WWE Monday Night Raw Live Coverage & Results 04.11.2016 (Shane McMahon, Roman Reigns, Dr. Phil, AJ Styles)


We are going to be LIVE tonight with Raw which is coming to us from the Staples Center in Los Angeles tonight!  With all the new arrivals last week, how will this week fare?



We are LIVE from Los Angeles, California!

Your hosts are JBL, Michael Cole and Byron “The Life of the Party” Saxton

I just noticed before we start that the tag on the bottom of the screen says “Guest Starring Dr. Phil.”


We open with a tribute image to Blackjack Mulligan.


Shane McMahon is out as he is our showrunner again for the night as announced by WWE’s Twitter announced earlier today.  Social Media Works, People!

Shane says it feels good to be out there.  “Shane O’Mac” chant starts.  His dad let him run Monday Night RAW for his own personal amusement.  He must be very amused because he is back tonight.  But credit where credit is due.  It’s everyone in the WWE Universe that brought him back.  “Thank you, Shane” chant.  So let’s keep rolling to where we have New Superstars, New Matchups.  Natalya has challenged Charlotte for the Women’s Championship!  Tag Team Tournament starts today for New Day’s titles!  He congratulates AJ for winning last week, who by winning, will take on Roman Reigns.  HUGE Boos for the crowd.  Sami Zayn will get another opportunity tonight.  He will compete against AJ Styles tonight.  And if Sami wins, then he gets a Triple Threat in three weeks at Payback!  Crowd is confused before a “Yes” chant takes over.

We then hear KO’s theme start and out comes Kevin with a Mic.  He stands at the top of the ramp.  With all due respect, it’s a good thing that this is the last day in charge for Shane, because he must have knocked a few screws loose when jumping off the cage by giving Sami Zayn a chance.  He says he is getting screwed.  Shane says that it is Owens that screwed Zayn.  He had his opportunity, and he lost.   Just like he lost at Wrestlemania.  Owens stops him and says he never lost.  Just like he was never pinned last week.  It’s not fair!  He is now demanding a rematch since he is ready for the Intercontinental Title!  Shane says he hasn’t earned it.  But he can, by defeating one guy.  And that man has been seen running up and down the back.  So this is a number one contender match where he will face…Cesaro!  Since he is ready, Shane is ready, so since Owens is ready, let’s go!  Shane’s music hits as he exits the ring.  Owens is livid as Cesaro’s music hits.

THEY HAVE ADDED A BOND INTRO TO THE SUIT RIPOFF.  It is on!  New Shirt is on under the suit.  He stands with the Cesaro section in the front row as we head to..


Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens #1 Contender Match for the IC Title

We start off with Owens ducking into the ropes as Cesaro charges.  They break up and into a lockup, trading control as Cesaro moves to mat wrestle against Owens as KO slips out of the ring.  Owens takes the count to five before getting back in.  Lockup again leads to a headlock for Owens, reversed into one by Cesaro with a takedown.  Owens fights out, getting back into a headlock.  “I HAVE THE BEST HEADLOCK!  I AM THE HEADLOCK MASTER!” says Owens.  Great!  Cesaro moves into a series of headlocks as Owens is frustrated and exits again.  He knocks JBLs hat off, then picks it up again.  “I’m sorry John, I over reacted.”  He gets back in, giving a few shots to Cesaro before Cesaro takes control again.  Owens ducks to attack Cesaro at the ropes, working the shoulder that is taped up.

They transfer outside where Owens throws Cesaro into the ringpost.  Back in the go as Owens continues to work the shoulder with kicks and knees.  He then goes for a pin that only gets one.  Owens goes to an arm lock now on Cesaro.  Cesaro fights up, throwing forearms at Owens before his arm gets twisted and he is back on the mat for another arm lock.  Cesaro takes a bit longer to get back up, starting to throw forearms again, but gets a few shots to his shoulder.  He throws Owens into the corner for an uppercut, hurting his shoulder.  Owens comes back, trying to counter, but gets caught by Cesaro who sends him turnbuckle to turnbuckle for uppercuts before a dropkick gets him a pin attempt for two.

