Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Big Brother Canada 4‘s Mitch Moffitt


The day after he was evicted out of the Big Brother Canada 4 house, I had the chance to catch up with Mitch Moffitt to discuss what happened. We chatted about a variety of topics including his thoughts on the twist that resulted in his demise. We also chatted about how he changed his under-the-radar strategy into playing aggressively in an attempt to save himself and if he regretted that decision. I questioned Mitch about his comment about the Third Wheel alliance before he exited the house and if this was simply a case of sour grapes or an actual strategic decision.

Check out the interview below!

Murtz Jaffer: You lived up to the hype playing a seemingly perfect game for the first half of the show. In the end, and just like so many before you, a twist was to blame for your dismissal. Can you talk about the concept of twists in general and how much they sting?

Mitch Moffitt: I always knew for me as a superfan of the show, I have seen how hard it is. Sometimes it happens to someone that you don’t mind but even last year with Kevin getting voted out in a twist that wasn’t expected, I think that really hurt him. As a fan of his, I was really bummed out to see that. Playing the game at the same time, it is Big Brother Canada… I love that there are twists, I was really happy with the twist this season. It was so untargeted. It was a perfect storm for me. Kelsey and Loveita left back-to-back, they just happened to be the ones in that room, they just happened to have a lot of information about me. Yes, I could be bitter about it but there is a certain amount of luck. As much as someone like me doesn’t want to have to face that fact about a game like this, where you try to break it down analytically and try to break it down logically… that’s part of the game and that’s what makes it exciting for both the players and so I can’t be bitter about it. I got to experience a part of the game that not many people do. A twist really derailed my game but it was fun in those moments to kind of come out of my shell and be able to really play in a different way. In that respect, I was liberated to play one way in the beginning and start to play in a new way. I can only thank the twist for that.

MJ: You completely changed your strategy from being an under-the-radar player to being overtly aggressive in your attempt to save yourself. Do you regret not employing Joel’s strategy of sitting back?

MM: Not really. Joel fit that role and we couldn’t play the same role. I feel like if I played the “I am a nice guy, please keep me here,” Joel was the hardest person to play that role against because Joel is so genuine. Everyone knows he is who he says he is and I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body. For me, I knew I had to play the flip side and try to convert the house against the threesome. I know it was a huge departure from where I was, but I didn’t want to leave this game thinking that I didn’t try hard enough. That was the biggest fear I had. I knew I was playing the first half of the game under-the-radar and I think I would be kicking myself more if I just kept doing that through this round and still went home. For me, it was a chance to be creative and a chance to really switch up my game and show that I am a bit more of a diverse player than what might have been seen previously and to prove to myself that I could be adaptable. That was my theory. Just like evolution, it isn’t the strongest or the smartest… it is the most adaptable species that makes it through and it was me adapting to the situation that I had been handed (that Joel had not been handed). I knew I had to respond in a way that he didn’t have to.

MJ: You are definitely a game player and that’s why I found your comment after you were evicted so interesting. On your way out, you told the houseguests that if any of the trio made it to the end, you would vote for them. Was this a strategy or simply a case of sour grapes?

MM: Oh, it was a strategy. In two ways, it’s true. It’s not that they would have my vote guaranteed but if they make it there, I would have no sour grapes. I will vote for them if I think that they are the better player than whoever is sitting beside them. At the same time, it was a nice little job to say ‘look, all the rest of you don’t think you can count my vote out for them so don’t bring them to the end because you think I won’t vote for them because I will if they are the better player.’ It was a final jab to tell them to get them out while they can because that is the truth for me. Whoever is in the end, I will evaluate based on who played a better game. I will strip the emotion of the game and just vote based on who had a better record and who was able to be creative. It had both sides of it. Maybe it will activate the others to get those people out which would be satisfying to me emotionally, but it also was the truth.

MJ: Was it incentivizing them to carry on your work?

MM: In a way. Yeah. And not be complacent. Their perception is that I really dislike the threesome now, but that was the perception that I created for my game and not necessarily the truth. I wanted them to know that that perception should be shattered because it’s not the truth. Yes, go continue my work but the honest truth is that they are playing a great game. If they make it to the end, they deserve the vote…. depending on who they are up against.

MJ: When Loveita told Kelsey that you were working together, I had a hard time understanding it. After all, Loveita and Kelsey weren’t really friends in the house and by telling Kelsey your strategy, it looked like she destroyed an ally’s game (yours) to help an enemy’s game (Kelsey). Were you surprised that she did this?

