Mick Foley Blogs on WWE Women’s Title Match at WWE Wrestlemania 32


Mick Foley


I actually missed the Boss Sasha Banks’ entrance at Mania, because I was running from the backstage area into the stadium to watch the #WomensWrestling match live, to be part of that amazing atmosphere. Do you have any idea how huge that backstage area is at AT&T Stadium? Do you have any idea how slow I run? The journey took considerably longer than I thought it would.

What would you like to see happen in the WWE Women’s Division over the next few months?

Please feel free to share your thoughts about other wrestling organizations as well. I really want to write about whatever wrestler, or organization catches my eye. I want to learn more about #Shimmer and talk to Dave Prazak about the challenges he faces and running an all female promotion. I seriously believe we are turning the corner here – not only in wwe and NXT, but throughout the business. Given the choice, some fans are just naturally going to gravitate towards the women – fans just enjoy the emotion I feel of the women’s game over the men’s.
I am tend to write articles they give more credit to people like Sarah Del Ray, Who changed the game simply by letting the women in WWE know that lower expectations were no longer going to hold them back. I will be looking at Emma, and explaining how her lackluster gimmick out of the gate in WWE. Need not saddle her for a lifetime. I will talk about Paige and AJ, and what the acceptance of their nontraditional looks meant in reshaping the definition of what a female wrestler should look like. If I was in your morning profusely, I would write more, but trust me – I’ll be doing some serious writing about some serious women’s wrestling. I hope you enjoy it.


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