Lucha Underground S2 E12: Three’s a Crowd – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, Killshot, Brian Cage, Texano, Jr. & Many More!

Azteca Mysterio Puma LU S2

Hey Believers! We have just under an hour til the next installment of the Tag Team Trios Tournament! Tonight, luchador veteran Rey Mysterio will team up with Dragon Azteca II and Prince Puma to face the team of Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, and “The Machine” Brian Cage to become the next contenders for the Tag Team Trios Championships! Although, we shouldn’t quite expect Mundo, Valkyrie, and Cage to cooperate, can we?

Cage Mundo Warfare II LU S2

Mundo and Cage have had a rivalry since shortly after the season premiere, with their eyes set on the Lucha Underground Championship. There is also heat between Cage and Valkyrie after their singles match a few episodes ago – plus, Mundo used Valkyrie as a human shield a couple times. Not really a healthy combination of teamwork here…

Brian Cage Warfare II LU S2

It’s likely that Mysterio, Azteca, and Prince Puma to get the win, but Mundo and Valkyrie could always interfere, utilizing the strength of Cage in the process – if they can get along, of course. Will that be enough to overpower their high-flying opponents? We’ll find out!

Fenix Mil GotG

LU‘s latest video package also contains tidbits about the Gift of the Gods Championship and the rivalry between Fenix, Mil Muertes, and Catrina to attain it, so we should expect to see more of that tonight. Last week, Catrina and Mil saved Fenix from further damage from the “The Monster” Matanza Cueto during his title defense. A team-up between the three could be interesting, especially since Catrina wants control of the Temple once again – though an end result in which she betrays Fenix could be a possible, yet predictable outcome. Again – we’ll have to watch and see.

Fenix GotG LU S2

The title is currently vacant since Fenix cashed it in for the Lucha Underground Championship, which he of course lost at Aztec Warfare II.

Also scheduled for tonight is the debut of Daga in a singles match with Texano Jr., and Killshot will prove himself and fight for his long-lost brothers in a match with Argenis! Hopefully we see more of Argenis this season, both in and out of the ring.

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!

The trio that doesn’t need a title…

Kickass fanart! These have been going viral for quite some time now.

Check back here at 8 P.M. for the full live coverage!


We get a recap of the origin of the Gift of the Gods Championship – the power of the ancient Aztec tribes. The rivalry for the title with Mil Muertes and Fenix. Taya Valkyrie, Brian Cage, Johnny Mundo, and their rivalry. Dario Cueto and Rey Mysterio. Mysterio teaming with Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca.

Promo: Dario Cueto, Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, Brian Cage
We’re in Cueto’s office. Cage, Mundo, and Valkyrie are discussing terms. Mundo and Valkyrie stand close. Cueto wants the three to be one of their unlikely trios teams. Cueto knows there’s tension between the three.

He wants them to replace Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico – a replicated story. “You’re a machine. Yeah, we know.” Cage leaves the office. Mundo mocks Cage.

We move to the Temple. Live music and lively Believers amok!

Singles Match: Argenis vs. Killshot!
Killshot is having a “psych-out,” a ritual. Here we go! Killshot strikes Argenis into the turnbuckles! Killshot slaps him! Another! Backbreaker by Killshot! He admires his work. His gear is also different – perhaps we’ll see a different side of him from here on.

Leapfrog by Killshot. Argenis kicks his ass!

Pinwheel arm drag by Argenis! He’s on the turnbuckles now. Palm strike to defend himself. Argenis leaps out of the ring! Killshot does too, right on top of him! Killshot has a swagger to his step. He points the gun to his head, and rolls Argenis back into the ring. He catches Argenis as he does a rollout! He grabs Argenis, shoving him into the turnbuckles again. Argenis delivers strike after strike. Another arm drag by Argenis! He has full control over Killshot.

He leaps dangerously high from the ropes, but Killshot catches him! Corkscrew brain buster by Killshot! Badass. Argenis is suffering from PTSD, it seems. Killshot climbs the turnbuckles for a double-stomp!

Lots of military themes from Striker’s commentary. Electric chair position, Argenis on top. Killshot does a powerbomb! Pin! 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Killshot!

We cut to commercial!

Promo: Black Lotus and Dragon Azteca II, Dario Cueto and Daga
We’re back! We’re backstage at the Temple. Black Lotus is outside Dario’s office. Dragon Azteca II approaches. “How can you work for him?” He locked her in a cell. Threatened to kill her. Azteca advises she stay close to Dario.

Inside the office, Dario pours himself a drink. He’s so happy to meet… Daga! Dario shows him “a bunch of old coins” – the ancient Aztec medallions, the Gifts of the Gods. Daga chuckles. Dario knows Daga is a sensation in Mexico, but he wants to see it for himself. Tonight, Daga will compete for one of the Medallions.

We cut to commercial! Daga’s match with Texano Jr. is next!

We’re back! Time for…

Singles Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: Daga vs. Texano, Jr.!

Here we go! Ding, ding. They create space. Headlock! Daga pours Texano over the ropes. Slap! Texano didn’t like that. That quick escape.

Wow! Leg sweeps, counters galore! Quick! They create space during the applause. Daga kicks Texano! Headlock to control the larger opponent. Texano slaps Daga. Payback’s a bitch.

Counters, leapfrogs, lots of athleticism from both. Texano goes for the pin, kick out at 1. Um, is Daga injured… ? He’s cornered into the turnbuckles and sustains slaps from his opponent. Thrust kick from Daga. Texano puts Daga in the ropes! He fixes Daga’s hair. Such heel. Such bad guy.