MM: To a degree. Loveita and my relationship was always interesting and a little uncertain. I don’t know the exact conversations they had. I know some of the things that Kelsey told me, but I don’t know all of the things. I haven’t seen Loveita and don’t know her motives for doing it. I did turn on Loveita and voted her out over Raul and that is where my true loyalty lied. It lied with Raul and Jared. Loveita was a player that I wanted to work with but I always felt there was a level of distrust because I was so close with the other two that were left from the trio. That might have had a role in it. Her, Joel and I had a relationship and an alliance and maybe she did feel betrayed by which way I ended up swaying at the end of the day. Fair enough. Those things did happen and it was her choice to do that. Maybe she no longer saw me as an ally because I did turn on her.

MJ: While you played the middle so effectively, you definitely chose a side this week. Had you not been on the block this week, which side would have chosen and who were your loyalties truly with?

MM: I think my true loyalties were with Raul and Jared. Kelsey coming back would have complicated things if I wasn’t implicated in the debacle with Loveita. I think I would have had to have found a way to get Loveita out again but it would have been difficult. I knew Kelsey was the glue that held Raul and Jared together as well as Cassandra and Tim. That’s why I wanted her gone in the first place. I am not sure how I could have done it. She was somebody that I wanted to leave the game again but I would have had to keep up the charade that I was so happy that she was back and that we were the foursome again (eve though I knew that put me in a worse position). For me, positions change week to week and I wasn’t going to make any decisions based on emotions or the past. If I had to work with them again because they were winning HOH’s, I was going to do that. If I had the opportunity, however, I would have tried to get Kelsey out again. It would have been a fine line because I couldn’t risk damaging my relationships with Raul and Jared who were my strongest allies at the time.

MJ: Tough spot.

MM: It was a weird spot to be in!

MJ: What was the biggest mistake you made in the game?

MM: Probably bringing Kelsey back! (Laughs). I don’t regret playing both sides because I think anyone would be a hypocrite who says that they don’t try to build relationships with everyone across the board. It just so happens that the people I built relationships with didn’t like each other and were against each other. I tried to manage that the best I could. When it didn’t work, I knew I had to let Loveita go in order to benefit my game. Bringing back Kelsey was tough. So many people were so quick to say Kelsey’s name that I couldn’t be the voice that was trying to bring Loveita back when I am sitting beside Raul and Jared. It would have exposed my cards. I didn’t know if Kelsey would come back and expose me but I wasn’t going to expose myself. If it was half and half, then maybe I could have pitched it like ‘look, Loveita is more fair, she went out after and we’ll all take her out when she comes back but that wasn’t sort of the group think of the house. I knew I couldn’t be the one voice chanting Loveita when everyone else was chanting Kelsey. I knew I had to accept that and deal with the repercussions. If Loveita really told Kelsey to come after me, then if she had been the one to come back, she may have just done the exact same thing. She maybe wouldn’t have had the clout to go to Jared and Raul to do that but it may have just been another enemy in the house on another side. I would have had to have been in-between multiple enemies.

MJ: Who is playing the best game and who would you like to see win?

MM: I think that Tim and Jared are playing the best games. They are really good at making people like them and think that they are with them. On the surface, I do think that they probably deserve it the most at this point. In terms of who I would like to see win, there is still so much time left in this game. I will vote for the person who I think has the best game and right now, it would be the two of them. If I had to vote out of everyone right now, it would probably be Tim or Jared. A lot can change in the remaining time. Eight people still have to leave the game. I am willing to wait and find out more information and see who plays the best game. My vote is totally open right now.

MJ: What’s next for you?

MM: A long time in jury! Without my boyfriend or family. That’s the hard part and the more emotional part. I am fully content with the game. I knew coming in that it was going to be a challenge. It was so much fun! I loved it! I am totally okay being evicted. It’s weird. Through the cameras, you know your family is watching and now I am going to be separated from that. I have a more emotional challenge in front of me. Beyond the game, I am not totally sure. I have my career, my life with ASAP Science and my boyfriend and my friends. Go back to that and we’ll see how this game affects all of that. I have a lot of things that inspire me in life that I want to continue and that I was doing before this game and hopefully this opportunity will breed more opportunity that can be used for more positivity in the world.

MJ: Thanks.

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