Big Show Defends John Cena’s Position in WWE



Big Show recently appeared on The Steve Austin Show (transcript ), and spoke about John Cena and the narrative that he hold talent down. Here is some of that conversation…

Steve Austin: “If you get on the internet, there [are] so many people that say, ‘oh, when is Cena going to finally put somebody over? When is Cena going to stop holding everybody down?’ Cena’s gone! Seth Rollins is gone. Cesaro kept trying and he was almost there, he almost makes it, and he gets back down. I love that guy. Neville got hurt. He’s a dynamic guy. He’s going to be good. He’s a veteran in the [professional wrestling] business. Luke Harper I love. But anyways, all those guys were all gone. Randy Orton, a tried and true veteran, second or third generation. He’d never hold anybody back.” Austin continued, “but my point is, nobody is holding [anybody] down here because if there was ever an opportunity to shine, it’s right now with five spots on the roster open.”

Big Show: “That’s such bulls–t anyway, Steve. When people say that, it’s a smart mark on a couch trying to be a wrestling coach. That’s not the way this business works. This business is about opportunity. You’re given opportunity. Everybody has an opportunity. John Cena’s on top for as long as he [has] been on top because, the cat, you can’t catch him. He outworks everybody around. He’s in shape. He has a look. He cuts the best promos. He represents the company well whenever he does it. He’s a tried and true guy who puts asses in seats. I’m sorry, I want John Cena on the show, just like when you were working, I wanted ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin on the show. I wanted [The] Rock on the show because I knew there were going to be asses in the seats and I was going to make a good payday. John Cena doesn’t hold anybody down. John Cena has made more stars since he has gotten in the ring, made more stars. That’s the thing people don’t understand. Being champion isn’t about winning. When you get that strap, nine times out of 10, everything is on your head. You’ve got to fill asses in seats, keep ratings up, and you’re there to get other guys over. You know, when you’re the champ, that’s the whole deal. You’re trying to get other talent up to your level and get them over.”