WWE Writer Says Heidenreich Was Nearly A Frozen Nazi Solider Named Baron von Bava


When digging around the internet people are just bound to find some interesting things. Wrestling is one topic where you can really discover a new rumor for basically every minute in the day. Gimmicks are always one of the most talked about things in professional wrestling especially when they go bad as this one may have done.

Heidenreich, who is mostly known for his short run with Hawk of Legion of Doom. While in the new LOD, he was gifted his own set of spikes and even had his very own face paint to go along with the spikes. One could say he had a decent WWE career but when it comes to what WWE Writer Dan Madigan said about what could have possibly been, his career would have been looked at in a completely different way.

Madigan said that Heidenreich was nearly a frozen Nazi soldier thawed out in the present day with Paul Heyman as his manager. definitely would have been interesting to see Heyman (who is Jewish) make something out of nothing like he does with everything he is given or the ridiculous things that may get thrown his way behind the scenes.

Believe it or not this was shot down immediately by Vince McMahon himself, and it is said that the entire creative team looked at Madigan shocked into silence. Any sensical human being better be shocked into silence listening to something like that. Sure, in professional wrestling you can do about anything and make just about anything work but an entire character based off of one of the darkest eras in history is just a really silly idea and would have never worked in a billion years.

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