DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: What Is DC Rebirth Status Quo For Both The Pre-Flashpoint & The New 52 Superman In Action Comics #957 & Superman #1?

DC Comics’ Superman Family of titles gets the DC Rebirth treatment with twice monthly Action Comics series starting with Green Action Comics #957, returning to its classic numbering, and the twice monthly Superman starting with Superman #1; a Superman will also be in the twice monthly Justice League beginning in Justice League #1 as well as the monthly Trinity series, starting at #1, alongside Batman and Wonder Woman (full DC Rebirth checklist here).

Current Superman: Lois and Clark writer, who is also a classic Superman writer, Dan Jurgens takes the the helm of Action Comics starting with Action Comics #957 and revealed the status quo for both the pre-Flashpoint Superman and the New 52 Superman as DC Comics Rebirth begins.

Spoilers for DC Rebirth’s Superman Family follow.

Action Comics writer Dan Jurgen revealed something pretty interesting concerning both Supermen:

2. Action Comics #957

    Obviously we know from very recent DC history that [the New 52] Lois Lane revealed that [the New 52] Clark Kent and [the New 52] Superman are the same person to the entire world.

    When the Superman we’ve been seeing in Lois and Clark comes to Metropolis, they’ve been living here, in secret, from the pre-Flashpoint Universe, and that can’t possibly work for them.

    4. Superman Rebirth #1That being said they find themselves thrown headlong into a story where Doomsday has been released in Metropolis, and as this Superman goes to fight him, Clark Kent is there with no explanation whatsoever. The mystery is going to be, ‘How could this possible be happening?’ Right from the get-go, we’ve got two very different characters. We have Superman, and we have Clark Kent, and no one can understand how that’s possible.

And, while the pre-Flashpoint Superman takes the helm as lead Superman in Rebirth, with the New 52 version seemingly being his separate “Clark Kent beard”, the classic Supes is skeptical of the New 52’s Lex Luthor despite his recent stint with the Justice League.

3. Action Comics #958

    Lex has obviously been part of the Justice League for quite a while now, and he’s come off as kind of a reformed Lex Luthor. But that’s something that this Superman is never going to buy into. He’s seen Lex elected president, he’s seen him kill on his old world, so that’s not something he can accept. Lex has sensed a void in Metropolis, and he has declared himself ‘Superman,’ so just as we’re seeing that, him taking that role of being Metropolis’s chief protector someone else steps in, and that’s pre-Flashpoint Superman.

Interesting times ahead.

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