Pull List Roundtable 4/6/2016 – Black Panther #1, Rough Riders #1, Superman #51, Power Rangers #2, The Fix #1 & More (Spoilers)

Mike Maillaro

  • BLACK PANTHER #1 – I have seen Ta-Nehisi Coates on shows like Colbert and Daily Show, and he has some terrific insight on race relations in this country. I was actually really surprised to see that he would be working on a “lowly” medium like comics, so I have been looking forward to this one for a long time. Black Panther has a rich history in comics, and I am real curious to see what Coates will bring to the table here. Should be a real tent pole book for Marvel.
  • SPIDER-WOMEN ALPHA #1 – Marvel has a lot of crossovers going on at the moment with Avengers Standoff, Apocalypse Wars, and now Spider-Women. Though since Silk and Spider-Woman are two of my favorite books, I have no complaints about this one. The weak link here for me is Spider-Gwen who continues to just got of “be” on my pull list every month. It’s not bad, but it just isn’t as good as it’s hyped up to be.
  • ROUGH RIDERS #1 – Another new one from Aftershock. Teddy Roosevelt leads a motley crew to Cuba to solve a mystery that threatens all of existence. Harry Houdini, Annie Oakley, and Jack Johnson. This sounds like the historical icon version of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I love crazy books like this, so I definitely have to check it out.
  • GOLD KEY ALLIANCE #1 – The Gold Key characters came back to audience’s attention back when Valiant used Turok, Magnus, and Solar in the early 90’s. Over the years, Valiant has lost the rights to these characters, and various companies have tried to bring them back with very little success. Dynamite is giving it a swing this time teaming them all up together with other Gold Key characters like The Mighty Samson. Dynamite has managed to make a lot of great books over the last few years, and I keep hoping someone will make me care about Turok, Magnus, and Solar again, so I have to give this one a try.
  • EMPRESS #1 – Mark Millar has had a streak of great comics for Image lately. This one is actually part of his “Millarverse” publishing line, but coming out from Marvel, not Image. It really doesn’t matter to me who puts out comics, I just thought this was a little odd. To be honest, when I first heard the pitch for it, I thought it sounded like a spin-off of Waid’s Empire, but Millar has been putting out some really good books lately, so I will check it out.
  • BLOODLINES #1 – I am genuinely curious who in DC decided that it was real important to use the name Bloodlines again. Bloodlines was the theme for a year of annuals that came out that introduced a lot of new characters to the DC universe during an alien invasion. Most of these characters went nowhere (Marvel had done something similar around the same time with similar results), but I did like that DC was at least trying to put some new blood into their line. I am picking this one purely out of curiosity (and because I have some openings in my pull list now that Batman and Robin Eternal has ended).
  • STAR WARS: POE DAMERON #1 – Marvel has done a great job with their Star Wars books. I actually didn’t enjoyed Shattered Empire (the story of Poe’s parents) all that much, but I definitely want to know more about Poe Dameron. And this one is written by Charles Soule who I really enjoy.
  • MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #2 – I’ve really been enjoying this series, and sales seem to be doing well enough to justify a spinoff series for the Pink Ranger. Boom is doing such a great job with this that I hope they end up doing a Dino Charge series. I have really been enjoying the current Power Rangers series, and have been feeling real bummed out that it will be coming to an end soon. I keep hoping that the cast will stick around for next year’s Ninja Steel, but I know that is VERY unlikely.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE DARKSEID WAR SPECIAL #1 – I wonder if DC will manage to actually finish Darkseid War before DC Rebirth. I actually think the smart thing to do would be just to end Justice League at issue 50 or maybe 51 to give them an issue to deal with the Aftermath of Darkseid War since they didn’t seem to have any idea what to solicit for issue 52 anyway.
  • BLACK WIDOW #2 – The first issue was wall to wall action. Not quite what I expected from Black Widow and this creative team, but it worked so well. I can’t way to see what they do next!
  • SUPERMAN #51 – Truth ended up being the exact storyline DC needed to help New-52 Superman get closer a character I enjoy reading about. I do want to complain that it took 4 years to get here, but at least they did it. It’s not clear what his status is after DC Rebirth. Some people seem to be speculating that Pre-Flashpoint will be the “only” Clark Kent Superman, but I’m not so sure about that. I think there is definitely room for both of these characters now that they have tweaked New-52 some. Of course now that I say that, watch him get killed in Darkseid War.

