10 Thoughts on Bob’s Burgers – The Hormone-iums

Hey all! We’re still catching up with this season Bob’s Burgers which started earlier this year. On today’s episode, Tina is given the opportunity to be a soloist, but worries about the effect it will have on her social stature. Meanwhile, Linda partakes in a new business venture.

Here are some thoughts.


1. The show is at it’s best when Tina is given her due

Tina is an excellent character. She’s become a bit of a cult phenomenon among the show’s base. And for good reason. Her original incarnation was as a boy, and it’s now clear why that wouldn’t have worked. Part of Tina’s charm is her clear hormonal agenda that is never questioned. She owns her sexuality in a way we rarely see for young women on television. It’s a breath of fresh air and it never ceases to be fun to watch.

2. Tina has come a long way

Tina used to be very shy and very awkward. But over the course of the show, she has come into herself in a way many other TV characters never do, let alone a 13 year old girl on an animated sitcom.

3. Remember Dinner Theater?

In the first season, Linda wants to put on a dinner theater performance and casts Tina as a tree. Her only line is “No, don’t!” And she had a lot of trouble with it. Now look at her. She’s vying to be a star at Wagstaff Middle School.


4. Bob and Tina’s heart-to-heart is beautiful

Tina is concerned about doing the solo performance because the show preaches that you shouldn’t kiss because you could catch mono. If you’re even remotely aware of the show, you know that Tina is boy crazy. So Bob sits her down and tries to comfort her, telling her boys will still kiss her even if she does the show. It’s a far cry from earlier in the series when Bob didn’t want to have anything to do with Tina’s interest in boys.

5. Mr. Frond is so off-base, it’s delightful

Mr. Frond is the guidance counselor at Wagstaff and has been the kids main nemesis for some time now. He is constantly trying to think up creative ways to make all of the kids giant squares in any way he can. His pitch this time is that kissing will give you mono, which is what Tina is supposed to sing about. Of course, this is ridiculous and a testament to the lameness and cluelessness of Mr. Frond. And it’s always hilarious.

6. There is some great stuff about agency and scientific literacy here

During Bob’s conversation with Tina, he tells her that she is free to do whatever she wants her with her mouth, and that includes both talking and kissing. It’s a fairly nuanced understanding of agency for young women and young people in general. You are free to do with your body and your mind what you will. And also, the show is obliquely calling out the dangers of scientific illiteracy. If people don’t know the facts, they can’t dispute them.

7. The subplot of this episode is about as opposite as could be

The subplot is basically Linda finds one of Marshmallow’s shoes and turns it into a wine cozy. Then, the rest of the family tries to sell the idea, only to discover it’s already been done. Not super interesting.


8. Uhh… Tina kissed Zeke

Sure, it was in a game of spin the bottle, but they seemed to enjoy. Soooo… there’s that.

9. I love Bob’s clear respect for Marshmallow

Every time she’s mentioned, Bob talks about her with such reverence. By the way, this is Marshmallow:


I mean, I get why Bob thinks she so cool.

10. This episode displays why Tina is Bob’s Burgers secret weapon

Because Tina has so many opinions, so many things to say, and because she believes all these things so firmly, it makes her stories truly satisfying to watch. Whenever Tina is at the show’s center, the show thrives.

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