Bray Wyatt on NXT characters Influencing WWE Main Roster, Fireflies Gimmick


Bray Wyatt spoke to Mike Jones of DC101 on WrestleMania weekend about developing his character, his fans, and much more.

Seeing the ‘fireflies’:
“I remember the first night it happened, and it just so happened to be one of my favorite promos that I ever cut. We were in London at the O2, and I came out, and I was so into the promo that I wasn’t even thinking about what was going on around me. And I remember Harper grabbing me, in the middle of the promo, and he doesn’t do that ever… He grabs me and says, “Are you seeing this?” And I said, “What?” And as that happened, I remember I went, “WHOA!”

NXT characters influencing WWE:
“We didn’t want to come out and be cartoon characters. We weren’t coming out being dudes with oil all over and no character. It’s carried over to here and now. Now, everyone here, because of what all those guys were doing in NXT, now that we’re here, they’re kind of becoming that as well.”

ringing the NYSE Bell:
“I had no idea what to expect because I didn’t even know what it was. I was like, ‘Ring what bell?’ I don’t do stocks. I don’t understand this, this is so bizarre to me. I can only imagine how they feel, and we didn’t hold back. We were Wyatts the whole time.”

Developing Bray Wyatt:
“I think the first FCW promo I cut as Bray was pretty intense. I wouldn’t say it wasn’t PG, but it was close. I never had to apologize for it, though. It was what I wanted it to be and I was happy with it.”