What To Look Forward To – 04/20/16 – Featuring Star Trek: Manifest Destiny #1, Lumberjanes #25, Twilight Zone/The Shadow #1, New TPBs & HCs & More!

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Here is a quick look at some highlights on the shelves this week. I’ve also included a list of Trade Paperbacks and Hard Cover Editions if you’re looking for some extra stories. A few DC titles hit #51 this week, meaning “Rebirth” is just around the corner, plus a gaggle of new TPBs and HCs, so without further ado let’s dive in…

New This Week:

East of West 25East of West #25 – The beginning of the end (of Year Two) is here! I spoke with Dragotta at Emerald City ComiCon last weekend and he said he was very excited for what’s coming up. If this is the end, I’ll be sad to see the series go but it’s been a helluva ride. Catch up on the TPBs if you haven’t read the series yet and be there for the finale!

Lazarus: Sourcebook #1 – Rucka and Lark make a great team, and this series is maybe the best example of that (see also Gotham Central). This series has been consistently action-packed and emotionally charged and I’m excited to see where it’s going.

Dept. H #1 – From the best-selling mind of Matt Kindt comes a new underwater sci-fi series featuring an investigator who must prove sabotage and a crime scene with a cast of suspects.

The Twilight Zone/The Shadow #1
– I haven’t read a solo Shadow book since I read Howard Chaykin’s “Blood and Judgment” a year or so ago, but I enjoyed Justice Inc. and Matt Wagner’s Shadow vs. Grendel crossover in 2014. The Twilight Zone series from the same year was also very good, so this should be a treat.

Lumberjanes 25Lumberjanes #25 – Artist Brooke Allen returns for this over-sized anniversary issue!

Star Trek: Manifest Destiny #1 – It’s the Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew against the Klingons in this new bi-weekly series celebrating 50 years of Star Trek! I can’t imagine Gene Roddenberry ever thought it would go this far. Many exciting thing have been happening in the Star Trek comics lately (see the recent Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover) but this should be a fine jumping on point for new readers.

A few other issues to look forward to:

Black Eyed Kids #1, Captain Marvel #4, Divinity II #1, Doctor Fate #11, Howard the Duck #6, Huck #6, Joyride #1, Legends of Tomorrow #2, Martian Manhunter #11, Spider-Man / Deadpool #4

Collected Editions:

Elseworlds BatmanElseworlds – Batman Vol. 1 TPB – Batman as a Green Lantern. For that alone, I’m in. This collection features several stories never collected or reprinted before, including “Holy Terror” (with Reverend Bruce Wayne) and “Dark Allegiances” by Howard Chaykin.

See also: Tales of the Multiverse – Batman: Vampire TPB

UFOlogy TPB – James Tynion IV has had a lot of good books lately (see Woods and Batman and Robin Eternal), and this is another to add to that list, with great art by Matthew Fox to boot. If you like X-Files, check out this series.

See also: Memetic Vol. 1 TPB

I Hate FairylandI Hate Fairyland TPB – Though surprisingly and cartoonishly gory at times, this was one of the more fun series that started last year. I enjoy Skottie Young drawing tiny humans (see any of his wonderful and hilarious Marvel variant covers) and when throws a little girl into a fantasy land she can’t stand or escape, he delivers the magic.

See also: Rocket Raccoon Vol. 1 TPB

Star Wars: Vader Down TPB – It was no coincidence that Star Wars comic moved to Marvel just as hype for Force Awakens was building, but what is most gratifying is that the comics weren’t just used to get people ready for the movie, they’ve been quality stand-alone series that leave the reader wanting more. Vader Down was a good crossover event, and I hope they’ll do more like it in the future. Though with Kieron Gillen and Jason Aaron at their respective helms, how could we expect any less?

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That’s it for now, happy reading everyone! See you next week.