Jim Ross Blog: Thoughts on Chyna, TNA, The Undertaker, Samoa Joe Winning NXT Title


Jim Ross posted a new blog following the death of Chyna.

on the unexpected death of Joanie Lauer aka Chyna
I am still reeling regarding the sudden and unexpected death of Joanie Lauer aka Chyna this past week in Los Angeles. The cause of death has yet not been revealed but I wonder if it could have been something as simple as sleep apnea? Undiagnosed sleep apnea can cause a heart attack if the affliction goes untreated. I had 99 episodes where I stopped breathing in a hour on my sleep test. I had severe undiagnosed sleep apnea all the years I worked for WWE and as far back as the late 80’s in WCW as well according to my wife Jan. When I read that Joanie was being teated for anxiety and for a ‘sleep disorder’ I immediately thought of the sleep apnea matter. The autopsy will tell us what we don’t know about how she passed but the bottom line is that she’s gone and she left us much too early.

on Samoa Joe winning the NXT Title
Congrats to Samoa Joe for winning the NXT Title from Finn Balor. I saw their match in Dallas and it was an old school, fundamentally sound pro wrestling match that made me proud to be in the business. Joe will be a great opponent for Brock Lesnr someday and no matter who WWE decides to have dance with Lesnar at WM33 in Orlando now is the time to start getting that person ready. Book the match in pencil and begin to work toward it while focusing on who Brock will face in a high profile WM33 bout.

on TNA
Here’s hoping that TNA can close a deal this week to obtain more funding and if they do that they have a viable and achievable plan to jump start their business with a fresh, new approach that parlays what their current talent roster does best. One thing, for starters would be to not tape so much TV so far n advance so as to be able to change storylines if and when necessary in a more timely manner. However, on going budgets will likely dictate thier taping schedule in Orlando.

on The Undertaker
I have no idea why The Undertaker was pulled from the recent, WWE international tour but it might be as simple as his lingering and ongoing lower back issues that make flying long distances for a 6’9″ 300 pounder virtually undoable. For those to speculate that it’s ‘politically motivated’ is pet coon goofy…and yes I once had a pet raccoon and it was damn sure goofy hence the expression. For you Oliver Stone’s out there to assume that his cliche is inapproiate is an embarrassing stretch. Just saying…

You can read his full blog and thoughts at JR’s BBQ

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