DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Top 3 DC Rebirth Recent Reveals By DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio! Earth 2, JSA, Batman Characters & More!

DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio is quite active on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He’s quite talkative in responding to requests on social media or using social media to dispel rumors and gossip or to hype initiatives like DC Rebirth.

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Below are the Top 3 recent DC Comics Rebirth teases and reveals by Dan DiDio!

Spoilers follow for DC Rebirth!

3. Earth 2 Continues

Despite seeing the classic Justice Society of America (JSA) as part of DC Universe: Rebirth #1 and the DC Rebirth initiative, it looks like the Earth 2 series will continue with its existing numbering and not be relaunched as part of Rebirth. Word on the creative team for a continuing Earth 2 has not been announced.

Whether a classic feeling post-Crisis on Infinity Earths DC Rebirth JSA series is coming too remains to be seen.

2. Poison Ivy & Other Non “Name” Characters

DiDio refuted a recent online BC story that postulated that the only place to get interesting and non-name DC Comics characters would be as part of ensemble DC Rebirth series like Detective Comics. He responded by using Poison Ivy as an example.

At the time of the writing of this piece, the original BC article has not been updated subsequent to DiDio’s denial.

1. DC Rebirth’s 2018 Event

Another recent online BC story indicated that all DC Rebirth series would build up to and tie-into a two-year story leading into DC’s next big event in 2018 not 2017, helmed by DC Entertainment Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns.

I was surprised to read how the actual story was framed despite some newsworthiness to it in speaking to the upcoming 2018 event, but the rest, even if from a source or sources, just didn’t ring wholly true and shouldn’t have wrung true to any long-time fan of this medium. As most of comic fandom is aware, DC Comics and Marvel in particular plan a few years in advance for their comic book events, and that those events get set up in a few core series. Never has an event been seeded in all of either companies titles years in advance, over an extended period even, likely because it would prove to be logistically impossible.

With all that said, imagine my surprise, that CBR actually covered the originating story as a news report.

As could have been predicted, Dan DiDio refuted that all series will tie into DC’s next big event, essentially confirming what we all know about how DC and Marvel planning for events. However, DiDio did not refute that a 2018 event is being built up starting from DC Universe: Rebirth #1 written by Geoff Johns and will be seeded in some titles.

DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio took to both twitter and facebook to speak to all this.

Twitter statement.

Facebook statement.

Dan DiDio Facebook comments on DC Rebirth and 2018 event

The original BC article has been updated subsequent to DiDio’s statement.

More teases, comments, refutations expected going forward from Dan DiDio and others as we build up to DC Rebirth.

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