Lucha Underground S2 E11: Bird of War – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Fenix, Mantanza, Kobra Moon, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, Angelico & Many More!

Pentagon Cuetos LU S2E10

Hey Believers!  It’s that time of the week again – and as usual, there’s lots in store for tonight’s all-new episode of Lucha Underground!  As announced last week, the former and current Temple Proprietor, Dario Cueto, will hold the Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Championship Tournament tonight!  Dario’s brother and current Lucha Underground Champion, “The Monster” Matanza Cueto, will also defend his Championship once again, this time against Fenix, the former title holder before Aztec Warfare II. While it’s only been two weeks since Matanza claimed the title at Aztec Warfare, it’s still impressive how each match Matanza’s had so far since Aztec Warfare has involved defending his title.  LU doesn’t screw around.


Kobra Moon is also set to return to action tonight!  This will be her third match since arriving at the Temple.  That also looks like Ivelisse with her in the ring, so perhaps Kobra Moon will be participating in tag team action in tonight’s Tournament!  She’s certainly deserving of the chance.


Lucha Underground also recently posted a video package on social media with hints on which storylines will be featured tonight.  This included Matanza’s new feud with Pentagon Junior and Vampiro.  On last week’s main event, Matanza defended his Championship against Pentagon, with the end goal being to injure Pentagon (his back, specifically) so he may never wrestle again.  Matanza delivered many moves that target the opponents back, so lots of suplexes.  Matanza finished off Pentagon with Wrath of the Gods.

Matanza Pentagon LU S2E10

And not only did he brutally beat his opponent, but also slammed Pentagon into the announce table long after the match was over, and even attacked Vampiro when he entered the ring to Pentagon’s aid.

Matanza Pentagon Vampiro LU S2E10

Dario wanted Pentagon disabled in the same way Catrina wanted Fenix dead by King Cuerno’s hand a few episodes ago (because she wanted his body, in more ways than one).  So it would make sense if tonight’s main event match went along a similar route – Fenix fights Matanza for the title, but with the end goal being the death – or disabling – of Fenix.  That way, that limits the amount of contenders for the title and the Cuetos can continue their rule in the Temple.  But who would come to Fenix’s aid, in the way that Vampiro came for Pentagon?  Hard to say.  Rey Mysterio?  Lol, I don’t know.  But hopefully, this match isn’t another “Matanza squashes everybody” match that we’ve seen so far.  While he’s definitely a beast, that angle’s going to get stale.  Fenix getting a title run again would be interesting too, considering his last one was short-lived.

Joey Ryan Cortez LU S2

Also, in the video package LU uploaded earlier, it looks like we’re finally going to get more of the Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro storyline, in which they’re working undercover to go after Dario Cueto.  We haven’t seen this angle in a while, plus, well, JOEY RYAN FTW.  In conjunction with tonight’s main event, a Championship title change would make sense, if the Cuetos have to go on the run from the law once again.

Sexy Star Mariposa LU S2E10

We’re also getting even more of the Sexy Star and The Mack vs. Mariposa and Marty “The Moth” Martinez, which I’m MORE than okay with.  Last week’s promo with Marty and The Moth Family history was incredibly awesome.  While I still hate Marty’s perverted guts, it definitely added more depth to his character.  That was a really good choice to add that on Creative’s end.  It was also smart to add that depth shortly after Mariposa was introduced.  I wanted to more specifics about the Moths (how exactly is a new Mariposa born?!  It can’t be so simple as a new girl is born and boom, you’re Mariposa, so HOW?  Is their family tied to the prophecy that Aero Star, Rey Mysterio, and Dragon Azteca II are involved in?!  Ahhhhh…).  But I’m sure we’ll get the details in due time.

Mariposa Mack LU S2E10

Sexy Star and Mariposa’s match was awesome, even though it was brief and seemed to exist mainly to show off Mariposa’s skill set and further the story.  Mariposa’s finisher, The Butterfly Effect, was on the brutal side.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of her, and with the way the match ended with her kick to The Mack, we could very well be seeing Mack vs. Mariposa tonight.  But let’s hope we see a killer match alongside more story development.  Creative is definitely taking their time and letting this feud develop, since it’s been around since the season premiere in January.  Trust.

Dario Cueto LU S2E10

Only less than a half-hour until it’s go time!  Get psyched, Believers!  There’s lots of ground to cover in this episode.

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!

Ivelisse or Kobra Moon? Ack, tough decision…

Tonight is also the 50th episode of Lucha Underground!

8 P.M.  On the dot.

We get brief recaps of Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan’s case for Dario Cueto, Sexy Star and The Mack’s feud, and Pentagon Jr. vs. Matanza.

