Bret Hart on Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens, Opinions on Sharpshooter Usage by Natalya, Cesaro – “Suddenly it’s like a useless hold”

bret hart

Bret Hart recently appeared on Wrestlezone Radio’s The Sharpshooter Show and discussed Cesaro using the Sharpshooter on Raw, Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens, and more. Below are some highlights.

His thoughts on Cesaro using the Sharpshooter: “I think Cesaro did an excellent job putting that Sharpshooter on. It was nice and smooth. Feet wide apart. Everything was perfectly done. I think he could have shown Shane a weeks ago who didn’t seem to put it on very well. I think from the angle that he tried to put it on, if anything, you can commend Shane from trying to put it on from that angle that he did. Cesaro did a good job with it last night. There’s been a few wrestlers that have been putting on the Sharpshooter. I kind of made a complaint about it a few days ago about how the Sharpshooter doesn’t seem to work anymore. It’s just one of those holds that suddenly in the last 3-4 years every wrestler’s back has gotten so much stronger. It doesn’t register anymore. Suddenly it’s like a useless hold that everyone crawls to the ropes right away. I’m glad that Cesaro keeps respect for those kind of holds. Same with Steve Austin’s stunner and certain moves that guys do that have a history and tradition behind them. If someone else is going to start using that move they should use it out of taste and respect for what that hold meant to the wrestler who created it or built it.”

On Natalya using the move: “It seems like every time Nattie puts it on someone they crawl right to the ropes. Or they roll out of it and do a sunset flip out of it or something.”

His thoughts on Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens: “I really like Cesaro’s match. It built and built and built and then what they used to actually win the match, the actual move he used to cover him for the 1-2-3 (The Neutralizer) was such a bullsh*t move. You pick somebody up and you drop them about six inches to the ground on their belly. You pin them. Then he does a flying smash uppercut that he does that looks so great. All of these other moves that they both did back and forth that looked so good.”

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