Cesaro tried to go for the swing, but Owens powers out.  Owens then rolled up for two before Owens sends Cesaro into the pole through the ropes to attack the shoulder again.  Cesaro is out on the outside as we go to…


We are back in the ring as it seems that both men are out of it.  And we see why with a gut wrench suplex from the top by Cesaro.  Owens is back up first as he fights with forearms to Cesaro.  Cesaro with an uppercut.  Owens kicks, Cesaro with another round of uppercuts.  Owens blocks the swing but gets stomped for his efforts.  Pin attempt for two on Owens.  Cesaro keeps selling that elbow as both men stagger to their feet.  Cesaro thrown to the ropes, flipping over and meeting Owens with a boot.  Cesaro from the top rope which leads to Owens taking him down for a crossface!  In the middle of the ring, he is trapped for a moment, but is fighting out by going for a pin.  Owens is reversed into the Sharpshooter!  Tribute to Kidd!  Cesaro is forced to break as Owens hits the ropes.  We look at the Miz with one expression on his face as Owens gives a superkick to Cesaro!  Frog splash from the top to Cesaro gets him 2.7432.  Both men are out for a minute again as Owens gets up first.  “I’m awesome, and it’s over!”  He goes for the Pop Up powerbomb but gets a spinning uppercut from Cesaro!  Cesaro signals for the swing as Owens gets it for a few times before the shoulder stops him.  He goes for Owens but is pulled down into the turnbuckle.  Goes for the Pop up Powerbomb!  Reversed and Cesaro sets up Owens for the Neutralizer and hits it!  Three count!

Winner and #1 Contender for the IC Title: Cesaro

Very good match with great wrestling from the both of them and nice selling from Cesaro of the shoulder.  Cesaro celebrates out in the crowd as Miz watches from the back.

We get sent back to last week on Raw as they present the new Women’s Title to Charlotte as she runs down all the “divas.”  They then leave her in the ring as Natalya brings up a family fight.

In the back as Charlotte wonders why she is always the victim.  She should be on Legends with JBL instead of being in a match tonight.  Flair runs down Shane.  And OH GOD here is Dr. Phil who gets boos out in the arena.  He says that they are hard working, committed and have had a great rise to the top.  But he sees Ric as holding back Charlotte.  He is getting in her way to be herself.  What is the deal with letting him drag you down.  She needs to stand on her own two feet instead of leaning on Ric.  She threatens him but Phil keeps going.  Flair goes to WOO at Dr. Phil, but is beat to the punch several times.

Now backstage with Owens talking about how he was screwed by Shane McMahon.  With all due respect, what happens to Sami Zayn is on his head.  But Shane won’t allow it as he is having Owens escorted out!



It is in fact a New Day, yes it is.  Full Size Francesca is back!  There are so many teams that want the same thing according to Xavier.  To get a piece of the WWE Tag Team Champions!  But who is worthy of them?  Who?  So, say goodbye to March Sadness, and say hello to the #1 Contender Tag Team Tournament.  And the brackets are in the style of the New Day graphics.  Amazing.  Truly amazing.  In a moment that will live forever on the WWE Network, one of these teams will have a chance at New Day.  Will any of them succeed?  NAH.  But it will be fun to see them try!  And the dancing starts complete with what appears to be Xavier humping a rope.  Our champs.

Lucha Dragons are first out as Kevin Dunn completely misses Sin Cara’s entrance.  He seems drunk as more shots are missed.  They will take on the Dudleyz…NEXT.


Tag Team #1 Contender Tourney Round 1: The Dudleyz vs. Lucha Dragons

And somehow when we come back, Kalisto is on the ground and the Dudleys are in the ring.  Don’t know what happened, but D’Von comes back and pulls Sin Cara in.  Kalisto was thrown out during the break and was followed by a clothesline from D’Von.  Kalisto still out as we go forth with Sin Cara and D’Von.  Absolute control by D’Von as they trash talk Sin Cara.  Sin Cara starts to fight back, but eats a forearm for his trouble.  It looks like Kalisto’s shoulder is the problem as Bubba continues to control the other Dragon in the ring.  A tag back to D’Von as Sin Cara fights back, gets a cross body off the second rope!  Back to the ropes by D’Von and Kalisto hits an elbow from the second rope.  Sin Cara starts to build as he gets a pin attempt for two.  Sin Cara botches the 3D setup so they have to do it again and they end up winning the tournament.  Sloppy, terrible wrestling with a might be story of Kalisto injured on the outside.  Hope he is alright.

