10 Thoughts on The Ranch – I Can’t Go There

As The Ranch goes along in its first season run, the comedy is getting thinner and the drama is getting denser. Problems that were only hinted at in the pilot have taken up entire story arcs, leaving little room for laughter. In today’s episode, the family deals with the fallout of Becky turning down Beau’s invitation to live with her family again, while Beau deals with a sick calf. Meanwhile, Colt navigates the surprisingly smooth terrain of “breaking up” with Heather.

Here are some thoughts.


1. Rooster has sex with too many people he shouldn’t be

The episode begins with a cold open about how many pairs of boots a man should have. Rooster says, “One for working, one for drinking, and two for knocking boots. So you can leave one behind.” Colt points out that he could just leave a pair outside the window so he could make a quick getaway, which blows Rooster’s mind. My question is why in the hell is Rooster sleeping with so many women that he has to have a built in contingency plan for when he will inevitably be caught, I assume by the boyfriend or husband?

2. Beau, in many ways, is just as stunted as his sons

Beau spends most of the episode in a foul mood after his wife refuses to move back in with him. Which, you know, understandable. But this is a guy who simply refuses to accept the fact that his wife has made a little life for herself that she enjoys. All he can see is how it affects him.

3. Colt and Heather are “together”

Colt comes into the bar feeling morose and agitated because after the gift exchange last episode, he believes Heather considers the two of them “together.” Abby comes into the bar and continues to give Colt conflicting advice about his love life (because she is CLEARLY still in love with him), and eventually they come around to the fact that Heather and Colt need to break up. Welp, that was quick.


4. I love Hank

Hank is the patron in Becky’s bar who just sits in the corner and tries to steal people’s beer. That’s seriously all he does. And I love him.

5. Colt lets his ex break up with his girlfriend

When Abby and Colt come around to the fact that he needs to break up with Heather, she offers to write the break-up text (seriously, wtf). I get that this show is about stunted masculinity, but that is some seriously self-destructive nonsense.

6. Heather is an increasingly three dimensional character

Of course, the text backfires and Colt ends up having to go see Heather. When he breaks up with her, she is so cool about it, Colt doesn’t know what to do with himself. She even offers to continue sleeping with him. That’s not the cool part though. Turns out she was in the 4H Club as well as a world class Rodeo Girl. She’s intelligent and interesting and Colt is maybe having second thoughts.

7. Beau and Becky’s relationship is so real

While Beau is dealing with his dying calf, him and Becky continue talk about their relationship and why Becky wants to keep it the way it is. They clearly still love each other, but Beau just can’t wrap his mind around the idea that his wife doesn’t want to live with him, which is honestly something I don’t think I’ve ever seen on a TV show. It’s a testament to the show’s commitment to depicting the relationship of this couple as real as possible.

The Ranch

8. Uhm. Rooster’s name is Jameson

Is he named after the whiskey? God, I hope so.

9. Heather and Beau are bonding

In a startling turn of events, Heather is the only one able to console Beau about his relationship and dying calf. He even gives her a hug, something Colt has only gotten two of his entire life.

10. And Beau is crying

His calf dies, and we actually see Beau crying. Maybe it’s more about his wife, but either way it’s a shocking thing to see. Sam Elliot is just so god damn compelling to watch.


Heather is becoming surprisingly solid

Beau’s turmoil is fascinating

Beau and Becky’s relationship


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