10 Thoughts on… TNA Impact on Pop TV 04.19.2016 (Matt vs. Jeff Hardy “I Quit” Match, Knockouts Ladder Match)

TNA continues to be in the news, but has a show each week to review. So here we go!

1. The show kicked off with the multiple woman ladder match for control of the Knockout Division. There were some highspots but mostly was a storyline device, where Rosemary and Decay attacked and kidnapped Gail Kim. This allowed Maria to climb the ladder and become leader of the KO division. Two things I especially liked – Rosemary attacked using a kendo stick then dropped it mic drop style. And Mike Bennett came down to celebrate with Maria and looked overjoyed.


2. Drew Galloway came to the ring to cut a promo on Lashley. He screamed a lot. He was interrupted by Rockstar Spud who now comes down to Smashing Pumpkins music! Spud cut a promo then brought out Tyrus, who teased cashing in his briefcase. But Drew is not medically cleared. So they set up a match for next week. Drew taunts them and they brawl, ending in Drew beaten down.

3. Trevor Lee vs. Eddie Edwards for the X Division title was a solid match. Andrew Everett interfered on behalf of Lee to help the champ retain, and he is apparently now aligned with Shane Helms and Lee in a faction.


4. EY and Bram came to the ring for a promo segment. After rambling on and on, he quit TNA for himself and Bram. However Bram wasn’t into it, so Young attacked him, giving him a piledriver. Then EY grabbed scissors from ringside and cut Bram’s beard, claiming he should be the only man in wrestling with a beard! That was actually a really good segment.


5. Mike Bennett came down for a promo, and EC3 came down as well. They did a main event-style promo segment in the ring. EC3 was really good, and this was probably the best that Bennett has been since I’ve seen him in TNA. A match is set up for “Sacrifice” next week with EC3 vs. Bennett no DQ.

6. Throughout the show there were skits with Decay kidnapping Gail Kim and her objecting. Not good. Ultimately, they came to the ring and called out Beer Money to make the save. In exchange for Gail, they want a tag title match with no rules, no regulations.


7. Speaking of not good, Al Snow vs. Shera was an actual match on wrestling TV in 2016. And Al Snow won! Yikes!


8. Eli Drake did a backstage promo introducing his new segment – The Facts of Life – debuting next week. He is going to point out all the dummies. Sounds amazing!!!


9. The main event was Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy in an I Quit match. It was a really good match, with tons of big spots and a lot of intensity.

10. The finish saw Jeff choke out Matt until Matt passed out. But Jeff was not happy with that, so he went up to a nearby balcony and did a swanton bomb onto a passed out Matt on a table. This was a killer move. Matt was stretchered out, but did not say I Quit.

Overall, a solid enough show with a good X title match and a Hardy vs Hardy match that delivered, whether we wanted to see it or not aside.

They set up a big show for next week with 4 huge matches for Sacrifice:

TNA World TitleDrew Galloway (c) vs. Tyrus

TNA Tag Team Titles
Beer Money (c) vs. Decay

TNA King of the Mountain Title
Eric Young (c) vs. Bram

EC3 vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria

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