Daga rolls back into the ring as Texano rolls out! But Daga gets his revenge from a leap from the ring! Cheering from the crowd.

Texano struggles to his feet. Daga strikes him. Headlock, then rolling him back into the ring. He sends Texano into the balcony gate! He kicks his back. He sends him into the corner of the commentary table! What do we have here? Daga’s right at home in the Temple.

They’re back into the ring, Daga goes for the pin. Kick out. Texano’s cornered. In and out dropkick by Daga. He’s on the move. He’s got momentum. Total control from the Temple newcomer. But Texano comes back with several punches to the head! He slaps Daga! Daga’s down! Texano’s pretty exhausted, too! The ref begins a countdown! The audience joins! They’re up at 7!

Texano’s lariat! He goes for the pin, but Daga kicks out! He goes for a powerbomb, but Daga reverses – he pins, but Texano kicks out!

Daga sells a clothesline like nobody’s business. Roll-through by Daga! Ankle-lock submission by Daga!!! Texano pushes Daga out and Daga goes flying! Back to the powerbomb! 1, 2, 3!

Winner and recipient of Ancient Aztec Medallion #1: Texano Jr.!

What a match! We cut to commercial!

We’re back!

Promo: Mil Muertes, Catrina, and The Disciples of Death
Mil Muertes contemplates… Life? Catrina appears. She summons her Disciples of Death. They will be in the Tag Team Trios Tournament next week! If the Disciples win, Mil will be back on the road to becoming LU Champion once again.

We’re back in the Temple! Time for the… (after the commercial break)!

Main Event – Tag Team Trios Tournament Match: Rey Mysterio, Dragon Azteca, Jr., and Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, and “The Machine” Brian Cage!
The Believers love Rey Mysterio! Dragon Azteca joins the fist pumps. #squad

Tons of booing for Mundo, Valkyrie, and Cage! Cage pushes the couple out of the way. Valkyrie isn’t pleased with it.

We’re back from the break! They’re in the ring. Go!

Cage and Azteca make space! HYPE HYPE! Azteca is behind Cage! Fearlessness from the Dragon. Cage drags Dragon around the ring! He won’t let go of The Machine!

Takedown by Cage! Leapfrog by Dragon. Kick to Azteca but he bounces right back! Up and over.

Dragon kicks Cage from the corner. Corkscrew! Prince Puma is tagged in after counters and rolling!

Puma sends Cage all around! Mundo tags himself in! Mundo knocks Puma down! Lots of hear between the two, even now! Handspring, counters! Valkyrie interferes. Mundo goes for the pin, Puma kicks out. Another pin after a hardcore flip by Puma. Kick out. Mundo drags Puma so he can tag in Taya. They work together. They send him back and forth. Valkyrie sends Puma down. She goes for the pin. Kick out. She pounds on Puma! Elbow strikes from her! Mundo has Puma trapped in the ropes!

Pin by Taya, kick out by Puma.

Cheering for Puma! Valkyrie goes to tag Mundo, but Cage tags himself in! Cage versus Puma now. Blocking by Cage. Hard powerbomb by The Machine! Moonsault!

Pin by Cage, Puma kicks out yet again. They can’t put this cat away! Valkyrie and Mundo offer Cage a chair, but he wants no part of the dirty tricks. He slaps Mundo!

Valkyrie’s in now. She argues briefly with the ref. Puma’s cornered with Mundo. Puma dodges a possible strike by Mundo. Everyone’s out!

Cage versus Puma! Dragon Azteca is back in! He’s on the move! Azteca takes out Cage and Taya! Electric chair with Mundo, Dragon reverses, pun, kick out! Taya versus Dragon. Mundo pounds on him! Rey Mysterio is tagged in! He wrecks Taya and Johnny!

Mundo’s cornered by the vet!

He trips Taya and she lands into Mundo’s parts! C’mon, they act like they’ve never done that before…

Mysterio has the opportunity of a lifetime! But Mundo and Valkyrie leave the ring! But Puma takes advantage and lands on them!

Azteca joins the party!

Clothesline by Cage on Dragon! Rey and Johnny in the ring! Rey pins Johnny, kick out. Lots of cheering from the audience throughout! Basement dropkick by Mysterio, pin on Johnny, kick out and Taya interferes.

Mundo and Taya send Mysterio down. Puma and Dragon back in!

Chaos all around!

Mundo out, Taya out. Cage is in with Mysterio.

Puma lands on Mundo! The chaos continues. Suplex by Taya on Dragon. Mysterio sends Taya into the turnbuckles. Cage catches Puma and Dragon at once, and proves he’s not a man, he’s a machine!

Suplexing both at the same time! Weapon X on Puma set up, Mundo ruins the moment!

Mysterio, Puma, and Azteca get the win with Puma pinning Mundo!

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Jr., Dragon Azteca, Jr., and Prince Puma! Incredible! That. Was. Awesome!

But wait, there’s more… Dario speaks to his brother through his cell. Next week’s match will be Matanza’s biggest yet. His destiny. No one will stand in his way, not even Mil Muertes. But Dario must know if Matanza understands why he must remain under literal lock and key. He is the most precious, most violent thing in the world to the guy who’s Kind of a Big Deal.

Matanza wants to be set free. The Monster versus the Man of 1000 Deaths, next week.

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