Several Incidents Reportedly Taking Place At This year’s WrestleCon, Involving Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, Tessa Blanchard, Stacy “The Cat” Carter And More

According to The Wrestling Observer, several incidents took place at WrestleCon this year during WrestleMania weekend in Dallas. The incidents involved Jeff Jarrett, Tessa Blanchard, Karen Jarrett, Stacy “The Kat” Carter, Melissa Santos, Brian Knobbs and more.

The first incident involved Karen Jarrett and Lucha Underground announcer Melissa Santos, as Santos was heard complaining she didn’t have a seat to sit in, and somehow Jarrett got involved and reportedly spat on Santos. The incident almost came to blows between the two women, but things eventually calmed down and a fight was avoided. It was added that numerous people in attendance were criticizing Jarrett at the event.

With regards to Tessa Blanchard, who recently appeared on WWE NXT TV in a match against Alexa Bliss, it remains unclear exactly what happened, but word is that the ex-wife of Jerry Lawler and former WWE star Stacy “The Kat” Carter felt Blanchard was not showing respect. It’s being said that incident almost got physical as well, but Ricochet, the boyfriend of Blanchard, stepped in and calmed things down.

 A minor incident also took place between Jeff Jarrett and Brian Knobbs, in which Jarrett reportedly, and likely in more of a joking manner, shoved Knobbs, but because Knobbs’ balance is bad, he fell over. This lead to hotel management adding security to the event and a sign saying no horseplay.


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