10 Thoughts on Flaked – Shell

Wow. As Dennis said in this episode, I did NOT see that coming. Today was an episode of jaw dropping revelations and disappointing realizations about characters. Chip discovers some things about both London and Topher, Dennis and Kara continue to act like jerks, and Cooler gets more screen time and, somehow, less developed as a character. There’s a lot to think about, so here we go.

Here are some thoughts.


1. Dennis is kind of a terrible character

Because Chip and London kissed ONCE, he refuses to talk to Chip. He won’t accept any of his apologies, all because something happened that Chip didn’t initiate. Chip even came right to Dennis about it, but Dennis doesn’t care. Everything happens to Dennis. He never takes responsibility for any of his emotions. He’s like a child, and it’s really starting to get to me.

2. We finally get some time with Cooler

In fact, the episode started with Cooler waking up to discover a carved out watermelon rind in his kitchen. And though we got to spend some time with him, really the only thing we learn is that he has a dog. He remains a static and thinly written character. In fact, I’m starting to realize a lot of these characters aren’t written especially well.

3. Dennis is acting like he owns London

Every time Chip tries to make nice with Dennis, he tears him a new one over London. He acts as if London is his property simply because he told Chip he was attracted to her months ago. So what? This isn’t fourth grade. You don’t get to call dibs on a girl. EVERYONE in Venice is attracted to London, just because Dennis said it out loud first doesn’t mean he gets some sort of privilege with her. Why is no one pointing this out?


4. Dennis and Kara’s characters are defined by Chip

This episode sees a budding friendship between Kara and Dennis, both of whom seem solely motivated by their hatred for/desperate need of Chip. Their entire relationship seems to be predicated on pissing off Chip, which is not an especially nuanced character study.

5. “I sleep ate a whole watermelon!”

Cooler is annoyed with Chip because he thinks he ate an entire watermelon and then left the rind out on the kitchen table, which seems pretty out of character for Chip. Of course, it turns out Cooler ate it because he was so high. That was a genuinely funny moment.

6. I don’t understand these episode titles

Shell? What is that in reference to? Unless it’s a really lazy summation of what we know about the characters now. All of these episode titles are equally cryptic and seem to hint at something. I just don’t understand the reasoning of giving episodes confusing titles.

7. Turns out Topher is terrible

He asks Chip to get him a date with London, which Chip reluctantly agrees to. And London agrees too, because it seems like she genuinely wants to help Chip out. But it turns out, Topher is treating it like a business transaction. He wants Chip to get London to sleep with him, and in return he’ll fund Chip’s business. Chip, to his credit, basically tells Topher to take a hike. But what a disappointing revelation. The rich start up kid is a total scumbag. Who would have guessed?


8. George lays down the truth

George, the police officer/Chip’s sponsor, goes to Dennis and tells him to cut it the fuck out, giving the audience a desperately needed surrogate. Since episode one, I’ve been screaming at Dennis to act like a god damn adult, but he continues to be a selfish brat. Finally, George steps in to knock some sense into him. Chip is having a hard time, and it’s not always about Dennis, DENNIS, you selfish twat.

9. Oh SHIT that’s a plot twist

Uhhhh, but what finally convinces Dennis to change his tune is when George reveals that London had a brother. And that brother was the man Chip drunkenly killed a decade ago. What. There is NO way that’s a coincidence, and it explains why London seems so drawn to Chip. This is assuming that she knows…


YUP. She knew alright. This explains why she was “Claire” a few episodes ago. She’s been hiding her identity! And just when her and Chip are about to get it on, Chip gets a call from George, telling him everything. When Chip confronts London, she confirms that she knew. She wanted to “See how he could live with himself.” Jesus Christ, that splits this series wide open. Is ANYBODY on this show a good person (besides George)?



+ Got some time with Cooler

+ George lays down the truth

+ That plot twist

That plot twist

Dennis and Kara and Cooler and London and Topher are all terrible and/or underdeveloped

Dennis is especially problematic


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