Trashy Ring Attire Open 2015 Results!

Thanks everyone for participating in the Trashy Ring Attire Open! We had 30 participants (ish) and it was a lot of fun. We’re doing it for 2016 as well starting with the next PPV, but we’ll get into that in another post.

For now… the winners!

In 1st Place… Inside Pulse Hall Of Famer Mike Gojira with 79 points! Gojira pulled ahead with his Royal Rumble pick of HHH and has a 4-point lead at the end of the year. Mike wins 4 CM Punk Ring Of Honor DVDs!

In 2nd Place… Classy Ring Attire’s Joel Leonard with 75 points! Joel was ahead for the ENTIRE Open until the Royal Rumble, where his foolish decision to not pick the obvious choice cost him 4 CM Punk Ring Of Honor DVDs! Still, amazing performance from Joel, who wins 2 Nigel McGuinness Ring Of Honor DVDs!

In 3rd Place… CrossFit Hater and DDP Yoga Enthusiast James Sawyer with 73 points! James was up and down the poll for the year but the last few months of predictable WM booking were kinder to him than most. James wins the Ring Of Honor: Year One DVD!

I believe I have the contact info of all the winners already, so get in touch with me and let me know where to send your prizes!

The rest of the participants were ranked as follows.


Stay tuned for the rules of the Trashy Ring Attire 2016 Season and congrats to everyone, and more importantly, thanks for playing. Made PPVs more enjoyable which is always a good thing.

Keep It Trashy!


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