WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for 04.04.2016: WWE Wrestlemania 32 Fallout, Roman Reigns Championship, John Cena Returns, Surprises


WWE has the HUGE post-Wrestlemania 32 edition of Monday Night Raw TONIGHT from Dallas Texas.

The Raw after Wrestlemania is always a major show, and this years appears to be poised to be a game changer.

WWE.com on things:
The Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania has always been simply historic. But, in the wake of a The Showcase of Immortals that truly turned WWE upside down, what will be in store for WWE’s Flagship show? WWE.com has some ideas.

The fallout from all parts of Wrestlemania will be felt on Raw.

Shane McMahon lost the match against the Undertaker for control of Raw, and has presumably been written out of the will and is no longer a son of Vince McMahon. However, since there could be additional documents in Shane’s lockbox, there could be another chapter in store. The next chapter in the McMahon family saga will unfold tonight on Raw.

Triple H, having lost the WWE World Heavyweight Title, will be furious along with his wife Stephanie McMahon. The next steps for the Authority will be on Raw tonight.

Perhaps the best part of Wrestlemania 32 was the elimination of the WWE Diva’s Title and Belt and the introduction of the new Women’s Title:

Tonight Charlotte will have a celebration of the new title belt, and the next challengers will be set up.

John Cena returned to WWE TV in a big way, helping The Rock fight off the Wyatts. Presumably Cena will be back on WWE TV full time, diving into a new program for Spring 2016.

One of the bigger surprises from Wrestlemania was the main roster debut of Baron Corbin, who ended up not only entering but WINNING the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.


Presumably this means Corbin will be moving immediately to the main roster permanently, and will make his WWE TV debut on Raw tonight.

Another big surprise at Wrestlemania 32 was Zack Ryder picking up the WWE Intercontinental Title match. His cinderella story will continue on Raw! Ryder posted a dream pic of himself with former IC champ Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon:

Dean Ambrose was essentially squased by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32, and also was beaten by HHH for the World Title at Roadblock a few weeks ago. With his bro – Roman Reigns – now the world champ, what is next for the Lunatic Fringe? Will this be enough to push him “over the edge” and have him turn to the dark side? Or will he brush it off and just go on his merry way?

Check out this great pic of Rusev and Shaq backstage:

WWE Five Points Preview:

  1. What does the future hold for Raw? what of Shane-O-Mac? Has the WWE Universe seen him for the last time?
  2. Who’s coming after the all-new WWE Women’s Championship? While Charlotte officially cemented herself as the first Superstar to carry that illustrious title, the big question now is: Who’s gonna step up to challenge her?
  3. Is John Cena returning to Raw? where will he choose to focus his pent-up aggression?
  4. How does Ambrose come back from the carnage? after suffering one of the most painful beatings of his career on The Grandest Stage of Them All, could the experience finally rein in the unhinged competitor? Or could it separate him even further from his senses?
  5. How long can WrestleMania’s Cinderella Man make the moment last? could there be a dark horse that ends up coming after Ryder?

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