10 Thoughts on NXT 4th May 2016 – Eric Young, Samoa Joe, Nia Jax

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1. It’s NXT time and we kick off with new NXT champion, Samoa Joe!  The crowd is split as Joe starts to talk, but he does his best to get himself over as a heel. Joe has always been better in the ring than on the mic, and it’s a good thing when Eric Young makes his NXT debut. The scars on his head suggest a history of blading, or maybe just running into things really hard.
2. Young pics up a mic and promises that things are going to change, but Joe promises to beat his ass if he ever steps into the ring with him. Solid opener to NXT and a good way to introduce EY.
3. Next up it’s Tessa Blanchard vs Nia Jax, and I don’t like Tessa’s odds. Jax plays the immovable object and squashes the crap out of Blanchard, pinning her with a leg drop. Short and sweet.
4. All right! Next up its Austin Aries vs Tye Dillinger, and the pair have a nice chemistry. If AA really was brought into NXT to elevate home grown talent, then he’s already doing a great job. Aries is entertaining as ever and Dillinger looks like a genuine threat for the first time in forever. Really good match.
5. Now it’s time for the Revival vs the Hype Bros, who get the jobber entrance. Decent if not outstanding tag match, with Dash & Dawson beating on Ryder for ages before Mojo gets the hot tag and quickly eats the pin. Hard to stay hyped after that…
6. Alex Riley is facing Shinsuke Nakamura next week as the Japanese legend continues  his run of destroying men twice his size. Damn it, NXT, now you’ve got me looking forward to an Alex Riley match.
7. Hey, it’s No Way Jose facing some dude who looks a bit like Mark Dacascos. Does anyone remember him? Jose dances a lot, dude looks vaguely annoyed. Jose does his baseball thing and gets the win. Nothing against Jose, but I don’t really get his appeal at this point. My 10 year old son seems to like him though.
8. It’s time for the main event as Samoa Joe takes on the debuting Eric Young. I haven’t seen much of Young’s work in the past, but he’s solid in the ring and can keep up with Joe. To be fair he didn’t ever really look like a serious threat, but the crowd certainly seemed to be behind him.
9. After the bell Samoa Joe keeps the choke locked in, making the point that he is not to be f**ked with. I’d like to see Joe get a decent title run, as he’s pretty convincing as a take-no-shit badass.
10. Once again NXT puts on an entertaining show with a nice balance between showcasing rising stars and introducing new talent.

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