Winners: Dudleys

We then get Enzo and Cass back out to cheers from the crowd!  JBL says Enzo is going to have a heart attack.  We get the full intro again from them so the crowd can go nuts with them.  Though there is less chanting as we are out of range of the crowd we had last week.

Bubba says they are doing just fine.  But they need to shut their mouths.  They are young punks and Bubba and D’Von are the Dudley Boys.  They paved the way for teams like Enzo and Cass.  D’Von says the only reason they exist is because of Dudleys.  Enzo says the only reason that he exists is because his mom and dad got it onhowyoudoin’?  Cass says if they paved the way, they need to stand back.  They need to put on a hard hat and vest because there is only one word to describe them.  SAWFT.  Nice segment to save the moment.

Then they show Roman Reigns and all that niceness in the crowd goes away as we go to…


They tout being from LA as they come back to Owens is being escorted out in the back.

Back to the arena as the BOOOS come strong for Roman Reigns.  Seems like it isn’t just an isolated thing.  He holds up the belt and gets more BOOOS.  Lilian says his name and draws BOOOS.  I’m seeing a pattern.  We flash back to Wrestlemania to the long drawn out match that was the inevitable.  The sledgehammer is patented.  Huh.

Reigns with a mic.  His music fades out to BOOOS.  Let him start off by saying this, LA.  He is however, stopped by more BOOOS.  It’s all good because he isn’t a good guy, he’s not a bad guy, he’s THE Guy.  And at Payback, he is defending his title against AJ Styles.  Unless he loses tonight, then it will be a Triple Threat.  Wait, what?  He is then interrupted by the League of Nations.  Sheamus says that Roman is very confident.  And that’s good.  But how’s this?  How confident would he be if he had to face one of them at Payback?  He says Roman should be nervous.  Last week they kicked out the weakest link in King Barrett.  None of them are happy about being left out.  Rusev says that he is the Guy?  That is good, because Rusev is the man.  Bigger, stronger and more handsome.  He should be the face of the WWE.  Roman says he is the ass of the WWE.  BOOOS.  Alberto says that any one of them could kick his ass for the title.  Crowd with “Si” chants.  Roman agrees and says that all three should come down to get their asses whupped.  They come down but are interuppted by Wyatt Family who appear in the ring.  They fight off the League with Roman behind them as the Wyatts stand tall.  They turn to Roman now and face off.

Shane comes out and says to hold on.  He never thought he would see the Wyatts fight side by side with Reigns.  So two members of the League will take on Roman and Bray.  Excuse me, what?  I…what?




They tout the Zayn and Styles before announcing that the Women’s match is next.  Wait.  They were all down there and they didn’t start it now?

The first commercial is touting Nakamura and I couldn’t want to watch it more.


We get a promo from Epico and Primo as they talk about Puerto Rico as if a tourist destination.  Interesting.

And here comes…Dr. Phil.  I guess.

He’s the host tonight?  What does that make Shane McMahon?  Chopped liver?  Why is he here?

Here comes Natalya to the ring next as we get ready for Championship action.

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte (c) vs. Natalya

Man it feels good to put that as the name of the championship.   Charlotte wearing the jacket she wore to Wrestlemania again.  And we are interviewing Dr. Phil.  Why?  WHAT IS GOING ON TONIGHT?

The women get the full Championship treatment in the introductions.  NICE.  Also nice to see Natalya breaking into the scene again after being stuck with Divas for so long.

Bell rings and here we go.  Charlotte hits the ropes to Woo at Natalya.  They then lock up in the center of the ring, trading holds on the mat with some nice back and forth.  They break and then head back to the lockup.  Natalya wraps Charlotte’s leg and takes her down, Charlotte having to kick her off before she can weaken the leg for the Sharpshooter.  Natalya gets up onto a move before it gets turned into a spinebuster by Charlotte.  Natalya with an armbar before Naitch helps her to the ropes.  Charlotte retreats for a bit before coming back in, trying to land a kick that is caught by Natalya, sending her to the mat.  Quick action sends her over a seated Charlotte before a kick forces Charlotte to roll out again.  Charlotte back in with a chop, into a neckbreaker before Charlotte kips up.  Charlotte brings down her knee pad to give a few knees to the head of Natalya on the ground before trying to pin, only getting two.


