Ed Ferrara Feels WWE Could Have Done More with Sami Callihan, What WWE Gets Right

Ed Ferrara

– During WrestleMania weekend, former WWE Head Writer Ed Ferrara spoke withwrestlezone.com, here are the highlights…

On Being Surprised That WWE Didn’t Do More With Sami Callihan’s Hacker Character: I’m surprised they didn’t do more with that gimmick. I’m surprised they didn’t do more with Sami. They had Sami freaking Callihan and I think they didn’t know what they had. I remembered seeing him a few times on camera when they had moments like the locker room would empty or they would have a celebration. I would see him in the ring. I’d be like, “Oh! That’s Sami Callihan!” When he finally came out for the first time… he had already been out as just another guy. So it kind of took away from what was special about him. From there I don’t think they knew how to get that character over or what they had on their hands. I am just glad that he is tearing it up on the indy circuit once again. I saw him at the EVOLVE show yesterday. The show was off the hook. He was phenomenal. I’m just really happy for him. The thing is, he left under the right circumstances where he could come back. I think we’ll be seeing him again one day.

On What WWE Gets Right: Look around you. When I was writing the shows WrestleMania was the biggest PPV of the year but it was just another PPV. Albeit bigger than the others. Now, look around you, this entire town has been taken over for a week. It the Super Bowl. That’s what they are doing right. They have elevated it in to the main stream consciousness to the point where WrestleMania is a global phenomenon. It is destination event for over a hundred thousand people. You’ve got to be doing something right for something like this to happen.