Jim Ross Blog: Enzo & Cass, Baron Corbin, WWE Possibly Signing Bobby Roode & Eric Young, Thoughts on Blackjack Mulligan


Jim Ross had a new weekend blog, here are some highlights

on Blackjack Mulligan
Saddened to hear of the passing of Bobby Jack Windham aka Blackjack Mulligan who left us at age 73 this past week. Hard to argue that there was ever a more athletic, big man as in the super heavyweight category than was Blackjack Mulligan. He was a massive, main event star in every territory that he wrestled including the AWA, WWWF, and the NWA. I loved the story of Bear Bryant and Bum Phillips, two of the most famous American football coaches ever, diligently recruiting Blackjack when he was a high school football player. I only worked with Blackjack for a brief while when he was WCW booker George Scott’s assistant in Atlanta. The stories of how legit tough Mulligan was are the stuff of legend…and they are true.

on Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy
Happy to see Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy being so well received in WWE after being called up after Wrestlemania. I enjoy this entertaining duo a great deal and hope that they can help ignite a tag team division that needs some assistance. Seems as if most WWE fans will embrace the tag teams if they are made to mean more which isn’t that difficult to do. For many younger fans, a hot tag team scene would be something new for them to emotionally invest.

on Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin has the opportunity of a life time after winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania in Texas. Now it’s up to the big athlete that WWE covets to process all the information that he’s provided and turn that knowledge and coaching into a strong in ring presentation. He’s a proven athlete and now it’s up to him to maximize his minutes of which I hope that he succeeds.

on Bobby Roode
WWE is smart to be looking ot sign Bobby Roode who I feel is one of the best in ring hands in the biz. Hiring Eric Young would be a nice ‘get’ too. Both can perform with any talent no matter that talent’s skill set. Young talents cannot improve working regularly with people of the same skill set or less than them.

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