10 Thoughts on NXT – 20th April 2016 – Apollo Crews, American Alpha, Samoa Joe

JT on NXT logo

1. It’s NXT time and we’re kicking off with Enzo & Big Cass vs new NXT tag champions American Alpha. The champs dominate Enzo to begin with, but Cass turns the tide and the teams seem pretty evenly matched. Big Cass is certainly showing more intensity in the ring, but the idea of him out-wrestling Chad Gable seems a little far fetched. Jordan and Gable eventually pick up the win after a good match.
2. Apollo Crews promo. and he doesn’t like bullies. I think he might be getting a bit better on the mic…
3. Now it’s time for the debut of No Way Jose, formerly known in the indies as Manny Garcia and to his parents as Levis Valenzuela Jr. He’s facing the German Alexander Wolfe who put up a decent fight against Samoa Joe not too long ago. I’m not too sure about Jose’s dancing /baseball gimmick, but the crowd seem to like him and he’s not too bad in the ring. Jose gets the win with a… fastball punch, I guess?
4. Interview with Austin Aries. He doesn’t need luck, he has skill. Always good on the mic, AA.
5. Oh, FFS, it’s the Drifter. Regal appears, not to fire him like a sensible man but to book him against Nakamura next week. Oh well, if Shinsuke has to kill someone, it might as well be Elias Sampson.
6. Next up we’ve got Nia Jax in solo action against Deonna Purazzo. Jax dominates as expected, and I don’t think Purazzo hits a single effective bit of offense before getting hit with the leg drop and pinned. Meh.
7. Bayley interview, and she is as lovable as ever, even giving props to Eva Maria. Apparently ‘The Red Queen’ is facing Asuka next week, which should be good for a laugh at least.
8. Now it’s time for our main event, with the recent Raw call-up vs the man who may be destined to become an angry, chubby enhancement talent. Because WWE.
9.  Solid if slightly underwhelming match, with Joe picking up the victory with the Kokina clutch. It’s interesting that they have put NXT natives over main roster recruits twice tonight, which is a nice way to maintain credibility for the NXT brand.
10. Mildly entertaining episode of NXT, with a strong opener and decent main event, although the stuff in the middle was somewhat lacking in awesomeness – particularly considering how good Raw was this week…

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