DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: What Is DC Rebirth Batman Family’s Status Quo Heading Into Batman #1, Detective Comics #934 & All-Star Batman #1?

DC Comics’ Batman gets the DC Rebirth treatment with twice monthly Batman series starting with Batman #1, twice monthly Detective Comics starting with Detective Comics #934, resuming its old numbering, the monthly All-Star Batman starting with All-Star Batman #1, the twice monthly Justice League series and the monthly Trinity series where Batman is featured alongside Superman and Wonder Woman (full DC Rebirth checklist here).

However, unlike the Superman Family which is set for a major Rebirth overhaul, actually starting two (2) months early, the Batman Family changes are not as significant, but important nonetheless.

Spoilers for DC Rebirth’s Batman Family.

Batman and Robin Eternal #26, the last issue of the weekly 1/2 year series celebrating the 75th anniversary of the comics debut of Dick Grayson as Batman’s sidekick Robin, reveals the immediate fates of Batman’s Family members.

Batman and Robin Eternal #26 spoilers DC Rebirth 1

Azrael, Jean Paul Valley, is still around and conflicted.

Batman and Robin Eternal #26 spoilers DC Rebirth 2

Spoiler, Stephanie Brown, is a mature heroine and a mentor to Harper Row and Cassandra Cain.

Batman and Robin Eternal #26 spoilers DC Rebirth 3

Blue Bird, Harper Row, is looking into post secondary education and may or not be hanging up the tights for now.

Batman and Robin Eternal #26 spoilers DC Rebirth 4

Cassandra Cain adopts a new heroine name… Orphan.

Batman and Robin Eternal #26 spoilers DC Rebirth 5

Batman’s former and current Robin sidekicks… Dick Grayson now Nightwing, Jason Todd now Red Hood, Tim Drake now Red Robin, and Damian Wayne now Robin… are all one big happy family.

Batman and Robin Eternal #26 spoilers DC Rebirth 6

Batman and Robin Eternal #26 spoilers DC Rebirth 7

However, Batman #50 teases something concerning a new Robin for Batman?

Batman #50 spoilers DC Rebirth 1

Is Duke Thomas, from We Are Robin, going to be Batman’s new Robin or another named sidekick since Damian Wayne appears to be Robin in two Rebirth series: Super Sons and Teen Titans?

Batman #50 spoilers DC Rebirth 2

Duke Thomas has been quote a force in We Are Robin and appears to be still so as the series heads into its last two issues: We Are Robin #11 and #12.

We Are Robin #12 spoilers DC Rebirth 1

Interesting times ahead as well as all of Batman’s former sidekicks headline or will appear monthly or twice monthly as part of Rebirth.

Dick Grayson adopts his classic blue and black costume as Nightwing.

Nightwing #1

Jason Todd remains Red Hood and recruits Bizarro, from Superman lore, and Artemis from Wonder Woman lore, to be part of his new series Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 cover not released - This is Red and the Outlaws Rebirth #1 cover

Tim Drake as Red Robin is no longer on the Teen Titans, but part of an ensemble cast in Detective Comics. That cast includes Cassandra Cain as Orphan, Stephanie Brown as Spoiler and Clayface all led by Batman and Batwoman.

8. Detective Comics #934

Damian Wayne as Robin attempts to lead the Teen Titans and teams up with Superman’s son in Super Sons. Although that first arc of Super Sons appears to be inspired by the smash hit film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Teen Titans #1

Super Sons #1

Interesting times ahead.

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