10 Thoughts on The Ranch – Down The Road

Here we are. The season finale of The Ranch. And it was… okay.

Here are some thoughts.


1. Colt actually wants his brother to be happy

Well, it’s true that their affection is pretty blatant once you get beneath the prickly surface. But the fact of the matter is that Colt is not going to give him any more crap about him dating his girlfriend’s mother. Oy. The Sexual politics in this town are crazy.

2. Here’s that cucumber cat video Rooster mentioned

3. Dale is still trying to help Beau

He comes by to try and convince him to sell his calves, even though he won’t get a good price for them. Beau is trying to wait it out and get more money. And despite all of the rancor between the two of them, Dale is still trying to help him.


4. Colt is supporting Abby. Growth!

Abby gives him an opportunity to shit all over her relationship with Kenny. But Colt turns it down. Progress!

5. Maggie’s coming home!

After Beau takes a moment to actually connect with his wife, she finally agrees to move back in with him. It seems like everything is beginning to line up again for the ol’ Bennet family.

6. Everyone on this show loves Channing Tatum…

He is mentioned three times throughout the show, all by lusty women. What is it about women in Colorado and Channing Tatum? Magic Mike has ruined everything.

7. That’s a dark way to get good fortune

So Beau’s gut comes through for him and holding out on the cattle pays off in a big way. The water source for all the other ranchers in the area is contaminated by a toxic spill courtesy of a bumbling EPA official. So suddenly Beau’s calves are worth much much more. One man’s tragedy, I guess…


8. Hank works at the EPA!?

Almost certainly Hank was the EPA official who fucked up. He got fired. Which ends the saddest arc of any character on the show.

9. Nooooo! Maggie!

Beau goes to check on Maggie only to find her airstream gone with her in it. That was what I would  call a bitch move. Also, I did not see that coming. Also, that really sucks for Beau.

10. Noooo! Abby! I mean, well, duh, actually…

The last scene of the season is Abby confiding in Colt that she’s not sure about Kenny. Ooo big surprise! It’s only been hinted at all season.




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