Lucha Underground S2 E15: No Más – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Sexy Star, Mariposa, King Cuerno, Willie Mack, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Dario Cueto & Many More!

Sexy Star LU S2 Mariposa

“The Sexy Star I know doesn’t run and hide. She’s strong, and an ass-kicker. Sooner or later, those two are gonna have to pay for what they did to you.”

On Wednesdays, we watch lucha. Welcome back, Believers! Tonight is full of singles matches for Dario Cueto’s Ancient Aztec Medallions! First, we have the main event, Sexy Star vs. Mariposa, in a “No Más” Match! The first luchadora to plead mercy and beg for “no más” is the loser, and the winner receives the Medallion!


And – fitting to have this on the same night – The Mack vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez!


And lastly, we get to see El Siniestro de la Muerte in his FINAL FORM! In a match with King Cuerno!


Of course, our winners of the Medallions so far are Texano, Jr., “The Machine” Brian Cage, and Aero Star! It’s pretty cool of Lucha Underground to finish this series of matches in one night with a badass lineup. That means we’ll also get to see the matches coming up once we have our final six recipients, including a Championship match in the very near future.

Ancient Aztec Medallions LU S2

So far, two faces and one heel have a medallion. Predictions for the three Medallion matches tonight? Well, it seems to make more sense to have King Cuerno earn his over El Siniestro. The former Gift of the Gods Champion has a shot at earning it back, though he’s up against the skeleton warrior under the control of the former Temple Proprietor, Catrina, with whom he had an alliance. So that’s pretty tricky, considering their history. And when you compare Cuerno to El Siniestro, he just makes a more believable champ – BUT, El Siniestro has (presumably) absorbed the power of the now-deceased (I guess? I love the uncertainty of these storylines) Barrio Negro and Trece. So perhaps his character is going to be very different with new strength, and technically, tonight could be a debut for this new version of his character. This is a chance for us to see that, and boy, am I curious. There’s that possibility hanging up in the air of at least one of the Disciples of Death becoming much more developed than a luchador controlled by a phantom who oozes sex appeal (which isn’t always a bad thing – who doesn’t like a sexy ghost?).

Mack vs Marty LU S2

Tonight’s outcome for The Mack vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez could depend on the outcome for Sexy Star vs. Mariposa. Perhaps one face and one heel from the feud between the four could be the outcome. Regardless, the matches will likely be amazing, so the real thinkers are the outcomes (sort of unrelated – it was smart for the first Mariposa vs. Sexy Star match a few weeks ago to be kept short so we could savor a full match again later). So it could possibly be The Mack and Mariposa earning the Medallions, but because Sexy Star seems to have a lot more riding on her winning this match, it could be Sexy Star and The Moth. And quite frankly, I’d LOVE to see that. She can exact her revenge on Mariposa first, then Martinez. You can check out the sneak preview video below, in which Dario Cueto tells Sexy Star to “keep going” once Mariposa yells for no more. On one hand, Cueto seems to want to book Sexy as the winner – but on the other, why the heckkity heck would you seek advice from a Cueto? YOU CAN’T TRUST THEM. THEIR MOTHER WAS EL DIABLO. So Sexy Star may have set herself up for some serious shit.

Ruh-roh. Anyway, tonight’s Twitter buzz!

Today is also Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you!

15 til!

It’s 8, everyone!

We get a recap on the Ancient Aztec Medallion Matches so far. Aero Star vs. Drago, Texano vs. Daga, Johnny Mundo vs. Brian Cage. Sexy Star and Mariposa, Marty “The Moth” and The Mack.

Promo: Dario Cueto and Catrina

Dario Cueto is in his office, searching his ceiling. Assessing the damage from the Mil and Matanza match, perhaps? Catrina walks in, apprehending him for what happened during that match. He brags about the power within the key he wears around his neck. He decides to give Mil his deserved rematch, a signature match. Dario’s braver than what Catrina thought. She accepts the rematch on Mil’s behalf. But there will be grave consequences. (Also, some eerie music plays – why can’t there be a movie?!) This will be a Coffin Match! With FOUR coffins!

Catrina likes the way Dario thinks, and after next week, there will be no question of who will destroy who. Dario is counting on it.

