10 Thoughts on The Ranch – Got A Little Crazy

On today’s episode, things didn’t go quite as a crazy as the title would imply. The boys invite over some young girls, as well as Abby and Kenny, to enjoy some booze. Meanwhile, Beau and Becky use their hotel getaway to have a romantic vacation. It was a more contemplative episode (no trunk tractor driving here) and allowed the characters to ruminate in their flaws.

Here are some thoughts.


1. Colt and Rooster have herpes

This was a startling revelation. Rooster tries to convince Colt to come with him to the bar, but he doesn’t want to because he’s afraid Abby will be there and he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. Rooster, being his brother, insults him into going by making fun of him for having herpes. Which Colt does right back. So. They  both have herpes. That’s… ew.

2. This show calls out a lot of bad behavior, but not alcoholism

The show is good about pointing out when men are being misogynist, or when they’re being children, or when they’re being selfish. But everyone gets a pass for drinking way, way, WAAAY too much. Almost every scene of the show, everyone has a drink in their hands. I guess there’s not a lot else to do in the middle of po-dunk nowhere, but c’mon it’s some pretty unhealthy behavior.

3. Beau and Becky’s relationship is so real

Beau just wants to fix things. Becky just wants a romantic evening. Instead of either of them getting their way, they end up fighting about what they want to do, explaining why the two of them can’t live together.

4. Colt is growing up before our eyes

He apologizes to Abby for trying to kiss her, and even invites her and Kenny over to party. It’s her that starts to get weird when Colt flirts with a 22 year old girl (a former student of hers), which seems to imply that she still has feelings for him.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.11.45 PM

5. The treatment of young women is a little off

There are constant references throughout the show to the fact that the women hanging out with these guys are over a decade younger than them. Never are they weirded out by that or feel guilty. If anything, they seem to get turned on by the idea of sleeping with young women. I get that, it’s a trope and a punchline you can hit over and over again. But it really just turns these women into sex objects  who are there solely to look pretty for the men. And they’re really just kids, which makes the whole thing feel a little bit icky.

6. Rooster was on Cops

This episode is just full of revelations.

7. “We always do what you want”

This is what Becky says to Beau when he refuses to do anything she wants to do. Beau recognizes that he’s being unfair and selfish, but he can’t seem to change his nature. Except…

8. This is a show about men growing up

So of course he does change. Just for one night. He allows for them to have a quiet romantic evening together.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.10.52 PM

9. Beau listing things Becky likes

And the cherry on top is a callback to earlier in the episode. When Becky says they never do what she wants, she tries to get him to name anything that she likes, but she leaves before he can. When she comes back into the room, he has lit some candles and cuddled up into a rob. Then he starts listing the things Becky likes. “Tea with milk in it. Listening to books. Reading movies.” It was a genuinely touching moment of true romanticism.

10. Colt turns down Abby

In a pleasing twist, Abby tries to drunkenly kiss Colt at the end of the night. But he, being a sudden gentlemen, turns her down. At least the show gets something right when it comes to behavior regarding alcohol: don’t kiss a drunk person. Here’s hoping the show continues its “progressive streak.”



+ Colt continues to grow

+ Beau and Becky

The depiction of young women

The depiction of alcoholism


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