Charlotte in control as we come back, the headlock with her legs and slamming her head into the mat, followed by the flips from Charlotte.  Vintage?  Natalya breaks out to get the armbar again as they wrestle awkwardly on the mat, Charlotte getting her in the Figure Four.  Reversed by Natalya before Charlotte is forced to break it at the ropes.  Charlotte takes down Natalya as she puts her in the Sharpshooter!  Natalya fights out with a reversal, but still looking very out of it.  Charlotte brings her up for a chop which angers Natalya, getting a few chops in herself before a German sends Charlotte flying.  Continued control as Natalya starts to get the Sharpshooter set, Charlotte fighting out and giving a big boot to Natalya that gives her two.  Two more pin attempts get nothing.  Flair cheers her on as she gets up, pulling Natalya up for a suplex.  Back up and she steps on Natalya to the top rope.  Moonsault and no one home!  Natalya gets up for the Sharpshooter!  Middle of the ring!  Flair tries to get in, instead pulling out the ref who calls for the bell as Charlotte taps!  Charlotte looks worried until it is announced via DQ.  Charlotte is still champ.

Winner Via DQ: Natalya

And we get some useless babble from Dr. Phil.  Surprised that they let someone named Phil on.  ZING

We go back to last week to the attack on Sami Zayn by Kevin Owens that led to him being kicked out tonight.  So we get the interview that we were denied as we are brought with the stipulations again, is he ready after last week?  Zayn says he is ready and has been working forever to get here.  Owens tried to take it away from him.  That a powerbomb would take it away.  But he has heart and soul, and not a table or Owens can take it away.  AJ is here as he agrees.  Zayn and he were both fighting together in the indies and he has respect for him.  But he is the only number one contender.

We go back to ringside as The Usos enter the ring with our next match in the #1 Contender Tournament.


We are back with the Outcasts in the ring with the Usos!

Tag Team #1 Contender Tourney Round 1: The Usos vs. Axel and Slater (Social Outcasts)

Usos gain control, getting Curtis into the corner for a few shots, Axel trying to whip him out, but getting nowhere and dragged back to the Usos corner.  Tag there as Axel finally gets a bit of control, taking down Jay for long enough to get the tag to Slater.  A few kicks and a taunt to Jimmy.  Back to the corner for more kicks there as Jay is very isolated in that opposing corner.  Axel back in with a foot to the face, Slater attacking as he is pulled off.  They get back to the center of the ring with a headlock to Jay by Axel.  Jimmy tries to start the crowd clapping as Jay powers up, hits the rope and eats a kick from Axel.  Slater tagged in and gives a running dropkick to Jay in the corner.  Pin for two.  Slater hits Jay into the ropes as Axel is tagged back in again.  A bit of a choke before he tags Slater back in.  Jay tries to get away before eating a kick from Slater.  And Bo calls for a Bo Train.  This…doesn’t seem wise.  Indeed, Jimmy tags back in and rolls up the legal Slater for the win.

As the Usos celebrate, ANDERSON AND GALLOWS!  We have a debut of the other two from NJPW!  They go about destroying the Usos as the half the crowd goes nuts.  The other half doesn’t know them.  “Bullet Club” chant tries to start up.  The refs come out to stop them and chase them back out into the crowd as it has a slight invasion feel to it.  VERY nice debut!  Oh…and..

Winners: The Usos

Even though it doesn’t look like it.


We come back to a replay of Gallows and Anderson’s debut.  They are calling him Luke Gallows instead of Doc.  But they are name dropping NJPW and the IWGP titles.  WOW.  Never thought I would hear that.

We also get a flashback to the earlier Owens match vs. Cesaro.  Backstage with the Miz now.  Maryse is mad that there are blue M&Ms in the bowl as his contract says that they shouldn’t be there.  And his water should be imported European water.  All while the Miz sits back with cucumbers on his eyes.  Jojo comes in to try to talk to the Miz as Maryse attacks her again.  Miz says the only crime is that Zach Ryder and Cesaro were used in the same sentence as his name.  He touts his car and his lifestyle.  Then takes three takes to try to say that he is the Kryptonite to the Swiss Superman.  Cesaro is there though and he says he just wanted to see his competition, and says that he will roll out his red carpet of uppercuts just for him.  Miz is upset and goes to drink some water before Maryse slaps it out of his hand saying it is domestic, Miz doing a spittake.

