Jim Ross Advocates This Is The Perfect Spot To Turn Roman Reigns Heel, Talks Potential Harts vs Flairs Feud

Jim Ross had become a strong advocate for a Roman Reigns heel turn in recent days, here is what he had to say on the matter during an interview with Sports Illustrated Extra mustard:

“Reigns was a victim of timing and booking, but WWE really has the table set for a special heel turn. Unless WWE is hell bent on casting him as a hero, Reigns is posed for a big turn, possibly as soon as tonight. He would make a great heel champion.

 Unless he’s deaf, Reigns is aware that the fans do not respect him. So there is a very real and organic story to tell with WWE pulling the trigger on a heel turn. If the dots don’t connect on Raw, then that’s the fault of creative in WWE for lacking continuity. But from the perspective of a former booker, they’ve got Reigns in the perfect spot to pull the trigger and turn him into a red hot heel.”
Ross further elaborated on this during an interview with Wrestlezone Radio’s Nick Hausman:
“We will see where it goes. I think what they’ve done is set the table for a great heel turn. Certainly Roman Reigns has the goods. He has the title. He can certainly make a very valid and realistic point that, “I never needed you. I don’t need you now. I am the man whether you like it or not. I don’t care.” People will buy that and hopefully they would react in kind. I think the WWE is in a great spot to pull the trigger.”
During that same interview, Good Ol’ J. R. also shared his thought on a potential Harts vs Flairs feud:

“There’s an interesting storyline line there that’s plausible between the Flair family and the Hart family. It makes sense. You can believe that. I think it’s a neat idea and I think that the benefit of that will be some really good wrestling matches between Nattie and Charlotte.”

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