWE: “Vince McMahon has the opportunity to start from scratch Sunday. I’m excited about that because if they make the moves I feel that need to be made at WrestleMania, they’re going to kick off post-WrestleMania with a bang.”

On how WWE can help itself: “I’m not going to believe for one second that Roman Reigns can beat Triple H and come out of the match the babyface that Vince McMahon has wanted him to be for the last few years. We need a Shane victory. We need Shane McMahon’s blood back in the WWE in some capacity, and Roman Reigns to step out of WrestleMania with a new persona. It doesn’t have to happen at WrestleMania, but by the end of Monday, we need to see a new Roman Reigns.”

On who Roman Reigns should be: “He’s been asked to continue to carry himself as a babyface, he’s done everything they’ve asked him to do. Let’s really make this guy an a-hole. Doesn’t care about anybody else, has no friends, but you’re going to have to kill him to get that WWE title.”

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