Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Big Brother Canada 4‘s Raul Manriquez


The day after he was evicted out of the Big Brother Canada 4 house, I had the chance to catch up with Raul Manriquez to discuss what happened. We chatted about a variety of topics including why he was evicted over Kelsey and his decision to help Jared in the POV competition that ultimately sent him home. We also talked about his decision to target Mitch last week and who he would like to be evicted next.

Check out the interview below!

Murtz Jaffer: Maddy wanted Kelsey out and yet you are the one heading to jury. What changed?

Raul Manriquez: What changed is she wanted to be the person that got the Third Wheel alliance and it seems like that is all she was shooting for.

MJ: You, Jared and Kelsey seemed to connect immediately. What drew you to them?

RM: It was just so weird. There was nothing that drew me to them specifically. Our personalities just organically got together and we connected right away. I definitely had the strategy of wanting to work with the showmance but even I was surprised by how quickly we got together.

MJ: One of the aspects of your game that I liked the most was how loyal you were to the Third Wheel alliance for almost the entire game. This was especially evident when you helped Jared during the Veto competition even though him winning meant you would go on the block. Do you regret helping him now?

RM: I do not regret it at all. I came to Big Brother Canada to get the full experience and I accomplished everything I came to do. I am happy to have helped him. He is my friend and I hope he makes me proud.

MJ: This week, you seemed to turn on Jared and Kelsey in an effort to stay. Do you regret doing that or are you happy that you put your best foot forward to stay?

RM: I am actually happy I did that. I wanted to go against the Third Wheel alliance and I did it mainly because I knew I was going home so I wanted to have the experience of trying to do whatever I could to save myself..

MJ: Last week you were the HOH and because of Kelsey’s information from Loveita, you chose to target Mitch. In hindsight, do you regret going after him?

RM: It was such a dramatic move, I definitely wanted TV time for that. I don’t regret going after him because he was coming after us.

MJ: What do you think his reaction is going to be when he sees you in the jury house?

RM: I actually think he is going to be like “I told you so” and be excited because he knows that I can’t win anymore. We actually had such a great connection in the house.

MJ: Mitch seemed to play a very low-key game but when he was evicted, he told the house that he would vote for any of the Third Wheel members if they made it to the end of the game. Were you surprised that he said that and took a final parting shot?

RM: I actually wasn’t surprised at all that he said that, and especially after his POV speech. At first, I thought he was actually complimenting us but I think that’s because English isn’t my first language. I wasn’t sure. I was just like “whatever.”

MJ: One of the houseguests voted to keep you in the house. Who do you think it was?

RM: I think it was Nikki who voted for me to stay because of Mitch. She also didn’t like Cassandra. I am hoping it was her. Maybe it was the brothers. I don’t really know.

MJ: You played a very strong game and won an HOH. Is there any part of you that regrets not playing more of a subtle game?

Not at all. I always wanted to win a HOH. Actually, for most of my time in the house, I believe I was a tough competitor. It was just my Mexican spice coming out!

MJ: Will you, Kelsey and Jared be friends after this?

RM: Absolutely. For sure. We got so close in the house. People don’t understand all of the emotions that you go through in the house. Fans only see what the TV shows. We have such a strong connection. We will be friends until we are 100 years old.

MJ: Who would you like to see evicted next?

RM: Maddy… get that girl out! I want it to be an eye for an eye.

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