Bray Wyatt talks Original WrestleMania 32 Plans, Luke Harper’s Injury, WWE Not Knowing How To Use The Wyatt’s

WWE star Bray Wyatt recently appeared on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and talekd freely about a variety of subjects. here are some highlights:

On original WrestleMania 32 plans:

“Me and Brock Lesnar are going to meet. And this is the only way I can put this, me and Brock Lesnar will meet down the line. It will mean something and I’m going to give him my soul and my body, and, hopefully, he doesn’t kill me, but if he does, then, so be it. That’s as much as I can give there. I’ve been beaten up quite a bit this past year. We all have. It [has] been a rough year as far as the curse of the injury, but I’m still ticking, barely, but I’m still here. I’m still alive.”

 On Luke Harper’s injury:
“Without him it’s so weird because it [has] never been without him. He’s my captain. It was mine and his before Rowan and Braun were ever involved. And it’s going to be hard. But a soldier falls and drops his flag, the next soldier comes by, picks it up. Hopefully, we’ll get more Wyatts. They can’t replace Harper. That’s impossible, but just an army of Wyatts. We never need to have any titles. We never need to feud with anyone. We should just come out every show, just 20 Wyatts and just mutilate someone for no reason because that’s who we are.”

On people believing WWE doesn’t know how to use The Wyatt Family properly:

“I don’t think, when we set out and finally got the call up, I don’t know if they really understood what they had. Like, we knew the NXT crowd had responded so well to us and they kind of like attached themselves to us and when we came up here we, never in a million years, thought it was going to explode the way it did. And it did. It exploded. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it was just that kind of thing, the right place at the right time. And we were so different, man. We were so different that I don’t think the company knew even how to use us. ‘What are these things?’ Like, we were so different and in the promos [and] so different in the way we looked and how we moved. We were big and we would fly and do all this crazy stuff. Like, I don’t think anyone expected us to be so complete. And they still don’t know how to use what we are.”

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