10 Thoughts on… WWE Payback 2016 PPV (Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn, “No Question” AJ Styles Can Hang in WWE Main Events, McMahon Family drama)

Here are my thoughts on the WWE Payback 2016 PPV!

1. Baron Corbin looked like a superstar here. Even in the fluke defeat by way of a schoolboy, Baron displayed some believable offense highlighted by an airborne big boot on the outside that almost decapitated Dolph.

2. Ryback proved that he has enough base to contribute to matches with opponents like Kalisto. He needs this quality if he wants to be able to hang with the influx of the newer talent that utilize different styles in the ring.

3. The #1 contendership tag team tournament finals was cut short due to a scary moment in Enzo Amore being knocked unconscious when falling through the ropes and colliding awkwardly with them in the process. Fortunately he regained consciousness on the way to the hospital. Everyone in the match did well up until the injury. Big Cass carries himself like a main eventer and is probably where he will end up in the long run.

4. Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn for the first time in WWE was a match that saw them both pull out all the stops from Owens’ frog splash to Sami’s backdrop on the apron. Owens getting the victory may very well breathe new life into his career that has taken a step away from his main roster debut. Owens hung around for the IC title match doing commentary and maximizing the effect of his victory while interjecting himself into the title picture.

5. Cesaro challenging The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship did everything possible to showcase exactly how good Cesaro is and also seems to be setting up a Fatal Fourway, heating up the IC title scene.

6. Chris Jericho illustrated how he has perfected the art of storytelling on the canvas. Dean Ambrose is so endeared by the audience, only he could pull off fighting from underneath in this fashion. Dean winning is superlative use of the equity Y2J built when he beat AJ Styles at Wrestlemania last month.

7. Natalya hasn’t gotten this type of opportunity to have a match of this caliber is ages so it’s easy to forget what a skilled wrestler she actually is. Quality showing from both her and Charlotte and even the though the “Chicago Screwjob” was a ridiculous choice for a finish at least Bret Hart and Nattie applying sharpshooters to Ric Flair and Charlotte created a moment.

8. McMahon Family drama is something that could have been on the opening segment of the typical Monday Night RAW. Shane and Stephanie McMahon sharing power is going to get stale quickly if it doesn’t evolve as a story line.

9. Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles had all the ups and downs it needed to deliver as a main event. Several match restarts and interference by Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson served to advance multiple conflicts.

10. No question that AJ can hang in a WWE main event and the build-up to the Extreme Rules rematch is promising.

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