10 Thoughts on Archer – The Figgis Agency

Hey folks. So we’re going to be looking back at the new season of Archer, which started just about a month ago, and enjoy some of that good old fashioned spy game madness. Well, technically they’re not spies anymore. After working for the CIA last season, things took a turn in the season finale, leaving the crew excommunicated. What’s a ragtag team of highly trained assassins to do? Find the answer below!

And here are some thoughts.


1. Archer dead!? (Nah)

The cold open has us hanging out with a couple detectives as they watch over the body of a waiter lying face down in a pool. The dialogue between the two of them is classic Archer: quick, witty, crass, and hilarious. We don’t know these detectives, but I have a feeling we might in the near future. Then we pan underwater as they walk away. And who should it be? Sterling Archer.


Except, Archer’s not dead. Obviously. Although, when the episode starts back up it is six months later. Maybe this is the season he dies? (No, duh, obviously not).

2. New title sequence!

Every time Archer goes through some new incarnation (first it was Vice, then working for the CIA, now this), the show gets a new title sequence. This one is the best yet, I think. It’s sleek and beautiful.

3. Ahh, so that’s what “The Figgis Agency” is

The Figgis Agency is a detective agency. Apparently, Cyril is the only one who was able to get his private investigator’s license because he went to law school. The others will have to log 2000 hours before they can be certified. But in the meantime, Cyril is in charge.


4. This is a good place to start back up

This was a great idea on the part of the writers. The show is best when it’s doing field operations, and what’s better than a good old fashioned heist? The set-up is that Veronica Dean (a famous movie actress) needs the agency to recover a stolen videotape from her ex-husband’s divorce attorney. It’s the perfect excuse for the agents to get all geared up and go in. Of course, hijinks ensue.

5. How did Veronica Dead hear about them…?

That is a very good and troubling question. Why aren’t they worried about that…?

6. Cyril in power is just like Cyril without power

That is, wormy and ineffectual. It’s an interesting choice to put him in this new place of power. My guess is that it’ll go right to his head and we’ll be sick of power tripping Cyril very, very quickly.


7. Oh, gross, they’re in LA

I don’t know how I didn’t notice it immediately. Everything is insufferably bourgeois-y and the climate is palm tree-y. Mallory is miserable there, of course, because it’s LA, how could anyone be happy? It’s a bummer, I really liked having the show in NYC. It was like I could just hop into Manhattan and visit them. But now they’re in HELL-A. UGGGGGGHHH.

8. Archer got beat up pretty bad

Once the crew is at the extraction point Archer, 1) falls down a cliffside, 2) gets attacked by dogs, 3) fall downs the cliffside again, and 4) has a grenade exploded like two feet from his face. Archer has been shot so many times and been thrown off of so many high places, it’s a literal miracle he isn’t dead.

9. It was a bait and switch!

The agents are able to get the tape and escape. They hand over the money to Veronica Dean and she gives them their $100,000. But then who enters the agency but… Veronica Dean. Only THIS woman is all veiled up. It is undeniably her, as Ray happens to have a headshot photo of her on his person (because, duh). So the gang has been duped! And we don’t know why Archer is “dead” six months later! AHHHH!

10. Phenomenal start to the season

This was an excellent start. All the characters had their moments, the new set-up is strong and seems like it could last a long time, and we have true intrigue going forward. My guess is that this season is going to be a welcome return to form for a show that has, over the past few seasons, been wandering a bit.

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