10 Thoughts on Flaked – 7th

Well, after the revelations of yesterday’s episode, we were bound to get some fireworks this time around. And we did, though the narrative went in some directions we didn’t expect. Dennis and Chip are BFFs again after finding out about London’s chicanery, and Chip and Cooler try and convince Weiner and Kaufman (the real estate developer) to not buy his store. It was a weird, uneven, diverting episode.

Here are some thoughts.


1. So Dennis and Chip are back together

After George revealed London’s lies to Dennis in yesterday’s episode, Dennis has decided to be a better person and support Chip. He even makes him breakfast. It looks like all he needed was a shocking revelation about one of their close friends to stop being a dick. Except..

2. Dennis is still kind of a dick

When they sit down to eat, Dennis brings up London and how NOW it makes sense that she was constantly asking about Chip. He couldn’t seem to wrap his little pea brain around the idea that she might be into Chip (which of course she actually is). He just couldn’t resist rubbing it in Chip’s face because his shattered ego was at least partially repaired.

3. What is going on with London’s other life?

She keeps getting calls from what I assume is her fiancee, who just had some kind of reception that she was not a part of. I can’t nail down exactly what’s happening, so thank god the suspense will be over in the season finale tomorrow.


4. “You can’t blame other people for your own unhappiness.” Seriously?

This is a quote that Dennis gives to Kara, and then Kara gives to London. It seems a little hypocritical given that both of these characters couldn’t seem to give up their anger for the entire series.

5. Welp. Tilly’s gay

Chip goes to Weiner and Kaufman to talk to an A. Weiner, who is his ex-wife’s new lover. Who turns out to be a woman. Well, that’s a bit of a shocker. I don’t think any of us saw that one coming. Turns out she also hates Chip, which is understandable, given his history with her girlfriend.

6. Chip has become far more assertive

Somewhere around the fifteen minute mark, Chip starts making decisions and taking actions that are in no way, ahem, “flaky.” I don’t know where this Chip has been all season, but he might have made the season a little more bearable.

7. Although, why is he going deep throat?

He does insist on meeting Tilly and Weiner in a garage, wearing sunglasses. As if it were some kind of top secret meeting. I guess it makes sense, Chip is still kind of a dolt.

8. The tone shifts in this episode are crazy

One minute things are light and happy, the next Chip is walking down the street with sad music playing. The next it’s all celebration. This episode was an emotional rollercoaster, and not in a good way.


9. So Chip and London are back together

She doesn’t want anything from him. Just to be with him. That’s about as nuanced as it got. But isn’t she engaged? I guess that’ll be the season finale.

10. Oh boy, deus ex machina for the win

So Weiner and Kaufman pulled out. Why? Who cares! Our hero wins! Yaaaaaaaay!

Jeez, this show is badly written



Nice to see Dennis and Kara trying to be better people

That interesting Tilly revelation

– Crazy tone shifts

– Bad writing

– Deus ex machina


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