Jim Ross Blog: WWE Monday Night Raw “‘fresher’ than recent”, Shane McMahon, Concern For Undertaker


Jim Ross had a new blog following Monday Night Raw

on RAW
This RAW felt ‘fresher’ than recent Monday nights.

Seeing a different grouping of talents in the money segments that include the opening, at the top of each hour and the close of the show, indicates to me that WWE is looking at getting new talents more established at the top of their cards. Smart strategy as one can never plan for injuries and today’s style often times leads to more medical issues than, seemingly, in the past.

on Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt as a character babyface is nothing but money as I’ve been filibustering for several months on The Ross Report podcast. The ‘Fire Fly’ entrance is a fan favorite one all the swy and when one encourages the fans to get involved and they do, then you’ve created a fan favorite without question. Really enjoyed Reigns hot tag to Bray and then what Wyatt did on his comeback. Good stuff. Organic. Things that one can’t be taught as it relates to passion/feel and timing.

on Undertaker
Undertaker being pulled from the imminent WWE tour of the UK and Ireland is troubling. I hope that Taker is healthy as he can be considering his tenure and his ‘bump card’ likely getting full. I still don’t think that WWE would likely endorse Taker’s retirement without a major marketing effort to celebrate The Deadman’s amazing career in WWE.

on Shane McMahon’s efforts
Enjoyed Shane McMahon’s efforts on RAW Monday night and one can only surmise that the reason that Shane is around is because he’s ‘moved the needle’ as it relates to social media results and TV ratings. Shane is a ‘hot’ TV character and WWE is wisely getting all they can from his presence. Plus, the fan friendly authority figure feels new an timely.

It’s time to re-evaluate the villain, authority figure role on WWE TV after it’s been around for years and years since Mr McMahon perfected that role against Steve Austin.

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