We go back to the ring as AJ Styles makes his entrance to the ring for his match against Sami Zayn!  What a day we live in with the WWE…


Back and Zayn makes his entrance to the ring as he gets some Superman symbols on his entrancetron.  Wait….what?  Cesaro?

Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles

Crowd awkwardly tries to chant the theme.  “Ole” chant follows.  The two go to a test of strength to begin.  AJ kicks to escape, then they trade arm locks until AJ locks up Zayn to the mat.  Zayn fights back up, getting put back in the arm bar, fighting out for a flip, back up, lockup, Zayn gets Styles into a head scissors, then back to a standoff to a cheer.  Zayn takes down AJ for a roll up for one.  Another for one and they are back up to neutral again.  Lockup once more as Zayn locks onto the left arm of AJ Styles.  AJ rolls out of it, putting it on Zayn.  Zayn rolls out and reverses again, this time with a knee to AJ’s neck to hold him down.  They work up to a lockup.  Zayn into the ropes and dodges AJ for some hip tosses and back into the armbar goes AJ.  AJ fights up and backs Zayn into the corner to break it.  Another faceoff.  This crowd is SO not the crowd for this.  Another lockup as Zayn gets the armbar.  AJ with a roll out and hip toss, trying for a pin and getting two.  Another lockup in the corner forces a break before Zayn CHOPS Styles.  One more lock up with a headlock on AJ by Zayn.  Zayn sent to the ropes, leapfrog, then a dropkick by Styles!  AJ brings him back up, sending him to a turnbuckle for a CHOP of his own.  Then a forearm as they walk to the next turnbuckle.  AJ locks up Zayn and hits a suplex, getting him a one count.  AJ brings Zayn into a sitting submission.  Zayn fights out only to eat an elbow from AJ as it sends him out of the ring.  Zayn dodges a jump over the top.  AJ lands on the apron and Zayn charges only to eat a sliding knee from AJ.  It gets him two.  They get back into the middle of the ring and trade control, finally Zayn sending him out of the ring.  Zayn gets froggy and FLIES out into AJ, straight into a…


We are back with AJ sitting on the mat with Zayn in a headlock.  They are told they are back and Zayn starts to fight out!  Zayn fight back before being the victim of quick strikes.  A knee from AJ leads to Zayn retreating to a corner, getting splashed and I lose track until a pin at two.  An impressive fireman carry into a knee to the neck gets two.  AJ sets up for the Styles clash by Zayn blocks.  He tries the flip up before Zayn jumps out and goes for a roll up, nearly getting three.  Zayn goes to the corner and fights off AJ to get a cross body for two.

Zayn goes back for AJ as he catches him, Zayn still getting control back, running to the corner ropes with the armbar for a DDT, but only gets two again.  Zayn tries to wrap up Styles but eats a Pele Kick from AJ.  AJ goes out of the ring to get composed but comes back only to eat a Blue Thunder Bomb for two!  AJ is stunned physically and so is Zayn mentally!  Zayn tries to capitalize but gets rolled into the Calf Crusher!  Zayn teases a tap but fights for the rope, getting it at the last second!  AJ gets back up, pulling Zayn out and going to the top rope.  Zayn gets up and throws a forearm!  Tries to set up the suplex, but gets countered into a sunset flip, but Zayn lands on his feet, knocking AJ down!  Tries for the helluva kick in the corner but gets knocked back, getting hit with the Phenomenal Forearm and gets the three with it!  GREAT match!

Winner: AJ Styles (Remains only #1 Contender)

Styles celebrates as Cole brings up points that back up that the tag match is a weird choice.  WHY?  Jericho is walking backstage!  He has a special guest on the Highlight Reel, next!


Seth Green is in the arena as they tout Camp WWE.  It looks…interesting?  They go back to Zayn and Styles and they can show me a recap of this every day of the week.

They are in the back as AJ consoles Zayn and Shane comes in to say that this is what we do and that the match was AWESOME.  As it was.  Zayn and AJ shake hands.  The commentary tout both men and I just saw a pig fly.

