CH Punk’s Wrestling Renaissance: Raw in Blume (Bullet Club, Vaudevillains, Ambrose)

So…I guess that WWE is atleast teasing a “Bullet Club” faction? Balor lost the NXT belt to Joe, and is hinting at a Raw debut. I’m still convinced this is all leading to Gallows and Anderson turning on AJ, and joining evil Roman. Solomonster came up with that, it sounds reasonable. The Usos would make good heel allies to Roman, but Anderson and Gallows are just too good to pass up. It would be like creating the NWO with Hogan and Harlem Heat. Even though the Bullet Club is cool, they’re just better at being heels. I assume Balor will help AJ feud with the Roman World Club.

Does anyone notice that Ambrose is not being utilized, but is still getting crazy cheers? I hope WWE doesn’t think he doesn’t need to be in the main event, or in major storylines. It was wrong when they did that to Piper, and it’s insane to do it to Ambrose. He’s not my favorite guy, but he can do know wrong in the fans eyes. He’s filling a Stone Cold role. Obviously not as blunt as Austin, that wouldn’t work, but as an ass kicker and all around entertaining anti-hero.

I’m also loving Goldust more than ever. I’ve always liked the character, but he’s way more funny and awesome now. Why did this take so long? This is like with Chris Daniels. These guys wait until they’re passing their prime to be awesome. Where did Dustin come up with that voice? Christ, last week’s SmackDown match was hilarious. This is what wrestling is really about, letting the old guys that have no main event future, have a fun match. Also that SmackDown show utilized Miz perfectly. Small doses of Miz, or risk poisoning his heat.

I’m cool with the Vaudevillains, they’re gimmick reminds me of the Dave Taylor and Regal version of WCW’s Blue Bloods. Aden English talks very well, and he fits with Gotch. Last time I saw English, his gimmick was a Broadway star, and he was wonderful at it. This is way better, and more fluid. They need to be more of a mix of brutal and technical, heavy on submission attempts. Beat the hell out of the guy, and put him in a hold. Regal isn’t around, and WWE won’t let Swagger do it. They won’t let Swagger do anything but have a technical set. It’s like Swagger’s size is meaningless for some reason. He’s not allowed to wrestle like he’s over 6 feet tall.

Finally, JBL mentioned the Authority, and now I’m worried because it would undo this “after WrestleMania magic”, Charlotte might as well bring back the Diva’s belt because an Authority return is proof, WWE isn’t serious about improving the brand. I’m also not dying to see Cena and Orton return.

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