A2Z Analysiz: TNA Knockouts Knockdown 2014 (Madison Rayne, Angelina Love)

Knock Knock 2014

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Universal Studios – Orlando, FL – Friday, November 7, 2014

Mike Tenay and Taz are on commentary.

Gail Kim defeats Veda Scott at 7:34. Veda surprises Gail with some shady tactics in the early going, and that allows her to control quite a bit of the match. The idiots on commentary prove over and over again how terrible they are at their jobs and we’re only in the first match. Anyway, Gail makes the comeback and hits Eat Defeat to get the pin. This was a solid opening match, and Gail helped Veda to a good showing here.
Rating: **½

Angelina Love (w/ Velvet Sky) defeats Scarlett at 4:50. The Beautiful People tease extending an invitation to Scarlett to be the third member of their group, but that of course is all a ruse and Angelina goes to work on poor Scarlett. Angelina dominates until Scarlett makes the token comeback. Velvet distracts Scarlett, allowing Angelina to hit the Botox Injection to get the pin. That was fine for the time they were given. Tenay and Taz are dragging down the whole show though.
Rating: *½

Reby defeats Velvet Sky (w/ Angelina Love) at 6:55. Velvet doesn’t take Reby seriously, and the feisty Reby makes her pay for it. Only when Angelina interferes is Velvet able to take an advantage. When Reby makes the comeback Angelina interferes some more, but it backfires when she tries to use hairspray but she sprays Velvet instead. Reby grabs a quick rollup to get the pin. This was the usual Beautiful People schtick, nothing we haven’t seen before. Reby showed good fire though.
Rating: *¾

Madison Rayne defeats Jessica Havoc at 8:33. Havoc dominates a majority of the early going with her superior size and strength, while Rayne counters with her speed and quickness. The finish comes when Havoc goes for a superplex and Rayne knocks her back to the mat and follows her down with a spear to get the pin. They went for the Sting/Vader vibe and that worked well enough for what they were trying to accomplish.
Rating: **

Taryn Terrell defeats Karlee Perez at 4:32. This is a pretty non-descript contest, as they go back and forth for a little bit and then Terrell hits an Ace Crusher out of nowhere to get the pin. Perez got a bit of offense in and looked better than she did in her time in NXT, but there just wasn’t much time to get anything going here.
Rating: *¾

Mia Yim defeats Brittany at 6:51. These two work really well together, cutting a fairly fast pace and going back and forth with moves and counter-moves. Only an unfortunately awkward dive to the floor spot halts their momentum, but they pick it back up when they get back to the ring. Yim traps Brittany in a body scissors to get the flash pin and move on. I really liked this and wish they could have gotten more time. Both women looked really good here.
Rating: **¾

Brooke defeats Deonna at 7:24. I have no idea who Deonna is, but she plays a “shy girl” gimmick. Brooke mocks her on the microphone and dominates most of the match. Deonna gets a few babyface hope spots in, but Brooke eventually finishes her with the Tess-Shocker. This was an extended squash and not a particularly engaging one.
Rating: *

Marti Belle (w/ Rockstar Spud defeats ODB at 6:12. The commentary in this match reaches new levels of low, as the Tenay and Taz just sit there cackling at each other, despite saying nothing at all remotely funny. It’s seriously distracting in its badness. Anyway, ODB and Belle do some stuff, Spud distracts ODB from the floor, and Belle gets an inside cradle for the pin. Nothing to see there.
Rating: *¼

After the match Belle reveals that she was only using Spud so she could beat ODB. Spud cries about it and ODB and the referee laugh at him. Spud gets mad and challenges ODB to an impromptu match, which she gladly accepts.

ODB defeats Rockstar Spud at 3:21. Total comedy garbage here, with Spud continuing to play wrestler with no degree of believability whatsoever. ODB hits BAM to get the pin. This was total junk in every possible sense.
Rating: DUD

Madison Rayne defeats Angelina Love, Brooke, Gail Kim, Marti Belle, Mia Yim, Reby, and Taryn Terrell in the Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet Battle Royal at 20:50. Gail is #1, and Brooke is #2, with a new entrant coming out every two minutes. Mia comes out at #3. Reby is #4. Angelina is next at #5, and she scores the first elimination by dumping Reby out. Madison is #6. Marti is #7. The final entrant is Taryn at #8, and she quickly throws Mia to the floor. Taryn then dumps Brooke out. Angelina dumps Taryn to the floor, and then knocks Gail off the apron. She convinces Marti to work with her, but accidentally kicks her in the face and Madison dumps Marti to the floor. That leaves Madison Rayne versus Angelina Love to decide the Queen. Velvet Sky gets involved, of course. The hairspray backfires again and Madison hits Angelina with a Spear to get the pin. That was a typical battle royal and a dull finale between Madison Rayne and Angelina Love. Not much to talk about here.
Rating: **

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