Promo: Dario Cueto and Vampiro
We’re backstage in the Temple bathroom.  Vampiro is here, and Dario Cueto approaches.  He uses Vampiro’s old wrestling name.  Cueto’s doing a lot of taunting.  Vampiro scoffs.  Dario admits that Matanza went too far in last week’s match.  They face off in the bathroom before Dario tells him that he’s practically the heart of the promotion, and he needs him for commentary tonight.

He can’t make the same mistake as Pentagon.  Vampiro looks in the mirror takes his medicine.

Promo: Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro
We’re in LA’s police office.  Dario Cueto’s back, and Cortez and Ryan’s boss isn’t happy.  She needs something that builds a case against Dario.  Ryan explains that he and Castro are in the tag team tournament tonight together.  This could be their chance.  Captain tells them to run along and don’t be late. She puts El Jefe’s picture on her bulletin board.  “Gotcha.”

We’re in the Temple now!  Ivelisse, one-third of the Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Champions, is in the ring with Kobra Moon!  A mix of boos and cheers for Kobra.

Singles Match: Tag Team Trios Champion Ivelisse vs. Kobra Moon
Here we go!  They create space.  Kobra is on all fours and backs away from Ivelisse.  Boos from the crowd. Hammerlock by Kobra!  Brief reversal.  Arm drag.  Ivelisse has Kobra Moon in an arm bar but Kobra gets out.  Ivelisse has her now.

Back to a hammerlock by Ivelisse.  Kobra has her legs around Ivelisse.  Pin, kick out.  Dragon’s Sleeper by Kobra.  You can also hear Kobra making “sss” sounds.  Great character!

Ivelisse throws Kobra twice, she’s cornered her.  Counter by Kobra!  Rope-assisted choke by Kobra! Impressive.  She kicks Ivelisse from the apron.  Ivelisse is down.  Pin, kick out by Ivelisse.  Kobra’s got Ivelisse cornered.  Ivelisse counters!  Modified tarantula by the ropes by Kobra!  Wow!  Illegal but enough to damage Ivelisse.

More locking through the ropes by Kobra.  She targets her neck.  Kobra has her in a lock in the middle of the ring now.  Ivelisse reverses!  Pin, kick out by Kobra.  Body scissors by Ivelisse. Kobra escapes.  Forearm shiver by Kobra to soften Ivelisse.  Leg sweep by Ivelisse.  Lots of applause throughout this match.

Ivelisse strikes Kobra repeatedly!  Kobra delivers some back!

Ivelisse has momentum!

Great kick by Ivelisse.  Suplex!  Pin by Ivelisse, kick out by Kobra.  Kobra’s going for a backslide!  Pin, kick out by Ivelisse. Cheering for Ivelisse.  Kobra ducks from Ivelisse’s kicks. Ivelisse has Kobra!

Pin, 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Ivelisse!

We cut to commercial!  The Tournament is up next!

We’re back!

Promo: Killshot
Who is Killshot? Well, he enlisted at a young age. Shipped overseas. A born killer. 36 clean kills.

He was on an elite squad. He was captured by the enemy but escaped, and found his way back home. We get an action scene of Killshot fighting his way out. He doesn’t know if his brothers made it out alive, but as far as the government goes, they never existed. Killshot is a man with no identity, no face, and nothing but a killer instinct – and hope that his brothers one day return.

Promo: Famous B
OMG, yes! More Famous B! That unmistakable music plays. He offers his services to Mascarita Sagrada!

Get Fame today!

Promo: Sexy Star and The Mack
The camera pans to the other side of the training room. Sexy is training. The Mack approaches and asks for her support tonight. She doesn’t want to. The laughs of The Moth and Mariposa haunt her.

She must escape.

We cut to commercial.

We’re back!  It’s time for the Tournament!

Joey Ryan comes out with Cortez Castro, accompanied by Mr. Cisco, the other half of The Crew.  Lots of cheers for Joey!

Mariposa, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, and The Mack come out next!  The Moths bask in the glory of the heat from the crowd.  Cheering for The Mack once he reaches the ring. Disdain for The Moth.

Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Tournament
Round 1: Joey Ryan and The Crew vs. The Moths and The Mack

Joey wants Mr. Cisco tagged in. Boos from the crowd.  Cisco and Mack face off. They shake hands and here they go! Leapfrog! Cisco’s down! Pin, kick out! Mack sends Cisco to the corner. Elbow gets him caught.

Mack is down, cheers fro Cisco! Arm drag! Lots of momentum from Cisco! Leg sweep by Cisco! Pin, kick out! Where has this Cisco been?!?! God damn! Lots of cheers for Mack for taking it.

They create space. Joey tags himself in! But Joey wants Mariposa! She’s tagged in. Lots of cheering! She slaps him! Face pound by Joey! Roman knuckle. She scales the top rope. Leg hook, pin, not enough. Momentum by Mariposa.

