Jack Swagger Talks About Meeting Kurt Angle Recently

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During the recent WWE international tour, Jack Swagger was interviewed bythesportbible.com, here are the highlights…

On who he’d like to work with that he hasn’t had a chance to: “I recently met Kurt Angle. We were in Pittsburgh and I was working out with R Truth and Kurt was in the same gym. So Truth knows him and he told him I was here and wanted to meet him. It was just before he did the match at that event with Mysterio with all the boxing and MMA fights on the card (laughs). When I first started watching wrestling he was the guy I watched ‘cos he was an amateur and an Olympian and that’s why I watch wrestling, for the technical aspect so yeah, I’d choose Kurt Angle.”

On advice has received throughout his career: “There were different things from different people, so Tommy Dreamer always instilled it in me to protect my size in the ring and it wasn’t until much later in my career that I realised how important that was. And y’know ‘Taker has been at the top of this business since he’s been the Undertaker so the advice he has is from a different perspective from most guys, so when you sit down and talk to him he’s always teaching you something, whether that’s through him breaking balls or pulling you to one side and saying ‘hey, you fucked up’ or ‘hey, you’re doing good’. But that generation of wrestlers are gone now and lost on this next generation so I feel very fortunate to have benefited from them.”

What would he be if he wasn;t a wrestler?: “A banker. Or a ‘banker wanker’ as you guys like to call it (laughs)! I just got my masters in business so it’s 10 more years of wrestling and then, I dunno, interest rates I guess (laughs).”