Late Thoughts on WWE Wrestlemania 32 From CH Punk: Where’s Repo Man At?

Hey jerks, I’m having health issues, so that’s why I’m not around. It sucks, I’ve been infirmed for about 10 years now. If I was healthy, I could’ve been a nobody drug addicted wrestler, facing statutory rape charges. Dream big guys.

I was pleasantly surprised with Mania. I really didn’t expect Ryder’s win. I didn’t expect the main event to have zero hijinks and run-ins, except for Steph. Good to see Mortal Kombat is still Hunter’s favorite video game. I noticed Roman got okay crowd heat. Better than last year. I was then told that WWE piped in the Roman chants, and that the crowd took a shit all over Roman, and it could be heard on the original broadcast.

Hopefully the Authority is done, they can just play match maker, playa? They’re really not needed. Just let Mick Foley act as GM or something.

I enjoyed The Rock’s antics, but Rock is one of my faves. Just watch him after Survivor Series’ 97. His greatness beamed.

Baron Corbin’s win was cool. I assumed Mark Henry was going to win. I also assumed the whole battle royale would be scraped, or end up on the pre-show. I know, my predictions were wrong, and I suck.