We’re back in the Temple now! Bang Data creates lively harmonies. Vampiro calls Melissa Santos the most precious jewel in the Temple. Striker thinks that’s too much. But anyway…

Singles Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. The Mack
“Sometimes you just look at a guy and can tell he’s a tough son of a bitch!” – Striker on The Mack!

The bell rings ASAP! The Mack flys on The Moth! Irony.

Cheering for Mack! Suplex by Mack!

Another! Cover! Kick out by Moth. Another suplex by Mack! Moth sells it… Kind of.

He landed on his neck a little there. Mack slaps him! Mack dodges a clothesline after Moth sends him in. Moth has Mack down, he delivers a beating. He does his striptease. UM NO THANKS. Melissa looks on, haha.

Moth has Mack cornered after dragging him. Huge boos from the Believers. Moth sends Mack in. He delivers a low-ender into the turnbuckles! Cover – kick out by Mack. Another cover, another kick out. Headlock by Moth. Clothesline by Mack!

He kicks ass. He throws Moth to the ring. Cover! Kick out. Moth is on his feet! Stunner by Mack! Moth is barely on his feet!

Cover by Mack! 1, 2, 3!

Winner of the Medallion: The Mack!

We cut to commercial!

We’re back!

Promo: Catrina and King Cuerno
Catrina and Cuerno discuss terms in the locker room. Catrina wants Mil to have the Championship next week. But Cuerno won’t let her Disciple stand in his way for the Gift of the Gods. The Hunt is On.

Looks like their friendship is over. The Earth shakes. Catrina’s hunt is on, too.

Promo: Dario Cueto and Sexy Star
Dario tells Sexy to have a seat. He knows they haven’t always gotten along, but he respects her. He knows something happened to her. He’s seen the change in her eyes, and it’s not the first time he’s seen that look. He saw it many years ago – in the mirror. His mother was – how does he put this – an evil bitch. Sexy Star sees the familiarity. Whatever Mariposa did to her – Sexy will say no mas just as Dario and Matanza said no mas to El Diablo. Once Sexy makes Mariposa cry, no mas, she should not stop. She understands. She leaves the Proprietor’s office.

We cut to commercial!


We’re back!!!

Singles Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: El Siniestro de la Muerte vs. King Cuerno!
Dropkick immediately by Cuerno! He delivers a beating on Muerte. He sends in the Disciple. Another dropkick! Cover, kick out by Muerte. These are two dark souls, says Vampiro. Cuerno sends Muerte in the turnbuckle, tackle. Cover, kick out. Cuerno stares at the ref. Cuerno strangles Muerte against the ropes. Cuerno sends himself in. Muerte is sent out of the ring!

Arrow From the Depths of Hell! Wait – Catrina intervenes! She threw one of her Stones at Cuerno!

Muerte is back in the ring! He covers Cuerno! 1, 2, 3!

Winner of the Medallion: El Siniestro de la Muerte!

Catrina enters the ring! She crawls on top of him! She sits on him! This is so wrong… The Lick of Death!

Or not?

Promo: Mascarita Sagrada and Famous B!
Mascarita is lifting weights in the Temple gym. Looks like Famous B is his manager now? Haha. He’s arranged a Medallion match for him! Woohoo!

We cut to commercial.

We’re back!

Promo: Dario Cueto and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Chavo’s mad because he hasn’t had a match for a Medallion. Truth is, Guerrero needs to step up his game so he’ll get more opportunities. Seize the day. No problem, says Chavo. Uh-oh, I read about this in the spoilers. Dario scoffs after Chavo leaves the office.

Back in the Temple, Melissa announces a match… But Famous B interrupts! Oh man, this guy’s stage presence is off the chain.

He presents to you, from Little Hollywood, accompanied by Beautiful Brenda – Mascarita Sagrada! Striker wants to get up and dance.

Singles Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: Mascarita Sagrada vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage

What?!?! Mascarita prays to the Mini Gods as Cage approaches the ring! Uh oh…

Famous B and Beautiful Brenda watch. Cage is defending his Medallion tonight! Mascaraita tackles Cage but nothing.

He kicks Cage to no avail. Cage sends him down!

Mascarita has him in the sleeper! It kinda works! Cage is cornered! He’s got Mascarita! “My baby!” screams Brenda! Cover by Cage! 1, 2, 3!

Winner and still holder of the Ancient Aztec Medallion: “The Machine” Brian Cage!

