Marvel Comics Free Comic Book Day / FCBD 2016 Spoilers: Civil War II #0’s Thanos Kills, Spider-Man’s Gwen Stacy’s Dead No More Debut, Wasp Vs Avengers & Captain America: Steve Rogers #1!

Spoilers for Marvel Comics Free Comic Book Day 2016 / FCBD 2016 two free comics:

    (1) Civil War II #0 / All-New All-Different Avengers #9; and
    (2) Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 / Amazing Spider-Man’s Dead No More mega-arc!

Civil War II Avengers #1 FCBD 2016 Spoilers Special 1

Captain America Steve Rogers #1 FCBD 2016 Spoilers Special 1

You have been warned.


(1)(a) Civil War II #0 Spoilers

Ulysses, the Inhuman who can see the future, will be the crux of the dispute that brings half of the Marvel Comics universe to side with Iron Man and the other with Captain Marvel. The lines have been drawn as per the below.

Marvel Civil War II banner 1

Well, Ulysses made his Marvel Comics debut in this FCBD 2016 offering alongside other Inhumans.



Thanos is coming. And he’s ready for a fight; a BIG fight.


And he decimates She-Hulk. Is she alive?


He seemingly also takes out War Machine, James “Rhodey” Rhodes. Is Captain Marvel’s love interest really dead?


Well, Marvel Comics really wants us to believe Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, can take on and rival Thanos. The Free Comic Book Day 2016 ends in a bang that gets us ready for Civil War II #0!


Here comes Civil War #0!


(1)(b) All-New All-Different Avengers #9 Spoilers

A new Wasp debuts!


Is she friend or foe? She seems to be a thief stealing the original Wasp’s tech.


Well, looks like she’s a villain whose first victim is the Vision!


Here comes All-New All-Different Avengers #9!


(2)(a) Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Spoilers

Looks like Hydra, under a returned Red Skull during Avengers Standoff (spoilers here) has duped SHIELD and now they’re on the outs with Congress.


Captain America: Steve Rogers gets in on the action to tell Congress the threat of Hydra is real and their message alluring.


Red Skull and his daughter Sin watch Steve Rogers Washington DC antics and plot!


Looks like Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 will be explosive!

All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Captain America Steve Rogers #1A

(2)(b) Amazing Spider-Man: Dead No More arc Spoilers

Looks like more than one formerly dead Amazing Spider-Man character is “dead no more”?


The big return is seemingly Gwen Stacy… an evil Gwen Stacy? Wha…


Amazing Spider-Man’s Dead No More is shrouded in compelling mystery. Why are all these characters alive? All gunning for Spider-Man?

Looks like an interesting arc is ahead.

Amazing Spider-Man Dead No More banner complete

Happy Free Comic Book Day 2016 / FCBD 2016 y’all! Have fun!

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