DVD Review – Archer Season 6

One thing you have to admit about Archer is that the show has no problems going for broke. They aren’t content to keep revisiting the same essential formula; ever since season five of the series each following season has managed to be a total reinvention of the show.

Archer has a simple premise. It’s a work place comedy about a group of spies, and their back office staff, under the auspices of the ISIS agency. Shenanigans always ensue, of course, and the show is a farcical workplace comedy that has an ever shifting floor to it.

Season 5 found the erstwhile spy agency turned into drug dealers by necessity, as they found themselves out of the spy game. Season six has them back in the spy game, this time under the thumb of the CIA properly. Sterling Archer (voice of H. Jon Benjamin) and the gang have new tales to get into on behest of the CIA this time around.

The season, still funny but not near the high water mark of the first three, was a seeming indication that Archer Vice was a creative failure. An interesting experiment, of playing within the conventions of genre but maintaining the same character structure, Vice was an experiment that failed as it was abandoned for a return to the show’s conventional spy format after a season.

Season six of Archer is funny, and a sharp rebound upward after season five, but it feels like dead cat bounce of quality based on season seven’s current beginning.

Nothing significant.

20th Century Fox presents Archer (Season 6). Voice cast of H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Amber Nash, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, Lucky Yates, Jessica Walter. Run Time: 286 minutes Not Rated . Released on DVD: 3.29.2016