She walks on top of him to tag in her brother, Marty. Dropkick by Joey on Marty! Delicious.

Cortez Castro is tagged in! He grabs Marty’s head. Knee to the gut by Marty. Marty’s in the corner!

Some foot-to-face treatment to him by Cisco. Cover by Cisco. Kick out by Marty.

Cisco is on the top rope but Mariposa knocks him off. Cover by Marty, kick out. Marty slams Cisco. Teamwork by the Moths on Cisco!

Mariposa replaces Marty now. Sunset flip by Cisco! Dropkick by Mariposa! She’s on fireee. Marty is in now. Cisco needs a tag. Marty throws him and he’s down. Cover by Marty, kick out. Headlock. Wearing Cisco down.

Here comes Cortez! Shoulder to the gut from the apron. DDT by Cortez. Castro went to tag in Cisco but Ryan tags in himself! The Mack is in! He’s on the move! Flying European uppercut! Bodyslam! Leg drop by Mack! Cover, kick out by Joey! Joey’s in the corner and he kicks Mack! Samoan Drop by Mack! Moonsault! Cisco and Cortez intervene!

They’re all fighting outside the ring now! Mack goes to jump on everyone, but Mariposa stops him! He pushes her and Mack gets his revenge!

Everyone’s down but The Mack!

He shoves Joey in the ring and prepares for a Stunner, but Marty tags himself in! They fight each other, exchanging strikes!

Cisco and Cortez take advantage and Marty’s down!

Joey comes in and pins Marty! They’ve got it!

Winners: Joey Ryan and The Crew!

They celebrate. Joey’s enjoying it, for sure.

but Mariposa beats on Mack! Sexy Star comes out to his aid! Cheers for Sexy Star!

Sexy and Mariposa face off! Sexy strikes Mariposa repeatedly!

She throws Mariposa left and right! She stands on Mariposa’s neck! Mariposa is getting beaten to a pulp! Mariposa escapes with the help of her brother. The Mack joins Sexy and the crowd cheers.

We cut to commercial! Next, Fenix and “The Monster” Matanza Cueto fight in the main event!

We’re back!

Promo: Dragon Azteca II and Rey Mysterio
The two sit outside in Boyle Heights. Mysterio tells Azteca he should be proud and fight for his tribe. The prize of Lucha Underground isn’t what matters right now. They’re in the Tournament next week with Prince Puma.

Next week, they fight together. Damn right, they do. They stand on top of the Temple in the LA night.

We’re back in Temple! Here comes Fenix! Lots of cheers for him. He was one of eight fighters Matanza defeated at Aztec Warfare II, but the Fenix always rises.

We cut to commercial! The main event is next!

We’re back! It’s time!

Main Event: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto (c) vs. Fenix

El Jefe told Matanza to cut Fenix’s wings. Now, Matanza pushes Fenix. Fenix comes back quickly and holds him behind. Kick to the gut to the Monster. The Monster blocks Fenix’s kick.

Momentum on the ropes. Matanza grabs Fenix and repeatedly slams his head into the ring. Fenix is cornered now.

He’s down. Matanza sends him away but Fenix comes back. He kicks the Monster, but he suplexes him into the turnbuckle! Ouch! He kicks Fenix repeatedly while he’s down!

Dario enjoys it from outside the ring. Matanza drags Fenix by his mask. Fenix is sent in but holds on to the ropes. Kicks from Fenix do nothing. Matanza is caught in the ropes and has a moment! Fenix jumps from the ropes but he’s caught. He does it again. Handspring, catch, then a suplex by Matanza. He almost breaks the ring.

Fenix leaves the ring but Matanza grabs him.

Fenix jumps over the ropes, still in his opponent’s grasp. He’s in the corner, goes for a dropkick, but Matanza dodges. “Remember mother!” cries Dario. Wow, chilling…

Fenix kicks Matanza from the apron! He jumps from it but he’s caught and thrown to the ground by Matanza! The Temple shakes! Matanza punches Fenix while he’s down. The referees are told by Dario to hold back.

They’re back in the ring. “Let’s go, Fenix!” cheers. Wrath of the Gods by Matanza! Matanza has Fenix down! Pin, 1, 2, 3.

Winner and still Lucha Underground Champion: Matanza!

But he continues to beat on Fenix!

Dario calls to Matanza. He watches. The referee tells Matanza to stop, but Dario tells him to shut up or he’s fired!

Catrina appears in the balcony! “Stop!” she says! Mil Muertes appears and attacks Matanza!

But Matanza escapes with his brother! Mil saved Fenix! Striker freaks out and wonders Mil and Catrina’s motives. Fenix struggles to get up in the ring, and he looks at Catrina in the balcony. She exchanges a stare with him before leaving with Mil…

Good night, Believers! Catch the episode replay next!

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