Jericho interrupts with his pyro and comes out to have us a…


The Heavily Discounted JERITRON 5000 sits in the back as we start off with Jericho telling them to shut their damn mouths and listen to what he has to say.  Yeah, shut up because tonight is a monumental night.  The biggest Highlight Reel of all time as he has the greatest Superstar ever tonight.  Wonder who that is?  His guest is him.  He stands proud as he says that they are going to learn more about him than ever before so they can stop booing.

“So Chris, to what do you owe your obscenely huge success in the WWE?” Well, Chris, I owe it to myself because I am the Best in the World at what I do.  And that is why he came out, to let them bask in the glory of him.  He is giving the crowd the gift of Jericho.  So drink it in.  He poses.  “Now Chris, thank you for this gift, it’s a wonderful gift, now not only are you a multi time champion, but you were also the first undisputed champion.  Who else could do that?”  You are right, who else could do that?  Only he could beat the current #1 contender in the middle of the ring at Wrestlemania.  No one can touch him!

And here comes the Lunatic!  Dean Ambrose comes down to the ring with a plant and a sign.  Par.  He brings the plant over to the chair that Jericho’s is sitting on, looks at it.  Then the Jeritron.  What is he doing here, says Jericho?  It’s Ambroses show now.  Chris tells him not to touch his potted plant.  Ambrose then tells him that it is from Shane and hands him a note.  A speeding ticket from California.  Ambrose needs that.  The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho is cancelled and the Ambrose Asylum would replace it!  He is hanging a sign over the Jeritron.  Jericho is furious as Dean puts on a tie and starts to host his show.  Ambrose introduces Jericho as his first guest!  And his first question is what is up with that scarf?  First of all, this scarf costs 750$.  And he knows what Ambrose is doing, he is paying him back for interrupting Ambrose on Smackdown.  But Jericho doesn’t play by rules and does what he wants to do.  And Ambrose had better play it cool.  Tells him to look at him when Jericho is talking to him.  He should take his stupid ass out of his ring right now.  “So you’re not going to tell us about the scarf?”  Jericho smacks the mic from Ambrose and Ambrose returns with Dirty Deeds on Jericho.  Ambrose thanks the crowd and stands by his sign before exiting the ring.

Switching gears, we have Apollo Crews next!


This Thursday, we will get another round of the Tag Tournament with Truth and Golddust vs. The Vaudevillains And Enzo and Cass vs. The Ascension.

Backstage Goldust is upset at Truth for getting them in the Tag Tournament as a team.  He asks who’s idea was it.  Truth looks over to an off camera Dr. Phil…who just shakes his head.  Let that be the last of him.

Apollo Crews come out to the ring!  He will be facing Adam Rose in a singles match, it seems.  Sans the Outcasts.

Apollo Crews vs. Adam Rose

We start quick as Rose eats a flying tackle, Crews celebrating with some flips before he is sent outside with a clothesline.  Bo consoles him out of nowhere as Rose gets back in for a lockup.  Rose gets a breakup before punching Crews with a cheapshot.  Crews is brought to the corner for kicks, dragged to another corner and slammed into it for more kicks.  Rose brings him back out, rolling him to the ground for a headlock.  Crews fights up with shots to the gut and an elbow to the jaw.  Rose however reverses a whip with a knee to Crews, getting a two.  Rose goes to slap Crews, Apollo responding with a right hand.  Apollo goes to suplex Rose, Rose blocking until Apollo forces it with MASSIVE STRENGTH.  Crews is now fired up, clotheslining Rose twice before sending him to the ropes getting an elbow in.  Apollo is fired up as Bo tries for the distraction, not working as Rose gets an enzigiri.  He then sets up the spinout sit down powerbomb, getting the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Non-offensive squash.


Another promo airs for Primo and Epico…promoting Puerto Rico again.  Their new thing is Tour Guides?

We then come back to a promo for Baron Corbin, backing up his win from the Andre Battle Royal.  They also show some of his moves from NXT.  It also shows some of the Ziggler/Corbin match with the End of Days on the outside after the countout.