John Babos

10 books this week spanning After Shock Comics, DC Comics, Dynamite and Valiant Entertainment. Sadly no Marvel, but I’m looking forward to the new Thunderbolts series and am enjoying their Squadron Supreme team book.

Anyhow, this week’s 10 book pulls are below.

  • Batman Beyond #11 – Will we see DC Rebirth’s Terry McGinnis return in the closing issues of Batman Beyond? This has been a great book on story and art. I’ll miss the older Tim Drake in Rebirth, but BB’s creative team continues on with Terry in the coming months.
  • Bloodlines #1 – I’m not sure what to make of this. I wad around for the original inspiration for this new series and the only memorable character that debuted then was Garth Ennis and John McCrea’s Hitman. I’ll get the first issue and see where this goes.
  • Gold Key Alliance #1 – Can Dynamite make the Gold Key heroes work as a team, figuratively and literally, where their solo series failed? I hope so. This mini-series looks promising.
  • Green Arrow #51 – Will the goatee emerge pre-Rebirth?
  • Harley Quinn & The Suicide Squad April Fool’s Special #1 – Entertaining train wreck ahead?
  • Justice League: Darkseid War Special #1 – I love the core team on Justice League with writer Geoff John’s and artist Jason Fabok. I’ve been entertained by this epic, but the one-shots have been hit and miss. Part of me also feels this Darkseid War has simply been too long. This new one-shot looks more promising that the character-based ones that came out months ago.
  • New Suicide Squad #19 – Looking forward to the Rebirth roster and will continue to enjoy the concluding issues of this series.
  • Ninjak #14 – The Shadowman arc continues!
  • Rough Riders #1 – After Shock Comics provides DC and Marvel Comics alumni writer Adam Glass and artist Pat Oliffe with a forum to release their alternate history, steampunk’ish & sci-fi’ish super-team. Looks like fun.
  • Superman #51 – Peter J. Tomasi’s “Super League” 8-issue arc begins. It will set the stage for the post DC Rebirth status quo including debuting the new Superwoman and having the New 52 Superman meet his pre-Flashpoint, older, married, and with son Superman.

Matt Graham

  • MMPR #2 – Boom! is doing good work with this series and it’s future plans.
  • Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad April Fool’s Special – I do like when Jim Lee returns to the comic pages. It’s Harley without Conner and Palmiotti, the movie fever is well into me by now.
  • Vampirella #2 – Liked the first issue, will continue.
  • Black Panther #1 – Most anticipated book of the week. I have been watching this brew for months.
  • Black Widow #2 – Hoping for some plot after the nonstop action of last issue, but even if it’s more action it’ll be quality storytelling given the writer and artist involved.
  • Scarlet Witch #5 – Story is picking up and unique in the MU. They need more of this sort of thing.
  • Spider-Women Alpha #1 – I already read Spider-Woman and Silk, two of the best books Marvel has, so I’m roped into this. Spider-Gwen never really spoke to me aside from the cool costume, and Marvel is throwing events out below and on top of this. I will not be jaded, though.
  • Uncanny X-Men #6 – Loving how this series is playing out.

James Fulton

  • The Black Panther #1 – I’ve been looking forward to this comic for years. T’Challa has long been a favourite character of mine, and although I had to give up on him during Reginald Hudlin’s terrible run, Jonathan Hickman brought him back to his former self in a few appearances in New Avengers. Now, he’s being given a new series written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, a journalist, writer, and activist I have respected for quite a while. I know that transferring writers from other media doesn’t always work well in the comics world, but Coates has a deep love for the character and an interesting perspective to take. His Twitter account has kept my anticipation building for some time now. Plus, this is being drawn by Brian Stelfreeze, so it’s going to look terrific too. The preview in this month’s issue of Atlantic (when has that ever happened before?) has got me super excited.
  • Empress #1 – I end up buying all the Millarworld titles, because he really can deliver a good story, although I don’t usually get all that excited about them. This time, though, Millar is joined by Stuart Immonen, and that means that this is going to be a very nice looking comic.
  • The Fix #1 – I loved The Superior Foes of Spider-Man when Marvel was putting it out, and this is by the same creative team, only without any kind of Marvel editorial constraints. I didn’t even bother reading the solicitation text; I know this is going to be good.
  • Star Wars: Poe Dameron #1 – Among the many things I didn’t like about The Force Awakens, one of them is the way in which we are supposed to believe that this schlubby guy from Brooklyn, Poe Dameron, is one of the galaxy’s greatest fighter pilots, simply because other characters keep telling us this. I saw no reason to care about this character in that film, but I’m thinking that Charles Soule has been given the opportunity to use him to fill in a lot of the plot holes and inconsistencies in that movie, and to help explain just what the hell was going on with The First Order, and why the Resistance was separate from the Republic. Also, along the way, to make us like this guy, perhaps. Even if he fails, I get to see more Phil Noto art, which always works for me.
  • The Wicked + The Divine #18 – I’m very happy to be getting some new Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, and am pleased to see this back on the schedule after its last hiatus.