Oh well. Brenda comes to the aid of her mini marshmallow. Chavo comes in and steals the Medallion!

Famous B tells Cage to look alive! They leave the Temple.

Main Event – “No Mas” Singles Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: Mariposa vs. Sexy Star!
Major boos for Mariposa as the violin music plays. This match is next after the commercial!

We’re back!

Sexy reverses immediately! Mariposa reverses! Vampiro is shying away from the fear in this match. He’d rather die than give in. Understandable, Vampiro. Mariposa slams down Sexy. Big elbow, there. She plays with her pigtails. Wish I could pull those off.

Mariposa begins Sexy’s deconstruction. She grinds Sexy’s face against the mat.

She has Sexy cornered. She delivers blow after blow to the solar plexus of Sexy Star. She strangles Sexy against the turnbuckles. Don’t try this at home… Believers are in a stunned silence.

Wow. Crowd is dead for a minute.

Sexy has Mariposa cornered! Stomping blows! Sexy has a hold of Mariposa! Suplex after suplex by Sexy!

Cheering from the Believers! They’re alive. Submission hold by Sexy! Mariposa screams!

Mariposa reverses. Battling Butterfly! Indian deathlock. Kicks to the head with the heel by Mariposa. Sexy reaches for the ropes, but there are no rope breaks in this match. Cheering for both luchadoras. Mariposa leaps for Sexy, but dodges and Mariposa flies out of the ring! Sexy flies on top of her! She slaps Mariposa! Mariposa sends Sexy into the balcony! They brawl outside of the ring. Mariposa holds Sexy at the throat with a steel chair! She can barely speak. Mariposa throws chairs at her! Sexy isn’t moving!

The ref tells Sexy to get up as Mariposa stands on top of a chair, taunting. “No,” she’s whispering. She shakes her head. Sexy comes back! She has a chair! She hits Mariposa in the foot with it! Oh God, I get it.

Mariposa crawls away and Sexy kicks her! Sexy has a hold on her. Sexy kicks her in the crotch! There is seduction in her eyes. Has the old Sexy Star returned?! Believers cheer for her.

Mariposa drags Sexy up the balcony steps, her back grinding on the concrete.

Submission on the top step by Mariposa! Mariposa begins tearing off Sexy’s mask! Mariposa drags Sexy across the Temple’s balconies. Sexy pushes Mariposa off the balcony!

They fight on top of Dario’s office! Sexy climbs to the very top of the Temple!

“Holy shit!” cry the Believers! Remember when Jim Cornette broke his ankles?! Oh God, Striker. Vampiro feels uncomfortable.

Mariposa and Sexy brawl above the spotlights. Sexy is going to fall!

She gets back in the balcony. Mariposa has holds on her. Sexy’s head is gushing with blood!

A Believer screams, “You can do it, Sexy Star!” Sexy begins the climb down the spotlight balcony. Mariposa follows. Marty “The Moth” appears! He does not belong here!

He has a lock on her! Booing from the Believers! Suddenly, Moth backs off. He spreads his wings – but not for long! The Mack appears! He takes care of him!

Mariposa and Sexy continue! Sexy has her down! Sexy grabs a Believer’s purse and hits her with it! Mariposa sends Sexy down the stairs, and Sexy spits blood. They’re by the announce table! Mariposa grabs Sexy’s legs and runs her head into the table!

Sexy fights back! She grabs a trash can! She takes out the trash on Mariposa! “Holy shit!” and “Lucha!” chants from the crowd!

Mariposa is in the trash can! Sexy kicks the can with her in it! She throws her across the Temple floor! They’re finally back in the ring! “This is awesome!”

The Butterfly Effect! Sexy escapes it! Kick to the gut by Sexy! Mariposa sends her down with a half-clothesline thing. Submission hold to the legs by Mariposa. The ref puts a microphone to Sexy, and she screams: “Fuck you!”

Sleeper hold by Sexy! Mariposa is fading! But Marty “The Moth” interrupts!

He has a hold of Sexy – but The Mack goes to work!

STUNNERRRR! Sexy Star has Mariposa submitting! The ref holds the mic to Mariposa…


Winner and Recipient of an Ancient Aztec Medallion: SEXY STAR!

Sexy Star keeps beating Mariposa!

The Mack hands her the stone. She hugs him. “You deserve it!” cheer the Believers.

Yes you do, Sexy Star.

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