Wyatt on the screen as he says that he and Reigns have a “Holy Bond” keeping them together even with the rivalry they have.  Alright.  Explains everything.  The Staples Center is alight with fireflies.  Wyatt said that Reigns can trust him.  It also looks as if he has a new outfit.  He gets in the ring without blowing out the light as we go to…


Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus

Wyatt waits in the ring for the BOOOS that start as soon as Reigns comes out.  Wyatt looks at him disturbingly.  Not sure how I feel about this.  The Cameras find the three signs for Reigns and try to focus on those, not the one that says YOU SUCK.  Terra Ryzing sign.  Neat.  The partners face off as they bring up the “Anybody but you” story.  WHY?

The League makes their way out as the ‘teams’ look at each other.  Why is this happening?  Why is any of this happening?  Reigns hands off the belt as the match starts, Wyatt wants in first, holding the ropes for Roman.  Instead, he exits himself as we start with Wyatt and Sheamus.  Kick from Sheamus before Wyatt sends him to the ropes and hits an elbow.  Sheamus to the corner as Wyatt hits a clothesline, then his CREEPY CRABWALK.  This scares Sheamus.  Wyatt brings him to the teams corner.  Reigns climb in as both of them start to beat on Sheamus.  Roman has tagged in.  A small “Roman” chant starts, ending with BOOOS.  Wyatt tags himself back in as Roman beats on Sheamus.  Sheamus tries to fight back only to get another clothesline.  Wyatt reversed into the ropes and a knee flips him.  Alberto tagged in and eats a backbreaker, Alberto coming from the top rope.  He knocks Roman off the apron, Wyatt trying to fight back for a moment but getting backed into the corner for punches from Alberto.  Sheamus tagged in, dragging Wyatt to the center for a headlock.

Wyatt fights back with fists to the head of Sheamus, sending him to the ropes and getting kicked in the head.  Wyatt has a moment of offense to toss him out of the ring.  Wyatt makes the ‘hot?’ tag to Reigns as the crowd BOOOS for the offense given by Roman.  He backs Sheamus to the corner and charges to eat a knee, Roman ignores it, knocking out Sheamus and pushing Alberto off the apron.  Sheamus cheeses it before the Superman Punch and the League attacks two on one to Reigns as he tries to chase down Sheamus, getting shoved into the post twice.  Reigns back in with Sheamus.  He is dumped out, then brought to the apron for the forearms to Roman’s chest.  He catches the second and elbows out.  Del Rio gets a kick to the ribs which allows Sheamus to continue.  Crowd cheers!  Alberto gets off a HUGE enzigiri to Roman for two.  Reigns put in the Tree of Woe, setting up for the stomp.  Roman rises and throws Del Rio off to BOOOS.  Sheamus gets tagged in before Wyatt can make it back, Sheamus locking down Reigns.  Wyatt gets creepy in the face of Sheamus.  Sheamus picks Reigns up, throwing into the corner for a shoulder.  He gets a high knee off the ropes before Roman gets a Samoan drop as he comes off another rope.  Hot tag time as Wyatt and Del Rio are in.  Wyatt with huge offense!  Upside down in the corner.  Sister Abigail attempt reversed into the ropes, instead flying into Del Rio on the rebound.  Both are down as Sheamus tries to interfere, drawing Reigns outside to get kicked down.  Rusev with a cheapshot to Wyatt who then gets a backstabber for two!  Wyatt interupption as they take out Rusev.  Del Rio gets back in, sets up but gets hit with Sister Abigail!  Roman with the spear on Sheamus trying to run in gets them the win!

Winner: Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns

Wyatts and Roman face off in the middle of the ring as we fade to black!

Final Thoughts

I have no idea who was booking tonight, but it was a combination of awesome and WTF all night long.  On one hand, we have Dr. Phil as a guest host that harkens back to the Guest GM position that we all loved OH SO MUCH.  He was on camera too long and that is saying something for how long he was actually there.  We also had Reigns and Wyatt together in an odd teamup.  I’m still spinning over that.  It’s unpredicted, but stupid considering their past.  But I will wait to see more about that.

On the other hand, Zayn vs. Styles.  Can you honestly say that you could have imagined this two or even one year ago?  The future looks bright for the company, I feel, as long as they play it right.  The Anderson and Gallows Debut was wasted on this crowd as the one last week would have blown the roof off if they had seen it.  Move that up a week as well as the Zayn/Styles match and the crowd would have eaten out of your hand.

Except for Roman.  Who would still draw BOOOS.

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