10 Thoughts on NXT – Shinsuke Nakamura, Bayley, Tessa Blanchard

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1. It’s NXT time and we’re kicking off with Austin Aries vs Angelo Dawkins in a rare solo match. Aries shows why he was hired and Dawkins is also there, as older viewers remember D-Lo Brown and wonder where he is now. Essentially a squash match for Aries, fortunately unsullied by the presence of Baron Corbin.

2. Next up we’ve got Alexa Bliss vs Tessa Blanchard, daughter of Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard. Tessa is about the same size as Bliss, which means they will be dwarfed by wrestlers like Charlotte and Nia Jax.

3. Solid if somewhat unremarkable match between Bliss and Blachard, with Bliss picking up the win.

4. It’s time for the Vaudvillains, and they’re facing indie veterans Ciampa and Gargano. Some sweet chain wrestling from Tommaso and Johnny, and its great to see them working to their potential. I notice that Ciampa has shaved off the Mohawk and is growing out the beard, and I really hope they’re not grooming him to be the Spike Dudley of the Wyatt Family.

5. Unexpected win for Ciampa and Gargano, followed by a wildly optimistic promo from The Perfect Ten Ty Dillinger. He is set to be Nakamura’s latest victim, he just doesn’t know it yet.

6. Oh, great, it’s Baron Corbin, the new ‘resident big man’ on Raw and Smackdown. He is facing Tucker Knight and it doesn’t take long before Corbin hits the End of Days for the pin and the three count. About as interesting as any Baron Corbin match.

7. Next up we have super-face Bayley facing Liv Morgan, who has a particularly annoying entrance if I do say so myself. Morgan hits some nice moves before the inevitable happens and Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly for the win. Bayley remains awesome, Morgan definitely has some potential.

8. Our main event is Shinsuke Nakamura vs Tye Dillinger, and the crowd is solidly on Nakamura’s side. Nak’s reaction to Dillinger’s perfect 10 count was hilarious, and the Japanese superstar is already bringing something new to the WWE.

9. Credit to Nakamura for making Dillinger look good before kicking the crap out of him, taking the win with the Kinchasa. Another entertaining match from the King of Strong Style.

10. Decent episode of NXT with a surprising win for Gargano and Ciampa, along with another fantastic performance from Nakamura. More of that, less Baron Corbin, please…

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