10 Thoughts on The Ranch – There Goes My Life

On today’s episode, Colt attempts to thwart Rooster’s advances on Heather’s sister, only to create a much less desirable situation for himself and Heather. Meanwhile, Maggie convinces Beau to join her for marriage counseling, which goes about as well as you might expect.

Here are some thoughts.


1. Heather was a girl scout

I guess this isn’t super relevant. But it does get at an interesting dichotomy that bubbles around the corners of this show. Being a girl scout is empowering for young women. It’s an indication of how down to earth and self-possessed Heather is as a person, something the show continually reiterates. However, this is routinely undermined by her sexualization of all the men on the show, particularly Colt, who almost salivates at the thought of his girlfriend in a girl scout outfit, something usually worn by girls age 8-16. Not exactly a progressive characterization.

2. Maggie continues to attempt to save a failing marriage

She convinces Beau to go with her to marriage counseling with a friend of their’s who won’t charge them anything. Honestly, I would understand if Maggie just wanted to drop it all and live alone in her trailer. Beau has been so consistently obstinate that being with him seems like the most infuriating relationship imaginable. But she’s still trying. Which is more than can be said for Beau.

3. Hank remains great

Hank, the guy who stakes out the corner of the bar and spouts off one-liners, is a little gem that doesn’t draw attention to itself. He’s able to catch everyone up on what the others characters are doing, and when they question him, his response is, “What? Can’t I take an interest in my friend’s lives?” What a hoot.

4. I don’t blame Colt for being nervous about Rooster

Heather invites Rooster to a double-date with her sister as Rooster’s date, to which Colt is understandably anxious about. Rooster remains the most irritating member of the cast. Most of his lines are either insulting Colt or saying something sexist or creepy about women. It makes sense that he’d be worried Rooster could muck up the good thing he has going with Heather.


5. Jeez, Priscilla, you’re bad at your job

Priscilla is the marriage counselor and boy howdy should she not be doing what she’s doing. She offers nothing to the couple, except to say “That’s great that you’re saying that!” No wonder Beau gets up and leaves.

6. Rooster slept with… wait, what

The morning after the date, Rooster comes downstairs, glowing. Colt is irritated with him for having slept with Heather’s sister. Except… he didn’t. He slept with Heather’s mom.

I mean. That’s cool. She seems like a cool lady. Her name is Mary and… and…

This show is getting weird.

7. Beau, shockingly, asks for help

From, of all people, Dale, the veterinarian who’s hard of hearing. The two of them have an aggressive pow-wow which eventually leads to Beau understanding that he has to take the good with the bad if he’s going to make things work with Maggie. I mean, I could have told you that, but as long as he gets the information.

8. Mary is grade-A awesome

When Colt comes to pick up Heather, Mary answers the door. The two of them have a very grown up discussion about the weirdness of their situation and eventually Colt comes around to her. This show clearly has a lot of respect and love for the older women it portrays. Both Mary and Maggie are tough, intelligent and take no bullshit from the men.

The Ranch

9. Maybe Beau trying will actually stick this time

Again and again, Beau looks like he might change his stubborn ways, and then he just goes back to being a stubborn mule the next episode. So I don’t know what I’m expecting, but hopefully next time we see him, he’ll be a little more compromising.

10. Uhhhhhhh, there’s a twist for ya

Heather and Colt go out to dinner and they run into Abby and Kenny having their meal. Kenny seems real anxious for them to leave, and it’s clear why when a piece of cake with a diamond ring on top shows up at their table. So in full view of everyone, Kenny gets down on one knee and proposes to Abby. Abby shoots a glance at Colt, and it’s clear from our perspective that the two of them are not done. But she still says yes.


Realistic and consistent characterizations all around

Beau and Maggie’s relationship

+/- The problem of Heather

–  Freaking Rooster

– Priscilla 

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