Jim Ross Blog: Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, Shane-Stephanie interaction, Roman Reigns Fan Reaction, TNA Investor Thoughts

Jim Ross posted a new blog this week following Raw, here are some highlights

on Joanie Lauer
I’d be curious to know how long Joanie Lauer was being prescribed Ambien and Xanax. Long term use of either is totally unadvisable. The extended use of Ambien can be especially destructive as I can attest. I talk much more about this matter regarding Chyna’s death last week on this week’s Ross Report podcast that features ROH COO Joe Koff.

on Shane-Stephanie interaction
Enjoyed the Shane-Stephanie interaction and nothing on the show really blew their piece of business away IMO. I’m all for a departure of the villain authority figure role for a while and if that means Shane gets the eventual nod from Mr. McMahon, then so be it. That works for me.

on Roman Reigns
The audience is passionate about their feelings toward Roman Reigns which isn’t all bad. If there were crickets then that would be bad. Most fans are booing but they are also making noise which is encouraging. I’m not even sure any more what reactions the live audience would provide us viewers if Reigns was turned in to a full fledged villain. Just my take but how Roman Reigns has been booked may be the single biggest reason that fans are so reluctant and resistant to accept him as a fan favorite. That may sound over simplistic but today’s audience is more complex and knowledgeable than their predecessors of any generation and as a society few like being ‘force fed’ any thing. It’s that defiance thing.

Roman Reigns is a talented, valuable piece of talent who’s a long term, work in progress and his TV persona isn’t close to being refined as it will be say by WM33 in Orlando for example. Patience is the key here for all, however, in the age of defiance patience is a fleeting trait.

on potential investor/buyer of the TNA Impact Wrestling brand
Rumor on the street has it that another potential investor/buyer of the TNA Impact Wrestling brand is in the mix. I have no idea if that is accurate but whoever invests, and someone needs to do so for TNA’s sake, needs to hit the reset button after thoroughly evaluating the talent roster and at least initially crafting their product based on what their talent roster is best suited. I’ve enjoyed recent broadcasts on POP TV of TNA’s show but the general perception seems to be overly negative regarding the maligned brand that a fresh start seems to be logical.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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