Paul Miranda

    Terry Moore’s penultimate modern opus. I think I’ve been consistent in mentioning this but if not, here you go!!
  • HOUSE of MONTRESOR #3 (of 4)
    Edgar Allan Poe was such a tormented chap. That’s why his stories are superb!! He transferred that angst and dread on to the page. This original sequel to The Cask of Amontillado doesn’t disappoint.


  • DREAMING EAGLES #4 (of 6)
  • REPLICA #5
    I’ve been inconsistent in mentioning AfterSchock. I am reading all their titles even though I’ve fallen on the wayside giving them mad props. This month has three new titles all at $1.99. Sweet deal and an excellent way to attract new readers wink emoticon
    Brand-new company American Mythology Publications had their premiere title come out last week. For starters this month, Larry, Curly, and Moe continue their asinine antics. More film & TV properties to come this entire month!!
    BOOM! has a mega-explosive hit!!! It’s ridiculous the high prices given to the the zero issues. I couldn’t bother watching the multiple incarnations of the TV series but I’ll check out the flick when it comes out next year.
    Darby Pop delivers multiple fists of fury spotlight the world’s greatest martial artist.
  • BATGIRL #50
    Rebirth is two months away. The current creative team will be moving on to Image. Babs Tarr is confirmed for that. No matter. The other Babs (Gordon) is near and dear to my heart. It’s about time that this anniversary issue come out.
    Major marketing strategy will amount to massive sales. HQ takes top billing over SSQ in this one-shot. Unless you’re completely oblivious, this is to promote the upcoming motion pic. Humour is balanced with high stakes.
    Oh my goddesses!! I’m on needles and pins with this storyline. I’m waiting on the New Gods bursting forth to beat down the denizens of Apokolips. This one-shot unveils Grail’s nefarious plan.
    The unapologetic anti-hero continues his crazy crusade.
    Happy happy, joy joy!! After at least two, if not three postponements, my fave moment has arrived!! The Amazing Amazon will also have three other books this month. Grant Morrison cautiously crafted this tale having the utmost respect for Diana and her world. Yanick Paquette is a return visitor. Winning combo!!
  • 18 DAYS #10
  • INTERCEPTOR #4 (Adam Gorham cover)
    I’m all for supporting and plugging this Mississauga (my hometown) artist!! It’s an all-Canadian production!!
  • GRIZZLY SHARK #1 (of 3)
    A full decade before Sharknado seeped into public consciousness, there was this outrageous one-shot. Ryan Ottley returns with a frenzy!!
  • BLACK PANTHER {4th Series} #1
    T’Challa is back in the fold as well as his homeland!! This is the major buzz for this week and perhaps the entire month. Major accolades have been given to Ta-Nehisi Coates. Brian Stelfreeze is ready to rumble in the jungle. See what I did there? >_^
  • VISION #6
    Jessica Drew and Cindy Moon head to Gwen Stacy’s home turf (Earth-65). A major threat has brought these three together that only they can vanquish – Cindy’s evil dopplegänger and her organization S.I.L.K.!!
    One of the newest greatest breakout stars from The Force Awakens graduates to a monthly!! Most likely this is due to the little screen time he had versus the other two. Speculation abounds for this character. Charles Soule promises to peel back several layers.
    Scout Comics continues to chronicle Mary Posa’s shift from pathetic villainess (hence the name of the title) to burgeoning super-heroine!
  • NINJAK #14
    Roku makes a comeback in this brand new arc!! “The Siege of King’s Castle”! Looking forward to mystery, intrigue, and good old-fashioned conflict!
    One dollar comics is the best offer in today’s markets. These reprints may rise in price in the near future. Grab them if for no other reason than to preserve the original issues.